When life gives you lemons...One in eight couples in the US have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. My better-half and I are one of them. Being the nerd that I am, the moment we launched “Project Baby”, I began to research the hell out of it. I talked to doctors, read books and articles, and googled anything that you can think of. I also found an incredible community of people who are going through similar things and are lending me support online every day. It seemed almost unfair to keep all the knowledge I accumulated to myself, and that’s how The Modern Belly got started.

Sharing is Caring

Infertility is so widespread, yet so little talked-about. Women and men all around us are struggling in silence – because they want privacy, because of a sense of social taboo, because they feel no one will understand, because of shame, because the heartbreak is just too much for them to handle in public. Here at The Modern Belly, we believe that by writing about infertility, and by sharing our own experiences and the obstacles we faced on our path to parenthood, we can help others feel that they are not alone and raise awareness among the general public.

 So what is The Modern Belly all about?

The Modern Belly is your resource for all things fertility. Our goal is to be a source for high-quality information on your journey to building a family, and hopefully provide you with some comfort and a small online community while we’re at it. We are guided by three fundamental tenets:

Information – Providing a trustworthy, up-to-date knowledge base for fertility and family building
Innovation – Introducing you to new ideas and breakthroughs in the fertility world
Inspiration – Building a community to support us all on our journey to parenthood

I’m excited to have you join us, and I hope you will find The Modern Belly helpful and engaging!



  1. Ovidrel frozen for more about an hour. The little ice dispersed in twenty minutes, as soon as we saw it was all liquid again my husband injected the ovidrel into me. The scheduled time for injection was 10:00pm Saturday night with the UIU Being scheduled for monday morning. I know this drug is crucial to trigger the ovulation of my follicles, I am very concerned that mishap of mistakenly putting away the medication in freezer instead of the fridge after my husband took it to examine the box-very stupid mistake I know; will cost us our shot at getting pregnant.

    My questions is that 1. Did we mistake injecting the ovidrel after it was obviously a little frozen, but then defrosted back into liquid form and injected 23 minutes after the set injection time.

    2. Since the IUI is already scheduled for Monday, am I basically throwing my money away on something that will not work due to the Ovidrel Being somewhat frozen.

    My husband feels terrible and cannot stop beating himself up over it, we tried calling the doctor but got no response, we e-mailed him as soon as all of that happened but have not yet heard back.

    I don’t know if this ovidrel is going to do what it was intended to do at this point, which is very disheartening.

    1. Author

      I’m so sorry I’m only seeing this now. Have you gone through with the IUI? What did the doctor say?

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