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The Modern Belly is One Year Old!

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The Modern Belly is celebrating one year, and oh, what a year it’s been. When I started this site a year ago, I was just reeling from yet another failed cycle of fertility treatments and switching clinics in hopes that a new doctor would change things around. Fast forward one year, and here I am writing on borrowed time while my husband is out for a walk with our twins. In between those two points, so much has happened – a canceled treatment cycle, countless injections, the amazing news of the BFP followed by the shock of finding out there are two babies in there, a high-risk pregnancy, third trimester complications, preterm delivery, time in the NICU, and finally having the twins with us and learning how to be parents of two extremely cute and highly demanding newborns.

Looking back, I now acknowledge that I had this implicit expectation that my life would become so much simpler once I finally saw two lines on a pregnancy test. I felt that some sort of karma would make up for the trials and tribulations of infertility with an easy pregnancy and an even easier baby. However, that’s not how life really works. In fact, infertility often increases the likelihood of further complications – whether it’s the result of the treatments (carrying multiples, in my case) or an underlying cause of infertility raising its ugly head again (anything from fibroids to immune dysfunction, to name just a few issues friends in the infertility community have been dealing with). The silver lining, though, is that the difficulties to conceive made me stronger and prepared me for some of the challenges that I faced this year. I knew how to educate myself, I knew how to reach out for support, and I knew how to enjoy the journey. It’s this journey that brought me to where I am right now, home with two wonderful babies who are worth every challenge I faced along the way. 2015 was a year to remember, and I am so grateful for all that it has brought me and taught me.

When I started The Modern Belly, my goal was to share my learnings and experience with those who may find it useful, and while my life has dramatically changed this year, my goal hasn’t. Going forward, the scope of this site will expand. I will continue to write about infertility and trying-to-conceive in the fertility section, but I will also cover topics related to pregnancy, parenthood and twins in their respective sections. I hope this will allow each reader to read only about topics that are of interest to them, and if necessary, avoid anything that may be painful for them.

I’m very excited for a new year of The Modern Belly, and can’t wait to share with you all the knowledge I gained last year and will continue to gain in 2016. I hope you’ll join me for the journey!


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