Ovidrel Trigger Shot: Everything you need to know about the Ovidrel Pre-Filled Syringe

Ovidrel: Everything You Need to Know About the Trigger Shot

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What is Ovidrel?

Ovidrel (a.k.a. Ovitrelle) is a syringe pre-filled with a liquid preparation of the hormone hCG called choriogonadotropin alfa (catchy name, isn’t it?). The Ovidrel shot is also known as the trigger shot, because it is used to trigger ovulation. Once your doctor determines that your follicles have sufficiently developed, the hCG injection will help induce the final maturation of the eggs and their release from the follicles. Ovulation should happen within 24-36 hours from the injection, so you should have sex during this time period. If you are undergoing an IUI cycle, your insemination will likely be scheduled for the next day, or the one after it.

What are the Ovidrel injection instructions?

The Ovidrel shot can be administered in the doctor’s office, but it is also very easy to inject at home. Start by washing your hands thoroughly to prevent infection and then select the injection site. Pick a spot about 2 inches away from your belly button, either to its side or below. Wipe the area with an alcohol swab to sterilize it, and let it air-dry. Take the syringe out of the box, remove the cap, and hold it with the needle pointing up. You will notice an air bubble on top of the fluid – push the plunger gently to remove it (so that the liquid would fill the void where the bubble once was), but be careful not to waste too much liquid, except for a small drop covering the tip of the needle. Stand or sit comfortably, pinch an inch of fat around the spot you selected, and inject the dose. Gently withdraw the needle and throw it in a safe container. This is very important – you don’t want anyone to get pricked or cut by your needle. If you don’t have a special sharps container for disposal, put the syringe in a strong plastic or metal container with a tight lid. If you’re bleeding, place a gauze or band aid over the injection spot.

Does it hurt?

Not really. Some women who inject at home find it a bit scary to stick a needle in their own body, and if you are one of them (I know I am), you may want to ask your significant other or someone else you trust to give you the shot. Either way, the injection itself feels like no more than a quick pinch. You may feel a dull sensation afterwards, but it should subside within a few minutes.

Are there any Ovidrel side effects I should be aware of?

All the information you need to know about the Ovidrel trigger shot - one of the most popular ovulation induction injectionsLike any medication, Ovidrel is not devoid of side effects. About a third of the women using Ovidrel will experience a side effect, most commonly pain, inflammation or bruising in the area where the Ovidrel was injected. Another common side effect, which I experienced first-hand, is digestive problems and stomach ache. Nausea and vomiting might also happen. As with many other fertility medications that stimulate egg production, one of the most serious complications of Ovidrel is Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS), a condition important enough to warrant a post of its own. In short, OHSS is a situation in which the ovaries are swollen and enlarged, and fluid might leak into the abdomen and chest. Most of the time the condition is mild and will mostly cause discomfort, but in rare cases it can lead to life-threatening complications. Contact your doctor if you suffer from severe abdominal pain, intense nausea or vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath, excessive weight gain or decreased urination.

Where can I buy Ovidrel?

Ovidrel should only be used with a prescription, and in fact, it is even considered a controlled substance in some states, most notably New York. It should be prescribed to you by a physician as part of an infertility treatment plan. Because it is not a widely used medicine, your regular pharmacy will probably not carry it. Your doctor’s office should have a list of local and mail-order pharmacies from which you can get Ovidrel. If you have insurance, reach out to your provider in advance to ensure that it covers Ovidrel and obtain authorization if necessary – without insurance, Ovidrel cost can be as high as $140. When you get the syringe, make sure to store it in the refrigerator until it is time to use it.

How early can I take a pregnancy test after getting the Ovidrel shot?

If you are undergoing fertility treatments, you are probably eager to find out how well it went by taking a pregnancy test. However, there’s a catch – as long as the hCG in still in your system, it can trick home pregnancy tests into thinking that you are pregnant. For this reason, doctors recommend waiting two full weeks before testing. Your body eliminates approximately half of the hCG that is still in the system every 23-35 hours, so 14 days following the injection, Ovidrel should be completely out of your system. To be on the safe side, though, you would want to confirm any positive home test results with a blood test at the doctor’s office.

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  1. I went for a ultrasound today 1/19 and had 1 follicle at 18.5 and another at 12.5 . I was told to do the trigger shot tonight from 6-8pm and a IUI for sunday 1/21 so 36hours later. Are we supposed to have sex the night of the trigger shot ( hubby sperm counts are fine ). Also My Estradiol levels got checked on 1/18 and were 267 and they got checked today and were 157 , why would they go down? They also checked to make sure I didn’t already ovulate and I did not. Thanks for your response.

    1. Author

      Hi Sara – I would generally recommend to have sex 2-3 days before the IUI, as this should give your husband’s sperm plenty of time to replenish and be in the best shape for the IUI. As for your Estradiol drop, I don’t know enough about your situation to hypothesize why it happened. Sometimes when your levels drop prematurely, it’s a sign that your body is “backing away” from ovulation and the doctor would choose to cancel your cycle, so I hope the fact that they chose not to do so is a good sign!

      1. Thank you for your response. They did not say anything about my Estradiol levels dropping so I assume all is well. Is there a time frame that hubby and I should BD ( baby dance) after the IUI?

  2. On November 13th I got the Ovidrel shot. Still not pregnant. What’s the next step? I asked the dr in St. Louis if I’d have to come back for another shot if this didn’t work. He said nope, I have no doubts that you’ll be pregnant by the end of the month. So of course I was super excited but in the back of my mind thinking yeah right.. well when aunt flow arrived I was so let down. Like depressed. Still am. I’ll be 30 in February and all I can think is, I guess this just isn’t ever going to happen.. I’ve been with my husband for 7 years. Married for 1 year and 5 months. I need advice. Please and thank you. Anything will help.

    1. Author

      Hi Amber – It is way too early for you to lose hope, and shame on your doctor for making such bold promises he can’t really keep. Even the most fertile couples don’t always get pregnant on their first try, so negative tests are a discouraging yet natural part of the process. Can you share some more information on the treatment you’ve had so far? Why does the doctor think you’re having fertility issues and what has been done so far to address them other than the Ovidrel shot?

  3. Hello-

    I had an US today on CD11. Showed 3 follicles measuring at 17mm, 15mm, and 11mm. One they feel is residual from last cycle as It was present at baseline US on CD3. I normally have LH surge at CD14/15 via OPK. My LH today was 6. I am doing timed intercouse with ovidrel then will also start crinone. They told me to do shot Saturday (CD13) have intercouse that day, skip Sunday, then intercouse again Monday Tuesday. My question is… am I taking the trigger shot too early? Is that a possibility? Or wil they grow enough to be mature and ovidrel will cause ovulation. My history is 3 early losses this year- 7weeks, 5 weeks, and 10 weeks. Thought is first 2 were chromosomal or low progesterone and 3rd was confirmed Turners syndrome. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Ashley – So sorry to hear about your losses. Your 17mm should be ripe and ready for today (Saturday), and you 15mm will probably be ok too, though you never know for sure with these things. Maybe they’re trying to time the shot to make sure you do it before your body ovulates on its own (otherwise it will be harder to time intercourse). Progesterone has done wonders for many of us in the infertility community, so I hope it will do the trick for you too!

  4. Hi there, I am concerned that the dr did our IUI too early. I had 4 eggs all at a good size so I took the ovidrel on Tuesday 10am and sechuled IUI for Thursday at 10am. Everything went well but I continued to test my ovulation at home with my kit. It showed that today (Sunday) that I am ovulating! How is this possible, did the IUI happen on the wrong day, could the ovidrel not have worked, is the home kit wrong? So many questions! Thank you

    1. Author

      Hi Melissa – I have very little trust in home ovulation prediction kits, because they never got my cycles right. Also keep in mind that the hCG hormone in your Ovidrel shot is very similar to Luteinizing Hormone (LH), which is what your ovulation kit is looking for, so as long as it’s in your body (for up to 14 days!) it can confuse the OPK into thinking that you’re currently ovulating. Don’t freak out – the kit is probably the one that’s wrong here.

  5. Hi, I had a miscarriage in July (8 weeks) and my specialist decided to do an Ovidrel trigger shot (I had 1 mature follicle) and we did timed intercourse over 24 & 36 hrs. He also put me on progesterone inserts. However, I just got my blood test yesterday and it was negative. I am wondering what the percentage of effectiveness is for this. Should I try another time…I am feeling defeated? Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      Hi Dulce – I would try again if I were you. I know this process can get quite discouraging, especially when you’ve gone through a miscarriage, but don’t let one negative test turn you off to the whole thing. Your doctor’s plan this month sounds reasonable to me, and it’s pretty low risk to give it another shot before moving on to the next thing. A few things you may want to explore with your doctor if you want an extra boost next time:
      1) Does your doctor think replacing timed intercourse with an IUI could make sense given your and your significant other’s medical history? IUI gives the sperm the extra nudge that is sometimes needed.
      2) Should your follicle stimulating medication dosage be upped? If you currently aren’t taking any, should you be given medication like Clomid or Femara? There are pros and cons to that, because having more mature follicles would increase your chances of conceiving, but also would increase the likelihood of a multiple pregnancy.
      Remember that even fully fertile couples sometimes take a few tries to conceive, so negative pregnancy tests are a normal part of the journey (even though they’re never welcome, of course!)

  6. Hi,
    I took my shot this morning at 8am.
    At 11:30am central time only 3.5 hours later I got several cramping on my lower left area.
    Could it be possible my egg dropped at this time??

    If so, should I have sex now with my husband? I have IUI scheduled at 9:30am tomorrow morning.

    Thanks for your feedback.

    1. Author

      Hi Melissa – It is important to know that ovulation cramps don’t necessarily happen at the exact moment that the egg is released, so it’s quite possible that the pain was just signaling that your ovaries were getting ready for action. The downside of having sex right away is that your husband’s sperm won’t be at its top quality for the next day’s IUI, so I wouldn’t rush into it based solely on the cramping. But in any case of uncertainty, my strongest recommendation would be to contact your doctor – maybe the fertility clinic could do a quick ultrasound to detect whether ovulation has already occurred.

  7. I had my ovidrel shot this morning (I have 4 healthy kids from healthy pregnancies but am also after 5 miscarriages), I’m a trainer which means I have an athletic life style training daily, did do an intense training session today but decided that this will be the last one for the next 2 weeeks and will proceed moderately until pregnancy test is taken, am totally worrying my self sick that training may have hurt my eggs, am planing to have sex with hubby tonight, tomorrow and the following day. Will today’s training reduce chances of getting pregnant? Thank you

    1. Author

      Hi Grace – While the recommendation is to focus on low-intensity exercise during the two week wait, I don’t think you have a reason to worry about the intense workout on the day of the shot. As a trainer, your body is very accustomed to high-intensity exercise and that works in your favor. I think that as long as you take it easy for the following two weeks, you should be good.

      1. Im sorry I couldn’t figure out how to create my own thread. I used Ovidrel last night (Wednesday at 10pm) and I am scheduled for my IUI 36 hours later (Friday at 10am). However, I am feeling twinges of pain that make me think it is ovulation pain. Should my husband and I have intercourse this afternoon (Thursday)? If it is ovulation pain will the IUI tomorrow be too late?

        1. Author

          Hi Danielle – I got a similar question from Melissa recently, so apologies in advance if I sound a little repetitive. Please keep in mind that ovulation pain doesn’t necessarily occur at the exact moment the egg is released, so it could be a precursor caused by the swelling of follicles in the ovaries before ovulation. Rushing into sex has its own downside, because your husband’s sperm won’t have time to fully replenish by the IUI the following day. So I would recommend one of two things: either call your doctor to express your concerns and inquire whether they can determine your time of ovulation and do the IUI earlier if necessary, or trust the system this time and keep track of whether this keeps occurring (and then suggest to your doctor that you should take the injection closer to the time of the IUI).

  8. I took Ovidrel shot on Monday the 28th of August. I want to test to see if it would show up in my system so that way on day 14 I would know when it left my system. I never got a positive. how is this possible.

    1. Author

      Hi Patrice – Different bodies rid the system of Ovidrel at different rates, so it possible that by the time you tested it was already out of your system. Additionally, it’s possible that your home pregnancy test wasn’t sensitive enough to pick up on the hCG that was left in your body from the trigger shot.

  9. I had to take my shot tomorrow morning between 7am to 9am, so when do i need to have sex, and do i need to be home after the shot , resting on bed, or i could do my regular activities.. like going to work and moving walking around.. since i had the miscarriage 1 yr ago with clomid in 20 weeks i want to be careful this time, with what to do and what not to do.. Please guide me through

    1. Author

      Hi Priya – I’m so sorry to hear about your miscarriage. My recommendation would be to have sex in evening the day after the shot, and then again the following day. As for physical activity, you probably don’t want to go to a cross-fit class, but moderate activity like walking around should be perfectly safe (unless there’s a specific condition your doctor is aware of and s/he advises you otherwise).

  10. I took femara 5mg on CD 4-8 and have been going for routine blood work and ultra sounds. My last u/s and blood work was on CD 16 and they want me to go back again on CD 19. This is my first cycle and they haven’t told me to trigger yet. Is it possible that I will still ovulate? My biggest follicle was 11mm

    1. Author

      Hi Jay – Some women have longer cycles than others. The decision to trigger is based on the size of your follicles and your blood counts. Assuming your follicles continue to grow, I don’t think you have a reason to worry yet.

  11. Hi

    I had my triggershot Wednesday 16th at 1.30pm (one follicle measuring 17mm) – she said to expect ovulation at 1am Friday morning – we had sex Wednesday evening and late Thursday evening but husband couldn’t perform Friday morning and we will not get the chance later as he has a flight late afternoon. Are we still in with a chance or have we missed this cycle? I am wondering if IUI might be better for us as he isn’t able to perform three days in a row, especially when it falls midweek as we both have demanding full time jobs. I am 35 and we’ve been trying for 8 months now, fell pregnant the first attempt but lost the baby at 11 weeks and was then diagnosed with PCOS so I don’t feel I have a lot of time to waste

    1. Author

      Hi Susie – I’m sorry to hear about your loss and I hope you’ll get your rainbow pregnancy soon! I don’t think you missed the cycle. Sperm tends to hang around for up to 5 days, so if you had sex a few hours before you ovulated then you definitely have a chance of conceiving. In fact, some doctors actually prefer to do IUIs 24 hours after the trigger shot to make sure there’s sperm around when ovulation occurs. Having sex again on Friday would have been a good insurance policy, but you shouldn’t feel like you missed your opportunity just because you haven’t had a chance to do it. Regardless, if you tried timed intercourse for a few times and it didn’t work, I would recommend IUI – it’s a pretty simple process and it would give the sperm some extra help to get to the destination. Keep in mind though that your husband would need to collect sperm a couple of hours before the IUI, so he’ll need to be able to preform on a schedule. Good luck!

  12. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and my follicles only measured at about 17mm. I took my shot today about 1:45pm and plan to have sex tonight, tomorrow, and Monday night. With my follicles not being between 18-22, what is the likelyhood of me receiving a positive test? Would it take for my follicles to be larger?

    1. Author

      Hi there – Keep in mind that your follicles still had time to grow between your last appointment and the day you took the shot. They most likely made it to the ideal size by that point, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about that if I were you. Good luck!

  13. I have my trigger shot on 8/1/2017 at 11 am and same day we had twice intercourse and we didn’t miss sex until the last night of 8/3.unfortunately we skip on 8/4 so does it make any difference or do we need to keep up with intercourse until for the certain time ? What’s the best idea for it?

    1. Author

      Hi Deepen, if you had sex on the night of 8/2 and then again on 8/3, then you’ve really covered all your bases and you should’t be too worried about missing sex on 8/4.

  14. I plan to take my Ovidrel shot tonight 6/20 at 11pm, & am scheduled for IUI 6/22 @ 10:30am. Should I also have sex that night, after the IUI? I’ve read all your responses & want to make sure I do all I can to increase my chances. Thank you btw, for taking the time to respond, I’m truly grateful! 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Kelsey – I’m slightly late to this, but in general, everything after the IUI is considered to be more of an ‘insurance policy’, so there aren’t hard and fast rules. Having sex the night of the IUI and the following night is great, but if your schedule doesn’t allow for it or you just don’t have the energy, having sex just the morning after the IUI is also not a bad alternative.

  15. I had my ovidrel shot on Jun 1st. I was taking Femera for 5 days and that morning my ultrasound revealed a 28 mm folicle. Which explains why my left side was hurting for 2 days. I took a pregnancy test today and it was negative. I am getting a little discouraged even though I have only had 3 cycles of femera and 2 shots. PCOS sucks. I just don’t really know what to do to make this happen.

  16. Quick question, I took my 250mm Ovidrel on Friday 7AM and I am scheduled to do IUI on SATURDAY at 4PM. Isn’t that too close to the end of the opportunity window? About 33 hours later? Should I have sex prior that? The sperm analysis of my husband came back with great results and count. My husband is going to the dr. to give the sperm on SAT at 1PM. My egg was 22mm on THURSDAY 6PM. Thank you so much for being kind about answering to all of us!

    1. Author

      Hi Emilia – That’s actually quite typical. Many doctors schedule the IUI for 36 hours or so after the injection. Remember that an egg lives for 12-24 hours after ovulation, so by timing your IUI to 33 hours after the injection, your doctor is making sure that sperm and egg have their meeting not too late, but also not too early. Good luck today!

      1. Hi the modern belly. I just got my pregnyl shot today btw 10/11 am,me and my partner has been having sex like every other day,pls when is the best time for me to have sex again after the shot ?

        1. Author

          Hi Mabel – If your doctor gave you instructions, then follow them, but if not, my recommendation would be to have sex about 36 hours after the shot (so 10/11pm on 6/17) and then again the following day.

  17. So I screwed up giving myself the shot (I know… how can someone screw or up?!) will I still be ok or will my follicles grow too much? I go tomorrow morning at 7am back to the doctors.

    1. Author

      Hi Amanda – in what way did you screw up? In the worst case scenario, your egg(s) will be released on their own schedule rather than your doctor’s, so I don’t think you should be too worried.

  18. I took the ovidrel shot last night (Sunday 5/7) at 7:00pm. When is the best time to have intercourse to maximize chance of getting pregnant? Monday am/pm? Both? Tuesday am/pm? If you ovulate within 24-36 hours isn’t it best to have sex within that first 24 hours?

    1. Author

      Hi Brenda – The best time to have intercourse would be Tuesday morning and then Wednesday morning as backup. Monday night and Tuesday night are also a good combination.

  19. Hi there, I am currently testing with ovulation sticks at around 11 everyday waiting for the smiley face. Once I see that when is the best time to inject ovitrelle and how many hours after should I do iui?

    1. Author

      Here’s the thing: the smiley face means that your LH surge has started and you’re about to ovulate, so if the ovulation kit is accurate, you may not even need the Ovidrel/Ovitrelle, which is meant to trigger ovulation, often before your body has naturally started the process on its own. Ideally, you’d be monitored and the timing of the trigger shot would be based on when your follicles reach maturity. Is that not possible? If not, I’d recommend doing the shot as soon as you see the smiley face, and then the IUI 24-36 hours later. It’s riskier than under monitoring though, because you don’t know when exactly the LH surge started, so ovulation may occur earlier than expected. Check with your doctor and see if they recommend a different course of action – they know you and your medical history best!

  20. Hi I had my ovidrel shot this morning and due for our iui tomorrow but I was feeling like I was pregnant because my period last month only lasted 2 days and there was light blood so I did a home pregnancy test which was positive I’m i pregnant or should I do the iui tomorrow thank you

    1. Author

      The Ovidrel most likely threw off your pregnancy test – the pregnancy test can’t differentiate between the hCG in the Ovidrel shot and the natural hCG in a pregnant woman’s body, so it comes out positive. It’s not recommended to do a pregnancy test less than 14 days after the shot, because the hCG from the shot is not completely out of your body yet. Even if you were pregnant, though, there’s no harm in doing the IUI, since it’s pretty much the same as having sex – which most of us keep doing even after conceiving.

    2. Hi did Ovidrel on Saturday April 8 wen its my next period
      Is my period supposed to before the 21st

      1. Author

        Your period is expected to come approximately 15-16 days after the trigger shot (24-36 hours to ovulation plus 14ish days for your luteal phase)

  21. I got the trigger shot on 2/14, so I am 14 days in. I tracked the false positives and the Ovegrel seemed to be out of my system by day 9. day 9, the line was so faint that i had to hold it up to the light. On day 13 and 14 I got really dark lines. My doc didnt suggest testing until day 20. I am very anxious-do you think the positive is me this time?

    1. Author

      From everything you’re saying, sounds to me like you are pregnant. Day 20 is pretty conservative – most fertility clinics do the test around day 15-16 post-shot.

  22. Hello! I had an ovidrel shot on Monday and couldn’t wait to take a pregnancy test today (Sunday- less than a week after the shot). Should I assume it’s a false positive? 🙁

    1. Author

      Yes, you really can’t know at this point if the test was picking up the hCG from the Ovidrel shot or actual pregnancy hCG levels. Sorry to be a party pooper…

  23. Hello! I just took the Ovidrel shot a little while ago (Tuesday @ 6:50 pm) and was told to DTD 36 hours from then (so Thursday @ 6:50 am?) but I’m wondering if it will hurt to also do it tonight or Wednesday (shortly after 6pm or so)? I’ve heard both that it’s bad to have sex everyday and also that it doesn’t make a difference. Plus, since sperm will generally last a few days inside, wouldn’t doing it just b4 the 36 hours be your best bet? Especially since you could ovulate within the first 24 hours? And then when after Thursday morning should we do it again? We definitely plan to do it Thursday morning but want to do everything we can to make it work! Thank you in advance!

    1. Author

      I’m too late, I’m afraid – so sorry! 36 hours after the trigger shot is usually a great recommendation, and should be an excellent timing to have sex. Even if you ovulate a little earlier than typical, the 36 hour mark should keep you covered. Then you can have sex again about 24 hours later, as backup.

      I wouldn’t recommend having sex also the night before (Wednesday, in your case), because the sperm might not have enough time to replenish and get to its best quality.

  24. Hi. I had an ovridel shot this morning at 10.30 a.m. Follicles at 22mm on the left and 2 smaller ones on the right. IUI scheduled tomorrow at 3.30. But I started feeling pains in my left pelvic area at 10pm tonight. Does this affect this cycle? Does this mean I am losing the cycle

    1. Author

      What you describe sounds like ovulation pain, and it makes sense that you would feel it on the left if that’s where your big follicle was. I don’t think you have a reason for concern, but if the pain persists, you should discuss it with your doctor.

  25. Hi! I took Clomid days 4-9 of my cycle and an Ovidrel shot on 1/29. I took a pregnancy test this morning (day 13 since shot) and it was negative. Should I assume this round was unsuccessful or should I test again in a couple of days? In the past, when I was on Clomid (without Ovidrel) my cycle was 32 days. I am not sure if that matters. Thanks!

    1. Author

      If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t build my hopes up but I’d test again in a few days before giving up on this cycle. You’re only 11-12 days post ovulation, and it often takes the hCG levels in the body a little longer to ramp up before they get picked up by a home pregnancy test.

  26. We are plan take HCG shot on Friday(10/17) 10 AM. Can you please let us know time and day , when we have to do intercourse.

    1. Author

      Hi Shaki – I’d recommend having intercourse on Saturday night and Sunday night. Good luck!

  27. I got a positive ovulation test this morning (02/06). But I have an appointment tomorrow (02/07)with my RE to check on my follicle growth and give me the ovidrel shot and IUI on wed (02/08). I just got off the phone with my nurse and she told me to just keep my appointment tomorrow and to still take the shot with me to the appointment. I was just wondering if I still need the shot if I already got a positive ovulation test? Thank you and have a good week.

    1. Author

      I don’t trust ovulation tests as much as an actual doctor’s opinion. They can give you a scan and a blood test to determine if you’ve already ovulated, and based on that they’ll decide if it’s worth still taking the shot.

  28. I am planning to trigger on Monday 02/06 at 9:00am if we have sex on Sun 02/05, also have sex the that night I trigger, and Tuesday 02/07 night would that be enough to cover this cycle. Please help I am so lost on how this works.

    1. Author

      Are you being monitored? You want to make sure you trigger when you have mature follicles ready to be released, and it’s hard to pinpoint more than a week in advance when exactly that is going to happen.

      To your question, assuming you have mature follicles, ovulation is supposed to happen within 24-36 hours from the injection, so having sex before won’t be as helpful. Ideally you’ll have sex the day after and the day after that (so Tuesday night/afternoon and Wednesday night would be great if indeed you trigger on Monday morning).

  29. I gave myself the trigger shot on 01/12 and had two IUI back to back on 01/13 & 01/14. I was supposed to go back to my Dr. on 01/27 for blood work & pregnancy test but received my period on 01/24. If I am not mistaken it should of arrived the week of the 01/31. Is this normal to get my period super early and why did this happen??? Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi Rose – The same thing happened to me on my first two IUIs. Some women have a short luteal phase (the time period between ovulation and the next menstrual period), and this can negatively affect their IUI outcome because the body doesn’t release enough progesterone. Bring up your concerns with your doctor and see if they’d be willing to prescribe progesterone suppositories (such as Crinone) for you to take after your next IUI. This can help correct for the low progesterone secretion and support pregnancy. If you want to geek out, you can read more about luteal phase defects here. Good luck!

  30. My doctor told me to trigger tonight with Ovidrel, yay! My husband and I haven’t had sex in a few days, and I asked my doctor when we should have TI after the trigger. He said we can tonight after the trigger, and can for the next few days. He didn’t seem to indicate that it should only be once a day or at certain times or anything. He just said that at least Friday morning will be ideal. I’m waiting to hear back from the nurse with further instructions (not sure yet what time tonight I’ll be injecting), but just wondering if there’s more of an exact timing for TI than what I’ve been told? Thanks!

    1. Author

      I know I’m a little late to respond, but I just wanted to assure you that this is not exact science. I agree with your doctor that Friday morning was ideal, and if you also have sex sometime today and sometime tomorrow, you can rest assured that you’ve done everything you could to set yourself up for success. Good luck!

  31. Thank you! I did my trigger on sat 1/14 at 7:00 pm and now waiting to take a pregnancy test on 1/30 as advised by my dr. I started feeling symptoms of a yeast infection. Is this a normal symptom after Ovidrel? And would it be ok to take medicine to treat? I’m just scared it will interfere.

  32. Hello i took my ovidrel shit at 8am my husband and I didn’t have sex that night however the dr said not sex the next day. I have my IUI on Thursday at 10am… I’m I still good to have sex?

    1. Author

      I know I’m late to the party, but answering just in case. My approach is to avoid having sex before IUI, to ensure you have the best quality sperm for the IUI. Then after the IUI you can have sex as an ‘insurance policy’ – typically the day after, but follow your doctor’s advice on the exact schedule.

  33. I have my tigger shot set for Saturday 1/14 at 7:00 pm. How many days before Ovidrel shot should we stop having sex for best results?

    1. Author

      The optimal length of abstinance depends on your significant other’s sperm quality, but typically 2-3 days is recommended. So if your trigger is on Saturday night and your IUI/timed intercourse is on Monday morning, the last time you have sex beforehand should be sometime between Friday morning and Saturday morning.

  34. I Got A Trigger Shot This Morning Around 8:30am
    And We iui tomorrow at 2pm

    My right ovary had a two 22mm and a 18 follie
    Right now it’s nothing but pressure and feels really wierd !
    Is this normal??

    What’s the chances of BFP?

    1. Author

      I can’t say for sure, but what you’re describing sounds like it may be ovulation pain. I typically don’t feel ovulation pain, but I did feel it after Ovidrel. The same goes for the chances of a BFP – it’s hard to say anything without more specifics about your infertility diagnosis, but releasing three eggs is certainly a good start. Good luck tomorrow!

  35. Hi. We injected the Ovedril on Sunday night around 11:30pm. We had sex that night, werent able to have sex Monday or this morning (Tuesday). I’m so worried that we will miss the window — we plan on having sex tonight (Tuesday) around 11:30-12am. Can we still get pregnant?

    1. Author

      While not ideal, I think that if you did end up having sex on Tuesday night, you were probably still within your window of opportunity.

  36. I was placed on Clomid CD 3-6.
    USC on CD13Thurday shows 27mm and 12mm, CD14 shows 29mm and 15mm on Right and Left Ovary respectively. HCG shot 5000IU on CD14Friday 5pm. BD on CD15Saturday 6am and again Sunday 7am.
    It BD necessary again or abstinence for the 2WW?

    1. Author

      You had sex around 36 hours after your hCG shot, and that’s the most important thing. You could have sex again the next day just to be on the safe side, but other than that, having sex during the two week wait won’t hurt and won’t help. So it’s totally up to you whether to do the deed or abstain for the next two weeks. Good luck!

  37. Hi there i took the shot today jan 8@3pm my husband and i has sex yesterday at midnight and tonight at 1030pm do you think im covered or should we have sex tomorrow as well?

    1. Author

      So sorry I’m only responding now. For what it’s worth, I’d recommend having sex the day after the Ovidrel shot – this way your timing is optimal for when the egg is released.

  38. Hi, I have a question. I triggered at 11am Sunday on the first of the year. My husband and I have sex 1 am monday morning at 1pm and monday at midnight again. Is that sufficient enough?

    1. Author

      The midnight Monday sex was probably the sweet spot for you, since it’s approximately 36 hours after the trigger. I think you’re good.

  39. Hello! I took the trigger shot Friday 12/30 at about 9:00am my doc said to have intercourse between 9pm 12/31 and 1:00am. We had a NYE wedding so the timing was right at 1:00. Will I still be ok? It was outside of the 36 hours? We did have intercourse 12/28 so I’m hoping that helped too. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Yes, I wouldn’t worry about it. 1am is still within a reasonable time frame for post-Ovidrel intercourse, not to mention that I’d still count it as within the time window your doctor gave you.

    2. Hello. I took the trigger shot on Friday am at 830 it is now Saturday at 8 am am I still within my window for sex

      1. Author

        Yes! In fact, the ideal time for having sex is most likely Saturday night (but if you’ve already had sex on Saturday morning, you can do it again Sunday morning and keep all your bases covered).

  40. Hi I had my last periods on 12/11/2016 ovidrel taken on 28th nov on cd 17 . Had an internal scan on cd 19to confirm ovulation .meanwhile we had intercourse on cd 18 and 19 . Within two three days severe acne breakouts started and still have that and my body temperature remain high had cold and nasal conjetion. 4 to 5 days after ovulation I had a sharp pain on my tummyleft side above vagina Today is cd 31 and periods not yet shown .So is basal temperature and scene due to ovidrel?And when can I test and if negative how long it takes for my periods to show I usually have a 28 to 30 day cycle

    1. Author

      You can start testing 14 days after the ovidrel shot, so you’re now within the safe zone for taking a pregnancy test. It’s so hard to say what the symptoms you’re describing can be attributed to do, so I’d recommend testing and if the result is negative, reaching out to your doctor and sharing the symptoms with him or her.

  41. Hello. I did my Ovridel shot tonight at 7:00 pm. My scheduled IUI is on Monday at 1 pm. Is it normal do IUI outside the 36 hour trigger? Thank you for all your insight… this is my first IUI with follostim.

    1. Author

      I hope the IUI yesterday went well! This is a slightly longer post-Ovidrel time lag than many fertility clinics do, but still reasonable and should be well within your window of opportunity.

  42. Day 12 scan was today, 21mm and 19mm follicle..due for trigger shot tonight around 10pm. What’s optimal intercourse schedule?

    1. Author

      Around 36 hours after the shot, and then again the following day. Good luck!

  43. I had provera to bleed and started on 31/10/16. then I took Clomid Day 2-6 bleeding. On 14/11/16 I had my internal scan and nurse said my follicles looking good and Doctor gave me Ovitrelle shot 250g to trigger the ovulation. Had my intercourse 14/11/16 & 15/11/16. after week. I’ve been getting lower adominal pain on and off. Been taking paracetomol and using hot water bottle but the pain not going. feeling light nausea. My Doctor specifically take pregnancy test 29/11/16. I took it on 27/11/2016. It was negative. So I want to know what going to happen next?

    1. Author

      Sorry I’m only responding now! You probably already know the next steps, but I’ll answer anyway in case you or someone else may find it helpful. Two weeks after ovulation, your doctor will likely want to do a blood test for beta hCG levels (this is the most accurate way to test for a pregnancy). If the result is still negative, you should expect to get your period shortly after and start a new cycle. If it was your first time taking Clomid, your doctor will probably suggest trying Clomid again, maybe at a higher dosage. If you’ve taken Clomid multiple times and didn’t conceive, it may be time to start talking about alternative medications (such as Letrozole/Femara, injectables, etc.) and whether they’re right for you.

  44. Hi! I have my Ovidrel shot on Tuesday and today is Thursday and my husband and I have not been able to have sex because he’s been sick. Have I miss my opportunity?

    1. Author

      You’re definitely cutting it close. I’d say that if you haven’t had a chance to have sex within 72 hours from the shot, you’ve probably missed your chance. If you managed to squeeze in sex on Thursday night or Friday, there is a possibility you were still within your window of opportunity.

  45. I had ovitrelle shot on 13th Nov at 3 30 PM and had IUI next day 14th @10AM with only one follicle 25mm in my right ovary. I have next appointment for blood test only after two weeks. I want to know whether it’s guaranty that ovulation occurs after ovitrelle shot ?

    1. Author

      If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that nothing is guaranteed in fertility treatments. But if everything happens like it’s supposed to, then yes, you ovulate after the shot.

  46. I failed to inject ovidrel the day before my IUI and injected Gonal F instead. I am really beating myself up about this. Is this a big deal?

    1. Author

      I’m so sorry, it sucks to get confused like that. Have you realized that before or after the IUI? Ovidrel is given right around the time that you’re supposed to ovulate to help time ovulation, so it’s possible you’ve ovulated on your own. But if the IUI hasn’t happened yet, you’d want to call your doctor immediately to see if s/he recommends holding off and injecting the Ovidrel at a later time.

  47. Hi there..I had the trigger today at 2pm. We are trying for a girl so my dr said only have intercourse on wed evening but I thought to conceive a girl you should intercourse before you ovulate?

    1. Author

      Hi Carly – I realize it’s been more than a week since you wrote, so I’m probably not of much help at this point. I don’t really believe there’s a way to ensure having a girl or a boy, but I do know that according to Dr. Shettles you should have sex before ovulation if you want to have a girl. To be honest with you, though, I wouldn’t take the risk of not having sex after ovulation if I were you – we’re dealing with fertility issues anyway, so maximizing your chances of conceiving would be the top priority in my opinion, regardless of the sex of the baby.

  48. The first trigger didnt work for me. My period came 14 days after and lasted for 6 days. The doctor say wait one period and then try again in December. Im so disappointed. Do you have any idea why it didnt work on the first try? I tried on all the days advised by the doctor. How likey is it to work the second time. Im also confused now when I will ovulate again, and not sure when I can try on my own. I triggered on October 1 and my period came October 14 and finished on the 19th. Im 37 and have never been pregnant.

    1. Author

      I’m so sorry. Fertility issues suck, and I know first-hand how awful it feels when a cycle fails. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. Even women without fertility issues don’t get pregnant every time they ovulate, let alone those who do have trouble conceiving. Unless you were told otherwise by your doctor, I think you can and should try on your own before your next assisted cycle – no harm in trying, and maybe you’ll get lucky!

  49. Those looking to buy ovidrel should check ur neareast costco i just got mine last month for CAD 84… I live in Ontario Canada

  50. Hi!Just want to ask i will be doing the Ovidrel trigger shot Wednesday October 26 in the morning and Iui the next day,Thursday October 27..My Doctor said we do BD Tuesday night but hubby is confused maybe he doenst have enough sperm during iui..Any suggestion please?thank you

    1. Author

      My doctor always recommended to abstain for 2-3 days prior to the IUI to ensure the best quality and quantity of sperm.

  51. Does the injection need to be refrigerated or stored at room temp? I won’t be using till next week

  52. Hi I got the shot on 10-6 if I get a positive pregnancy test on day 14 past my trigger shot should that be a real positive test

    1. Author

      Yes, the medication should be out of your system by the time 14 days have passed (but of course I always recommend to confirm with bloodwork at your doctor’s office).

  53. Took the trigger shot on September 24, is it still to early to test to see if I am pregnant? I know it says in my system for a while but I really want to take a test!

    1. Author

      If you test today (Oct 6), you’ll be 12 days post injection, which would most likely be okay. But if you really want to make sure there isn’t anymore hCG from the shot left in your system, you should wait until two days from now. I’d totally understand if you decide to test early though, waiting patiently is really hard!

  54. Hi I had my trigger shot Saturday at 12noon, then had intercourse later that evening and again on Sunday around 6pm. But didnot do it on Monday. Did I miss my chance?

    1. Author

      Not at all. The intercourse you had on Sunday was within the ideal 24-36 hour window, so you did what you needed to do to ensure the timing of sperm and egg are aligned. Monday would have been more of a backup, so don’t beat yourself up over not having had intercourse then.

  55. Hello, just wanted to find out, if ovidrel was taken Friday morning at 9am , intercourse on Friday eve and again Saturday afternoon and then on sunday evening , sunday evening definatey out of window period. could pregnancy still occur?

    1. Author

      Certainly. Between Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you’ve got all your bases covered!

  56. Hi just a quick question. I have pcos and was given femara and the trigger injection (ovidrel) to take this month on day 3-5 and day 9-10 for injection (I took this on the 20th sep). I’ve been rather moody 4 days after having the injection and also have strong cramping pain that comes and goes for the past 3-4 days. My questions are;
    1: could it possibly be implantation pain?
    2: could it be OHSS?
    3: could it also possible be both? I mean can you still conceive if you’ve receive OHSS?

    1. Author

      The problem with cramping is that it could be so many things: implantation pain, ovulation pain, pregnancy, PMS… My concern is that you describe the pain as ‘strong’, which does suggest you may be dealing with OHSS. You certainly can conceive and have OHSS at the same time, so don’t worry about that, but please reach out to your doctor and have that checked. If you suspect OHSS, better safe than sorry.

  57. Hi
    I had my trigger shot on Tuesday around 12:30 only had sex on Thursday and Friday…I am feeling bloated to the point that I look months pregnant, pain in my side and very gassy….i am extremely moody, uncomfortable…feel miserable and tired all the time….moved to my moms cause the things hubby does irritates me…🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈is this normal?

    1. Author

      Everything you’re describing sounds to me like hormones wreaking havoc on your body and mind. It sounds like you’ve been subjected to a somewhat extreme, yet not uncommon, hormone hurricane, so to speak. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to tell if those are pregnancy hormones (fingers crossed!) or just the result of treatments (fertility drugs are known to cause this type of hormone-induced symptoms). I’m really hoping that soon you’ll found out a sweet little baby is behind all of this!

    1. Author

      The most important question is which trigger shot you’re given, or in other words, what type of hCG is administered. Ovidrel is recombinant DNA-derived hCG and its typical dosage is 250 micrograms. Other trigger shots, like Pregnyl and Novarel, are urinary-derived hCG, and the common dosage is 10,000 IU (which is a different measurement unit than microgram). So assuming that that’s the type of hCG you’ve been prescribed, 10K is actually the usual dosage. In fact, some argue that administering less than 10,000IU could be counter productive, so it sounds like you probably got the optimal dose.

  58. I took ovidrel injection on Saturday night at 8.pm and had intercourse @ 8.15, Sunday night at 11 pm, but I couldn’t intercouse on Monday. Now I’m stressed out since I don’t know I missed the opportunity or not

    Please advise

    1. Author

      You had intercourse 27 hours after the trigger shot, which is great! The second time is more of a booster – not a must-have but more of a nice-to-have. The fact that you has intercourse on Sunday night is what matters most and you certainly have a shot at getting pregnant. Good luck!

  59. Hi
    I was on gonal f for a week or so and then my doc advised to take 6 clicks of ovidrel on 4th and 7 th days past ovulation.
    After all googling and reading comments it looks like ovidrel is used for ovulation whereas doc asked us to take post ovulation.
    As per the doctor i should be doing pregnancy test on 14th day after I ovulated or 7days past 2nd injection shot.
    As per the a bit of search people have recommended to do the test 14days after injection which is contradictory what my doctor told me ….what are you thoughts?

    1. Author

      While I’m not very familiar with this practice, I’ve heard that some doctors use Ovidrel after ovulation to support implantation (‘booster shot’, so to speak). I don’t know enough about this method to be able to comment on how effective it is, but I do believe that the dosage of the post-ovulation shot it much lower than the dosage of the shot that’s given to induce ovulation. Because the dosage is lower, the hCG can be out of your system quicker than in the case of the trigger shot and you won’t have to wait the full 14 days to take a pregnancy test.

  60. One more question…how long do you normally wait to go back to exercising (yoga, barre)?

    1. Author

      There isn’t consensus on this topic. I personally think it’s okay to go back to low intensity exercising (walking, yoga, etc.) right away, but it’s better to hold off on high intensity workouts (barre, spinning, etc.) during the two week wait.

  61. My clinic has told me to do the trigger shot tomorrow 9am and then come in for IUI 9am the next morning. So only 24 hours. Is this too early?
    Most of information I read says 36 hours.
    this is my first IUI so not sure what to expect.

    1. Author

      Doctors’ opinions differ on this and some prefer the shorter time frames. 24 hours is still within the acceptable window, and the sperm will be there waiting for your egg to be released. Good luck!

  62. I’m so glad I found this website! I just injected my ovidrell shot last night (my dr said between 9-11pm). I am a little nervous Bc when I went to push the air bubble out more fluid then normal came out…do you think I should be overly concerned? We are scheduled for our 4th IUI tomorrow. The problem I have been having is my uterus lining is on the low side (4-5). I know they said 8 was usually what they look for but my body is just not getting there. Any suggestions on what to eat/drink/take to help the lining of the uterus? I have googled and been drinking the pomegranate juice, taking 3 flaxseed pills a day. I’m just so nervous about tomorrow and really want this to work out. Thank you!

    1. Author

      I really hope your IUI went well! You don’t want to lose lots of fluid when you push out that air bubble, but my guess is that you probably didn’t spill too much so I wouldn’t worry about it. As for the uterine lining, I don’t know that the pomegranate juice actually helps but it surely doesn’t hurt. You should also ask your doctor about estrogen pills and baby aspirin. Good luck!

  63. Hi! I am due for my trigger shot on Monday! Yayy!! I wanted to ask if it is ok to have sex now or is it imperative that we start after the trigger shot?

    1. Author

      Sorry I’m only getting back to you now. Totally okay to have sex a few days before trigger. You may want to abstain for 2-3 days before your IUI / timed intercourse so that there’s lots of good sperm available to you, but not more than that (those spermies don’t like to wait too long without a release).

  64. Can an egg still be fertilized if sperm is not there waiting when it is released? I released an egg on Monday night but didn’t have sex until Tuesday morning. Is it still possible for fertilization to take place or did I wait too late?

    1. Author

      Hi Kayla. After ovulation, an egg lives for 12-24 hours and during this time it can be fertilized. The Tuesday morning timing is in the gray area where it may have been ok or it may have been too late – it all depends on how long your egg survived (closer to 12 hours or to 24 hours?). Unfortunately, we can’t know for sure. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that fertilization did occur – good luck!

  65. Hi I am a little worried. I had the ovidrel injection on last Wednesday 8/24 around 10am. But me and my boyfriend didn’t have sex until Late Thursday night around 1am. Did I possibly wait too late?? I am so worried?

    1. Author

      Hi Jess! This is not exact science. While the recommendation is to have timed intercourse / IUI 24-36 hours after the trigger shot, if you had sex 39 hours after the shot you’re still within a reasonable time frame and should be fine, in my opinion.

  66. Hi I’m Lisa I’m from Northern Ireland and I’ve just taken my trigger shot this morning at 8.15 I had intercourse last night when is best for me and partner to have intercourse again, this is my 3rd of iui. First attempt was abandoned cause of to many follicles and the 2nd failed so now we are trying timed iui as doc says the pregnancy rates are much higher. I’m 42 yrs old and have been trying to conceive now for 20 years x

    1. Author

      Hi Lisa – I’m sorry to hear you’ve been struggling for so long! I’d say that it’s ideal to have sex again in the afternoon or evening the day after the trigger shot, but confirm with your doctor who recommended the timed IUI. Good luck!

  67. Can I take Claritin-D the Morning before I triggere? I’m fighting a possible sinus infection.

    1. Author

      I’m not aware of any interactions with Claritin-D, but call your doctor to confirm. By the way, during pregnancy it’s recommended to stick with Claritin non-D.

  68. So my nurse told me that my test was negative and I’m not preggo this time around but I produced hcg and didn’t take medication this month I’m just confused now at this point

  69. I took a home pregnancy test yesterday (clear blue) came back (pregnant 1-2 ) says I’m at least 3-4 weeks, went for blood test today and idk if it’s too early in the pregnancy but my hcg was a 10mlu waiting for the nurse to contact me is stressful am I pregnant or not 🙁

    1. Author

      Officially, you’re pregnant – an hCG level of 5 or more is considered positive (or at least, not negative). But I understand your concerns, because a low beta hCG level could indicate possible miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy. However, a single beta test isn’t enough for a diagnosis, so the best thing to do next would be to get a second blood test in two days and see how much your hCG level has increased and what the doubling time is. I’m sorry your journey is full of so many stressful moments, but I hope your numbers will double nicely and very soon you’ll get the good news that you’ve been longing for!

  70. I was on a chlomid regiment from days 5-9 and had my Trigger shot at 10 pm on August 14th. My IUI was 10 am on the 16th. I did what I was not suppose to do and tested both Saturday and Sunday and came up with a positive clear blue easy digital weeks predictor pregnancy test both times. I’ve been having constant headaches and yesterday became seriously nauseous from the smell of French toast sticks. Is it possible these positive tests can truly be positive?!

    1. Author

      Hey, you’ve just had an IUI – it’s certainly possible you’re pregnant! 🙂 The thing is, you should keep your hopes at bay, because as you yourself know, when you’re testing so early you run the risk of getting a false positive because the hCG from the shot could still be in your body. Give it a few more days and test again (around the 28th), and hopefully the result will still be positive. I’m rooting for you!

  71. Hello! The doctor yesterday and saw a 17mm follicle on u/s and told me to use the trigger tonight. I had sex last night and plan to tonight but my husband is going out of town tomorrow, do you think those two times are enough? Also he wasn’t sure if it was a follicle or a cyst, being that it is 17mm is it more likely a follicle? I did not take clomid or anythjng. Thanks!

    1. Author

      Ideally you’d have sex approximately 36 hours after the injection, but if your husband is going out of town, then just have sex as close to that time as possible and there should be sperm waiting around for your egg when it’s released. As for the follicle vs. cyst question, the best way to know is to be monitored multiple times during the cycle. I really hope this cycle works out for you, but if it doesn’t, make sure you’re getting an ultrasound more than once and this way the doctor will be able to tell more easily which is which.

  72. Worried… Came on my period July 15-19 but started spotting on the 30th for a few day I didn’t need a tampon or pad it was weird… I haven’t came on my period yet but I go for a blood test tomorrow August 18 I don’t know what to think but I’m stressing

    1. Author

      Just try to stay calm and distract yourself with things you enjoy doing. The blood test tomorrow will help clarify things and hopefully put you at ease.

  73. I took the shot on Thursday, and I tested clearblue Thursday evening it says I am ovulating. The next day I had cramps and back pain and cm. Sunday midnight which is almost Monday I am having some period which is bright red and some blood clots. I will say medium flow until now. ( Monday evening). Is this normal or should i call my doctor? I usually have a very irregular cycle because I have PCOS which is 45-50 days. Now it is only my 20 days. My next scheduled blood text will be 5 days later.

    1. Author

      I would call the doctor. The timing of the bleeding is odd, since you’ve supposedly ovulated just a few days prior. Even a short luteal phase is usually not THAT short, so it would be good to consult with a medical professional.

  74. Hi there, I only need to take 200mcg of Ovidrel injection but just wondering how many clicks I need to turn it back once I’ve reached the 250 marker

    I’m due to have it between 8 and 10 tonight and it’s already 9:10pm

    Please help

    1. Author

      So sorry, I only saw this now. Have you been able to figure it out?

  75. So just 12 days after my period I’m starting to spot I’m scared m, I wasn’t able to do the trigger shot this month my nurse said I ovulated before my appointment:-(, I’m only spotting after I urinate it’s light and it just happens today… Is this a good sign? I’m really nervous

    1. Author

      I’m not sure I understand the timeline. You were on cycle day 12 and the nurse said you already ovulated?

  76. Hello. I’m a little confused. So I took 150mg clomid on CD 3-7 ,had scan CD 12 saw 3 follies (2mature, 1 almost), then had progesterone cd21. Indicated I did not ovulate. Was told if not pregnant this cycle will have scan on between cd1-3 to ck for cysts and would start 2nd round of clomid and trigger. So moving on to cd39. Had scan which showed 2 mature follicles(had labs to make sure they were not cyst) labs were hcg was 1, progesterone was less than 1 and e2 was 469. So cd40 (last night at 7pm) I was instructed to give trigger. This afternoon had + opk and of course an hcg test was as well. So my question is could I still become pregnant being that I triggered so late. Thanks in advanced.

    1. Author

      As the queen of wacky cycles, I can tell you that yes, it is possible. You had mature follicles and so the trigger seems to have been just in time (it’s all about the follicles, not the day of the cycle). It’s not the ideal cycle, but a good doctor wouldn’t suggest to trigger unless they thought you could get pregnant.

  77. Hi the Modern belly – so I couldn’t wait to find out any longer – I have my scan on the 12th august but I have paid to have my hCG levels tested. I have just received my first blood test result back and they seem very high which worries me… 31,904 – does this mean I am having a molar pregnancy? I am DEFINITELY 5 weeks and 6 days (was 5 weeks and 5 days) when I took the test… is everything OK?

    1. Author

      5 weeks 5 days would be 26 DPO. 31,904 is indeed on the high side of the range, but not unheard of. Approximately 1% of singleton pregnancies and 8.5% of twin pregnancies in BetaBase were at this beta level or higher at 26DPO. If you’re not bleeding and you generally feel well, there’s no need to rush into the worst case scenario just yet. Maybe you’re just one of those women who have really high betas, or maybe you’re having multiples. Try to relax (worrying is not good for you or baby!) and wait until your scan. I know two weeks is a lot of time to wait, but I do believe that the ultrasound scan will help answer a lot of your questions and alleviate the fears.

  78. Hi Modern Belly – So I had a very early scan last Friday (exactly 5 weeks) and they could see a sac but no embryo – I assume that’s because its too early to see the embryo – but now I am really worried after taking a pregnancy test to test my hormone levels – last week – I took the first response pregnancy test and there were two very strong pink lines and the test which tells you how many weeks – which told me 3+ weeks. Now, this morning, I took the same tests and the 2nd pink line was really faded and the digital test said only 2-3 weeks –

    Is no baby growing in the sac? My breasts are less sore. im worried im going to miscarriage…

    1. Author

      Don’t freak out – a lighter pregnancy test at 6 weeks pregnant or later is actually a known phenomenon called the “hook effect”. When your hCG hormone levels get very high, it can ‘confuse’ the urine test and result in a false negative. Here’s the scientific explanation, if you’re interested in learning more. If you want to test again, try peeing in a cup and then diluting your urine with water at a 1:1 ratio (so half urine, half water). This may resolve the issue.

      In general, I totally understand where you’re coming from. I experienced the same feelings of anxiety and concern early in my pregnancy, especially when symptoms seemed to go away. It’s really common among those who are pregnant after infertility. But as you pointed out, 5 weeks is still early and it’s quite common to see only the sac and no fetus in an ultrasound scan at this stage. Take a deep breath and assure yourself that everything is likely fine. When is your next ultrasound? I hope you’ll find a heartbeat then – it’s an amazing experience and it will help put you at ease, at least temporarily. Good luck, and I hope to hear more good news from you soon!

  79. Hello,
    I see very interesting topics here.
    I had my Ovidrel on Saturday morning at 8am, and timed intercourse in Sunday (17th July) 6pm,and again on Monday morning.
    Should we do it tomorrow morning as well?
    And always I had short luteal phase,should I take progesterone and when?

    1. Author

      It’s great that you had intercourse on Sunday and Monday, those were the most important days. You can do it again tomorrow morning, but since you most likely ovulated on Sunday, it will probably be just for fun at this point.

  80. Ok sorry to ask yet another question but I am now worried about my swollen belly. I am quite small (maybe 56kg (8 ½ stone)) but my stomach is so so so protruded I look about 5months pregnant. I am in fact 5 weeks (technically 3!) so not sure how this can possibly be the case…
    I am worried about it – its giving me lower back pain and is VERY visible..

    1. Author

      This does sound concerning. It could just be bloating, but it might be a symptom of a medical condition (such as OHSS). You can’t be too careful with these things – get it checked by your doctor as soon as you can.

  81. I got the shot on last Wednesday night and my doctor asked me to come on Friday. I did go there and the egg did not ovulate after 45hours so. Doctor did not comment anything? What do you think is it possible not to ovulate after having Ovidrel injection?

    1. Author

      How do you know you didn’t ovulate? It’s possible not to ovulate after the Ovidrel shot, and if that’s indeed the case, you should talk to your doctor about looking into why since it’s quite uncommon.

  82. I’m really confused. So I just rang my fertility clinic who have given me my first scan date of 12august. I took the trigger on the 1st July- we then had sex on the Saturday (the 2nd) – she is saying I am now 4 weeks 3 days pregnant?!? How is that possible when I only had sex 2 1/2 weeks ago?!

  83. Got my bfn and I’m on day 3 of my cycle just took my first round of clomid again, this is my second round I’m really praying for a BFP this time but trying not to stress at the same time

  84. Hi All,

    We had our first IUI October 2015 with no help other than Clomid, this IUI resulted in a PUL (pregnancy of unknown location). We then tried again May 2016 which resulted in no pregnancy, I feel the timing may have been off. My concern is June 29th we did our 3rd round of IUI this time using Ovidrel. I figured the first round worked without it so if we use it then we have a higher chance. I also confirmed ovulation with bloodwork and an ultrasound. I was instructed to take the Ovidrel before 10 pm the day before the IUI which was at 10 am. We ended up doing the Ovidrel around 630 pm. To my surprise 13 days after the IU, I started bleeding which led to a 5 day period. So frustrating!

    I’m just curious why this may not have worked, Ovidrel taken too soon? We obviously can get pregnant based off our first try.

    1. Author

      Hi Amber! It’s not Ovidrel itself that increases your chances. Ovidrel’s value is that it allows you to predict when you’re going to ovulate and time the intercourse or IUI accordingly. It can also lead to the release of multiple eggs, upping your chances that way. However, it’s important to remember that overall, the chances of conceiving via timed intercourse or IUI are typically 15-25%, so statistically speaking, only 1 in 4-5 cycles will end in pregnancy. Your own chances are highly dependent on your personal medical history as well as your partner’s, but it’s still most likely that you won’t get a positive result with every cycle. The fact that you were able to get pregnant the first time is indeed a good sign, but since this is your second failed cycle, you may want to talk with your doctor about potential changes to the protocol (e.g. switching from Clomid to Femara/injectables, doing a 2-day IUI treatment cycle, etc.) to increase your chances.

  85. Hi All… So I have had a BFP this morning…! I should be overwhelmingly happy but I’m worried now about risk of miscarriage! I want this little nugget to stay safe. Is there anything I can do to help it? And is my test definitely accurate ? There is no way the trigger hormone is still in my body?

    1. Author

      Congratulations, I’m so happy to hear that! Ask your doctor if you can get an hCG beta test to confirm. If not, take a home pregnancy test again in a day or two just to be sure. It’s totally normal to feel anxious after a BFP, especially with a history of a prior miscarriage. Talk to your doctor about your concerns – depending on your situation, s/he may want to prescribe progesterone supplements for you to take during the first trimester.

  86. Taking my HPT tomorrow morning. So incredibly nervous. Have been so emotional, so low, sore tummy, sore nipples, cramping, bloating… It’s going to be soul destroying if it’s a BFN. How do I keep my spirits up?

  87. I’m 34 years old and have a female partner and we are on our 2nd IUI cycle, on both occasions I started spotting the before the blood test (today being the latest). I have been reading all your comments and I have the best help at my clinic but I don’t understand what is going wrong. My gyny said ” I wish all my patients were like you”… I have been searching for answers though numerous websites and my profile appears to be ideal. I ate extremely well, drunk the right things no alcohol or caffeine. I just cannot understand any of it. I am heart broken! Please help me!

    1. Author

      I had the exact same issue – getting my period a few days before the blood test. It turned out to be a short luteal phase. On your next cycle, ask to have your progesterone levels checked after ovulation (aka ‘the day 21 blood test’). At first my doctor wasn’t willing to acknowledge my self diagnosis, but eventually I was prescribed progesterone suppositories and they really helped.

  88. Thank you so much for your response – really put my mind at ease… just two more days to wait. I am impatient at the best of times and generally want answers right away so this is tough going for me. Just a quick question, is there anything I should have been doing differently during the two week wait? I normally run 2 or 3 times a week (just 5k) and do spinning classes and lots of exercise – during these two weeks I have eaten a ridiculous amount of food, done no exercise and generally felt very lethargic – I normally use exercise as a way of relieving stress but have been worried to do so. Also – silly questions but are there any foods/activities that may hinder the implantation? and would that have happened by now? I am 12 days post trigger.

    Thank you for being my little fertility angel keeping my mind steady and calm!

    1. Author

      You’re welcome, I’m so glad I could help! Opinions differ about exercise during the two week wait, but my approach is: everything in moderation. I think it’s okay to work out (especially if it helps you relax and relieve some of the stress), but not overdo it. So you may want to replace running and spinning with more low-impact activities like walking and yoga. Same goes for food – eat a well-balanced diet that makes you feel good.

      Implantation typically happens 7 to 10 days after ovulation, so now (or one of the past few days) is pretty much the time that it’s happening if this cycle worked. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it has!

  89. Hi the Modern Belly – Im quite upset and confued by my doctors instructions; I was told to take the trigger injection at circa 6pm on last Friday evening – he then told us not to have sex until the following evening (Saturday night) – we hadn’t had sex the week leading up to the injection as my husband was away. So we had sex on Saturday evening at 7pm (25 hours after injection) and then again Sunday morning and Sunday night. We are quite upset as having done lots of reading it looks as though we should have had sex the night of the injection so as to ensure there was sperm waiting for the egg. I am now on day 10 after trigger and this wait is KILLING me. I am so over emotional, wanting to cry the whole time, no real signs of pregnancy (have been pregnant before but lost it at 8 weeks – I had nausea within 2 weeks of pregnancy and very sore and swollen breasts) – no signs other than highly emotional. Presume I am not pregnant? When should I expect my period if I am not?

    Thank you !

    1. Author

      Hi Helen – Please don’t be upset. This process is so emotional, and I’m sure that having had a miscarriage would make anyone even more anxious. However, rest assured that your doctors advice is not out of the ordinary. Remember that ovulation happens 24-36 hours after the injection, so by having sex on Saturday night you probably did make sure there’s sperm in the system when the egg is being released. In fact, many doctors recommend to abstain from sex on the day of the injection (and often the prior day too) to ensure that there’s plenty of high-quality sperm available when the couple is having sex or an IUI around ovulation time. I really hope that everything worked and you’ll find out you’re pregnant soon. If you’re not, you should expect to get your period approximately two weeks post ovulation, give or take a few days (so sometime within the next week or so). Good luck!

  90. Hi. My name is Samantha and im from Boston. So i went in for blood work and ultrasound at 730a. My doctor email me round 330pm want me to take the trigger shot and have sex……..But round 11am my boyfriend and i had sex. Im taking the shot round 11pm (instead between 6pm-8pm) when i get off work. What should i do? My IUI is this Thursday 7/7 at 12noon. I dont want to risk any chances on Thursday if my boyfriend count is low.

    1. Author

      Yes, if you’ve already had sex today I think it’s probably better not to have sex again. Call the doctor tomorrow just in case to confirm he’s okay with you waiting out until the IUI, but I would certainly avoid sex today.

      1. Okay. My boyfriend and i going to hold off sex til out IUI on Thursday afternoon. Thank you.

    1. Author

      This could be so many things – from ovulation pain to ovarian over stimulation to just gas. I don’t have enough information to tell. If it continues, you should call your doctor.

  91. Thank you so much for your response. After reading your article and doing a little research, I am still a little nervous that I might miss the right time. My cycle is usually 25 days in length. According to my ovulation app, I should ovulate on July 11th. I realize that apps are not the most accurate and I don’t want to be the type of patient that calls about every little thing. Would you recommend calling to discuss this with my doctor or just waiting to see? Again, thank you for your help!

    1. Author

      I think you should never be too uncomfortable or embarrassed to call your doctor if something worries you! If you have any reason to believe CD12 might be too late – which you do – you should certainly call and discuss this. You know your body best, and if you wait to see and the cycle ends up not working out, you’ll regret not calling. Go for it.

  92. Hello. Thank you for your article, it has been very helpful as I have started this journey. I am in my first round of taking Femara followed by ovidrel and an iui. My 5th day of the Femara is Wednesday, July 6th (day 7 of my cycle) and my ultrasound is scheduled for Monday July 11th (day 12 of my cycle). Is that too long to wait? I read in a couple of your comments that the ultrasound is usually scheduled on days 7-10. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Day 12 should be before ovulation, so you’re in the safe zone. When and how frequently you’ll be monitored depends on your doctor, your medical history and the strength of your medication (Femara and Clomid are considered pretty low-strength). You want the first post-fertility drugs ultrasound to happen early enough for your doctor to “catch” the follicles when they’re the right size (usually 18-20mm) to administer the Ovidrel. CD12 should typically be early enough for that.

  93. It’s been a week since I ovulated, I don’t know what to expect I’m scared to test because I was only able to have Sex 1 time during the ovulation 🙁

    1. Author

      I hope one time is all you needed! Testing now is too early though, because the Ovidrel might still be in your system. I know it’s really hard to wait, but you should give it another week before you test. Good luck!

  94. I took my ovidrel shot tonight Thu at 6:30pm. My dr told me to have intercourse Sat & Sun, but I’m reading it should be within 24-36 hours. When are the best time(s)?

    1. Author

      IUIs are often 36 hours after the shot, so Saturday morning would be great (or late night Friday if that’s more convenient). Then again about 24 hours later. So pretty much what your doctor advised.

  95. Hi I just did my first trigger shot today at 8:45, the nurse told me I had a mature egg on my right ovary today…I work midnight so it’s gonna be hard for me to have sex at night 🙁 hoping for the best 🙂

    1. Author

      Good luck! Having sex the following day is also great.

  96. Does the angle of the needle affect results? Ovidrel injection was in lower abdomen, but I made my husband give me the shot because I’m a bit of a needle freak. I realized he had the needle pointed up a little (towards my head) instead of a 90 degree angle or pointed down towards my feet. I was pinching the skin. May be a silly question, but does the angle matter?

  97. Hi, I’m pretty nervous. Just had my ovidril shot today 6/17 @ 9:30 am. I go for my IUI tomorrow morning. This is our 3rd time on clomid and second IUI. I’m wondering if it’s too early for IUI. Should it be done later? Just want this time to work.

    1. Author

      24 hours is on the short side, but within the window of opportunity. If you ovulate after the IUI, the sperm should be there waiting for your eggs. If this IUI doesn’t work out either, discuss with your doctor whether it would make sense to try something other than Clomid (Letrozole/Femara or injectables work better for some women).

  98. Just sharing some info. Google Freedom Pharmacy. They are strictly a fertility pharmacy and deliver your meds to you home. My Ovidrel injection was only $99 cash AND they mailed me a rebate form to send in. (not sure how much it will be worth though) Definitely worth looking into ladies! Good luck to you all!

  99. Hi Modern Belly, I had my ovidrel shot @ 6pm 6/6/2016, and out of curiosity I checked on my dollar tree test this afternoon. It was clear two lines. Could it be the trigger shot? It’s hard not to keep my hope ups. I had a BFP with my son at 9DPT on my first cylce with letrozole. Thanks 🙂

    1. Author

      It’s only 7 days post-injection, so the Ovidrel could certainly still be in your system. I think you should give it another week and test again – hopefully it will be positive again!

  100. Hi all,

    I just saw your comments and I am find it really helpful as I am currently going through the same exact thing.

    I took Ovidrel shot on the 28th May till today the 12th of June still no period yet (16days) I have all the effects and my boobs are swollen really bad!!! 🙁 I always had my breasts swollen and they used hurt but this time 2 days after taking the shot I was feeling all the normal ovulation side effect but quite stronger. What I also noticed is that I got constipated on the first week.

    Now my question is should I be taking a HPT or is it too early as I said my shot was 16days ago

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Author

      You sure can take a pregnancy test at this point. The Ovidrel should be out of your system within two weeks, so you can go ahead and test. Good luck!

      1. Thanks a lot I am currently on day 19 today past trigger and I did the test yesterday resulting in a BFN and this night I was woken up by period pain although it hasn’t shown yet 🙁 but no worries we have to stay positive and try next time 🙂

        1. Author

          I’m sorry to hear that, but I love your positive attitude! Keeping my fingers crossed for your next cycle.

  101. So in this grey area – time, if you get a negative, then is there no chance you are pregnant?

    1. Author

      Not necessarily. What if most of the Ovidrel is out of your system, and your hormone levels aren’t high enough yet? I know it’s really difficult to wait (im)patiently, but I really believe it’s best to not test until the full two weeks have passed. The results in the ‘grey area time’ are not definitive enough and are bound to drive you crazy with ‘what ifs’ regardless of what they are.

  102. I have a question. I had ovidrel cd 12 last Thursday around 4pm. I was told to have intercourse the following day and three days following (Friday-Monday). Things didn’t go as planned and we had intercourse around 7pm Saturday, over 48 hours after trigger. Then again late Tuesday night. Did we mess it up this month?

  103. This month, I took clomid 100 then the trigger shot 250mg 0.5 ml on 5th of may after an ultrasound and having over 5 eggs that the size of one of them 20 and another one was 16.8 . I followed all the Dr. recommendations , yet I had so many pregnancy test since day 3 of the injection that all of them negative. I know that the ovedral injection have the pregnancy hormone and it should shown positive in the pregnancy test at least till day 11. So why there are no sign of it in my tests? also I had a vaginal ultrasound yesterday also show nothing!

    1. Author

      Less than a week in, it’s too early to say anything one way or another. The two week wait is so hard, I know, but waiting is really the best thing you can do at this point.

      1. I start testing with home prgnency after 3 days of the injection to know wither the hormone from the injection works right . I know that it should last in my body at least for 11 days ,during that time I should have a positive pregnancy test (because of the hormone from the injection) ,yet I was having negative result since .In fact, I’m afraid that there were something wrong with the injection or with the dosage other wise why there were no sign of the injection in my body. Is this normal?

        1. Author

          I think you should bring it up with your doctor. I would have expected the test to be positive shortly after the injection because the hCG should still be in your body, even if you have extremely fast metabolism. It doesn’t necessarily mean something was wrong with the Ovidrel, but I do think it’s worth having a doctor take a closer look.

          1. Thanx, I saw the doctor today and she did an ultrasound and she found an ovary cyst ,I know this is sometimes one of the side effects of both clomid and the trigger shot, she gave me birth control bills as a therapy. Please tell me is the cyst normal and the medicine will help ? Im afraid that it could be an excuse to keep coming back for ultrasounds , blood works, office visits, and medicines especially Im buying out of my pocket to this doctor’s office.

  104. I had my first IUI treatment and I’m not sure how all of this works. I used Gonal-f injections and then as instructed I injected the Ovidrel on 4/26 at 10pm. On 4/27 had the first IUI and the 2nd again on 4/28. My follicles seemed okay but my dr has a hard time seeing some of mine. All bw up to this point has been good and I’m supposed to go in on 5/12 for the pg bw test. I had a lot of bloating for several days and some mild cramping along with tender breasts. Today is 10 dp IUI and I started bleeding. It’s red and much more than spotting but not heavy like a full period. This is very early for me to get my period as I have a longer cycle and would not normally be due for almost another 2 weeks. Could this still be implantation bleeding or could my period be really early maybe due to the meds? I’m really confused.

  105. Hello – I took my trigger shot yesterday (Wednesday) at 1pm. We had intercourse last night (Wednesday) and tonight (Thursday). Should we try again tomorrow (Friday)? My husband will get home around 9pm. Thank you!

    1. Author

      Sorry for the delay! The most important thing is that you had intercourse on Thursday (within the 24-36 hours period post injection). An extra time on Friday is good as an insurance policy.

  106. Hello,
    I have secondary infertility and I just had my first round of Clomid CD 3-7 . CD 11 I had 3 mature eggs and 1 that wasn’t big enough; I also had the trigger that day to guarantee an ovulation window. I am now in the 2 week waiting period. I was just wondering if others had experienced a full bloating / menstruating sensation on one side ? I’m also wanting to know how many people have had success with one cycle?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Author

      The symptoms of menstruation, pregnancy and plain fertility treatment hormones are so much alike, it’s quite frustrating. It’s totally normal to feel those during the 2 week waiting period.

  107. Hi, we are on our second round of clomid and just took my trigger shot today at 4pm. I know that Drs say have sex 24-36 after the shot? So, try tomorrow night (Tues). And probably again on Wed? Thanks…I think the stress shrinks my brain!

  108. Hi,
    I had my shot on Wednesday at 1pm. We were unable to try that night but we did on the Thursday evening and Friday evening.

    Do I need to still try tonight?

  109. I took an ovidrell shot 14 days ago at 730 PM, I took a home pregnancy test yesterday morning and it was positive, took one today and is still positive, although slightly fainter (or is it my mind?).. Is this a true positive or is the shot still in my system?

    1. Author

      By 14 days, the Ovidrel should be out of your system, so I’d cautiously say you’re probably pregnant. Congratulations!

  110. Thank you for all your info. Cd 11, ultrasound found 2 mature follicles 20 and 21mm, so Ovidril around 11am. Next day cd12 iui#1, DH 139 million count. Curious..How do you know if you ovulate with ovidrel?

    1. Author

      I never had patience for this, but you can track your basal body temperature (BBT) throughout you cycle and this will help you pinpoint ovulation.

  111. I am vert confused. I had my ovidrel trigger shot on 6pm, and had iui the following day at 12:30pm with donor sperm, some 20 hrs afters the trigger. Every where I read, it says you should wait at least 24 hours after the trigger to have IUI or even 36 hours. Why would by nurse and doctor have me do the iui so early…. I feel like this procedure has been a total waste of time, as the sperm would be dead by the time I ovulated… Is there any chance I could have ovulated earlier ?

  112. I just wanted to mention it pays to shop around since insurance doesn’t cover this. I had pharmacies quoting as high as $300. I found a Walgreen’s that has them for $95!

  113. I have PCOS and try. Took my Clomid 50mg cd3 through cd7 and going in tomorrow for my ultrasound to check for mature follicles/eggs. Hopefully I will be good to do my Ovidrel and we can make a baby this month! I’m so new to all this not quite sure how it works but feeling hopeful.

  114. I have a question, I was trying to find out if it matters that I accidentally gave my injection 4 inches from my belly button instead of 2 inches? Not sure if it makes a big difference but I was just a little nervous if it would change anything.

    1. Author

      As long as you injected into an area where there’s still belly fat, I wouldn’t think that would make a huge difference.

  115. Good day everyone,so today is my 10th days post my iui and since Friday 4/1/16 I have been feeling with a lot of period cramps and feeling very sleepy.I wanna know would it still be to early to take a pregnancy test?

    1. Author

      This is within the “gray area” period. If you really want to be sure that the injection hCG is out of your body, wait 14 days from the time you injected (so 12-13 days post IUI).

  116. hi! I just finished taking my fertility pills yesterday. That was Friday. I go in to see my dr on Monday and he will let me know if I need to do my trigger shot. My question is: Will waiting 3 days after finishing the fertility pills and then getting the trigger shot 3 days later mess up this cycle? I am seeing that many other people finish their pills and then go in the next day or 2 and get the trigger shot. Thanks

    1. Author

      Which pills are you taking? Most women take Clomid, Femara, etc. on days 3-7 or 5-9, and then they have another 7-10 days (give or take) before their follicles are mature enough for the trigger shot to be given. Are you being monitored? This way there’s no guessing and your doctor can pinpoint the best time to give the shot.

  117. Hello, I just finished up my 4th dose of clomid 100mg and recieved the trigger shot monday at 845am after my ultrasound. Dr said to do it monday and today and to stop. We didnt do it monday because we did it sunday night, but we did it this morning. Would you suggest to stop doing it as well? Today is 16cd. The past cycles I believe I messed up because we did every day and not every other day.

    1. Author

      The benefit of the ‘every other day’ approach is that it gives your husband’s body more time to build the sperm supply again. This can be especially useful in cases of lower sperm counts. However, many doctors recommend to have intercourse on the day of the injection and the day after, so you should not feel bad about having sex every day in your previous cycles! As for stopping, some recent studies suggest that intercourse around the time of implantation might lower the probability of achieving a pregnancy, so to be on the safe side, it’s probably wise to avoid sex in the period extending from 5 to 9 days after ovulation.

  118. Thanks for the response…
    We are here in clinic today for blood test.
    Keeping fingers crossed and with hope.


  119. adding to above post l.
    I had multi follicles but only one matured,.. 2.4 follicole this cycle.

    We had intercourse before the shot and on the same day, after the shot(16cd) and on 18Cd.

  120. Hi There,

    I usually had 26-27 day cycle and this cycle on clomid day 3-5 and taken ovadrel shot on cd16(usually I ovulate on 13-15 day) had lower abdomen pain on 17-18 day (12th March – 13th March). Felt gassy on 22 nd March, bit lite gassy yesterday and today. On 23rd March night I found discharge lite white in color bit sticky…. And found brown thread like spotting first on 24th March morning (cd29), same on afternoon, evening and again today but not increased, today is my cd30 and 14th day after shot.. I usually pain in my tighs on the periods and few days before too and tight breast. Having tight breast from last week and frequent urination observed today… My RE requested presence test on 27 th March.. Are these good signs

    1. Author

      It’s so hard to tell, because the early symptoms of pregnancy are so similar to the early symptoms of getting your period. I’m afraid you won’t know for sure until you take a pregnancy test. The good news is that if today is cd30, it means you’re 14 days away from the Ovidrel shot, so if you want, you can already start taking home pregnancy tests.

    2. Gm everyone ,today is my 7th day post my iui and feeling cramping and my breast are feeling sore… it’s feeling like I normally get when I’m about to get my period. Is this a good sign ? I’m starting to think maybe it didn’t work me😞Good luck to everyone else!

      1. Adding to the above post. I got so anxious that I went ahead and took a pregnancy test. And it was negative. Now I’m really feeling like it might not of worked me. Even though I have some hope cause it might be too early to tell. Crossing my fingers for positive result.

  121. Hello my name is Lissette I had my ovidrel shot today at 10am. And I’m going in tomorrow for my iui at 8am. I was reading that the medication start working 24 to 36 hours after. Would I still be ok?

    1. Author

      This is a little on the early side, but not unheard of. Is the actual IUI starting at 8am or is that when your significant other is giving his sperm sample?

      1. My husband will be giving his sperm sample at 7am. And the nurse told me we would have to wait 90mins for iui. Now I’m a little concern if is to early for the iui?

        1. Author

          Sperm typically survives in the body between 1-5 days (depending on who you ask), so even if the IUI is a little early, your husband’s sperm should be ‘waiting’ for you to ovulate. I understand your concern, though – is there any way the clinic would be willing to start the process a little later, so there’s at least 24 hours between the shot and the IUI?

          1. Thanks for your response. I will ask the nurse tomorrow . Keeping my finger crossed?

          2. So we went today for my iui. My doctor said I had 1 mature follicle on my left ovary. And my husband sperm was excellent. Are you my chances to become pregnant low?

          3. Author

            I don’t know all the details of your situation, but here’s how I’m thinking about it: with good sperm and a good follicle, and assuming no other issues, your chances should be at least as good as those of a fertile couple on a regular cycle. Also, remember that IUI carries pretty much the highest risk of multiple gestation, so you don’t want to release too many eggs anyway.

  122. Took my trigger shot last night. Did not hurt at all. Woke up this morning with just some abdominal pressure and nausea waves. Anything else I should expect?

    1. Author

      Typically, it’s injected into the belly (about 2 inches away from the belly button). Pinch an inch and inject into the fat tissue. You can take a look at step 7 in this photo guide to see what you’re supposed to do.

  123. Took clomid 150 cd 3 to cd 7. Triggered tonight with ovidrel. One right follicle at almost 30mm and a few on the left. 4th iui.. 1 ectopic pregnancy. . Sprinkling baby dust to all. Have faith and believe.

  124. Hello everyone. Recently I was given Clomid at 50 mg for 5 days. I took it cd5 to cd9; went to see md at cd 11 and showed one potential egg on my right ovary while my left had some but not strong enough as the dr said and for me to come back the next night for HCG trigger shot. I returned following night; showed there was a 2nd egg that was good also on my right ovary. I was given the trigger shot around 7pm that Wednesday night and instructed to DTD Thursday morning and night and Friday morning and night. DH and I were able to do Thursday and Friday morning but unable to do Thursday and not sure if we will be able to do Friday night. Will this affect or ruin my chances of getting pregnant?

    1. Author

      Once a day is not bad at all. In fact, that’s exactly what my doctor recommended. It gives your husband’s sperm some time to replenish. You can also have intercourse on Saturday to cover all your bases.

  125. Hi I have done taken my ovidrel shot on 3rd February and iui done on 4th February with one mature follicle on my right ovary. I am having lower back and abdominal pain for last three days that is 4dpiui can you help me out what it can be

    1. Author

      I know this is not the answer you want to hear, but unfortunately, at this stage it’s hard to tell what the pain may be. 4diui is simply too early to determine anything. If the pain is severe or simply doesn’t feel right, make sure to contact your doctor to make sure it’s not OHSS. Otherwise, ‘wait and see’ is probably your best strategy.

  126. At 21cd i had 1 at 22mm. But it didn’t take again this month. Next month it’s Clomid and Ovidrel and now adding GonalF to it. We will see what happens next.

  127. Blood test came back neg but i figured it would since it was only 10 days since ovrdreil shot which is out of my system. They said it was still early to tell to take a test at home this wkend. (this was Tuesday). Im just confused how if i stiumulated so much how did i not have atleast one egg fertilize out of so many? Is it possible now fornmy harmones to b out of wack bc my boobs r starting to bothering me as of day 12?

  128. So i had to go to dr yesterday bc my stomach swelling and shortness of breath and i over hyperstimuated:(( im ab to do blood work this morning to confirm if im preg. Dr prefers me not to b bc ill get more sick. If im not then IVF is only other route.im so upset.
    Thank you again for help i wont be bugging u anymore.

    1. Author

      I’m so sorry it turned out to be OHSS! I hope everything will turn out for the best. Feel free to stop by any time you’d like!

      1. Great blog. I did trigger shot and didn’t flow instructions like I should have, with the prometrium. I accidentally took prometrium the same night as ovidrel. Is that going to mess everything up!??

        1. Author

          Unfortunately, by taking Prometrium before ovulation you do run the risk of misleading your body into thinking you’ve already ovulated. You should call your doctor to explain what happened and get advice about next steps.

  129. Hey! So today is 8 days since ive had trigger shot. Is it normal to experience my ovaries being tender which i notice today. Emotional crying like a drop of a hat .lower back pain. And stomach feeling bloated and tired. Having pcos and taking femera prob causong these? This time next week i get to take a test.i was wondering after seeing other response why they didnt have me come back in to check proestrogen.levels.? Im assuming since my ultrasound showed 2-3 matured follicles and and thick lining of utuerus is why.?

    Thank u for ur feed back it helps me get through this

    1. Author

      Everything you describe sounds like normal side effects of the treatments. I hope these symptoms are signaling that you’re pregnant, but unfortunately they could just as well mean that your period is getting near. Gotta love that dreaded two week wait… Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

      As for the progesterone test, a lot of doctors (mine included) don’t order it unless there’s a reason to think something may be wrong, such as a short luteal phase. If you don’t know of any such reason, then it’s probably not necessary at this point.

  130. I received the trigger shot on Feb 14. Had sex on both Feb 13 and 15. On Feb 17 and 18 I was spotting and called the dr who explained this is normal and not to worry.
    Since then i have been experiencing extreme discomfort and pain in my stomach. Now today Feb 26 I woke up this morning and went to the bathroom to see bright red blood. Is this something that I should be concerned with?

    1. Author

      Sounds like you might have gotten your period. 12 days post-injection is a bit on the short side, but that’s how long it used to take me to get my period on failed cycles. Did the bleeding continue?

  131. Thank you for your respond. So it is not normal for such thing to happen? I couldn’t reach my doctor so I talked to the nurse and she told me that the delay could happen and i am suppose to wait until the beginning of March to do the blood test. Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me!!

    1. Author

      This seems like a long period of time to me, but your clinic is of course much more familiar with the particulars of your situation. March is right around the corner, so you can probably wait to test until then, but keep asking them questions and make sure that they clarify what could cause this delay.

  132. Okay, I’m wondering my progesterone level was 0.6 at cd21 3rd round of clomid. they had me trigger on cd22. I’m scheduled to start AF on cd28 how will this effect my cycle

    1. Author

      If you’re concerned about your progesterone levels, check with your doctor whether they can test again 6-8 days after the trigger (what’s known as the ‘day 21 test’, though in your case it will be later because ovulation only happened on CD23 or CD24). This will indicate whether you ovulated and whether you need a boost in the form of progesterone supplements.

  133. When should expect my period after the enjection? I took the enjection on Feb 1st and still haven’t got my period. I am not pregnant because we couldn’t have sex

    1. Author

      A normal luteal phase (the part of the menstrual cycle that comes after ovulation) is two weeks, give or take a few days. If it’s already been three and a half weeks since the injection and you still haven’t gotten your period or a positive pregnancy test, you should reach out to your doctor and explore what could be causing the delay.

  134. Oh i meant to ask its ok to ovulate late right? Makes me nervous for conceiving but dr hasnt said anything ab it. So many things online said.My concern is miscarriage too?

  135. Thank you for your feed back:). One more thing! Is it normal after taking trigger shot to experience during amd after intercourse cramps? Last nite which was ab 36 hours into shot i experiences that. This morning my ovaries seem sore? I guess ill call dr just incase.

      1. Dr said same thing! Since i havent had a true ovualtion im not use to it!. I will take a test march 5 since overdreil shot takes 14 days to get out of system. Dr also confirmed having 2 -3 really mature healthy follicles.trying not to get hoped up! My pain has subsided since yesterday so just alil sore today so i guese thats normal?

        1. Author

          Totally normal. All you can do now is wait patiently (which is really hard to do, I know!) and hopefully you’ll get good news once you take the test. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  136. I took trigger shot yesterday morning had intercourse right after again this morning. I have two mature follicles one is 23mm. And lining of uterus is thick enough for implantation dr said. So do i have really good chance of conceiving. I finished my second round of femera??

    1. Author

      You certainly have a lot going for you, but it’s really hard to tell what your chances are. So many things are involved – from the number of follicles and the thickness of the lining to the quality of the sperm, your LH levels, your progesterone levels and more. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you. Hopefully this is indeed the month that you’ll conceive!

  137. The pharmacy told me to inject ovidrel in/on my butt cheek because there is more tissue. Everything I am reading, people are staying stomach or leg… What is the difference and did we screw up this month by injecting in the buttox? Thanks

    1. Author

      When you inject in the stomach, you inject into fat, whereas when you inject in the butt, you inject into muscle. I believe the reason the stomach is the recommended site of injection is that the absorption there is relatively fast. I’ve heard of people who injected into the gluteal muscle (i.e. the buttocks), so I don’t think you screwed up, but you may want to call your doctor to confirm. If you need another injection next month, switch over to the abdominal area.

      1. My ovaries were very swollen and tender/sore Saturday and Sunday, so hopefully it worked. Thanks again for your response!

  138. Hello I took my trigger on 18 Feb 16 at 9:50 am and had my iui on 19 Feb 16 at 1:30. Did I do my iui to soon?

    1. Author

      Ovulation typically happens 24-36 hours after the Ovidrel injection, and your IUI was within this time frame, so it’s not too soon. Some doctors like to schedule IUIs for earlier within this window of opportunity and some like to schedule it for later. Remember that sperm can last up to five days in your body, so even if the IUI happened before you ovulated you should still be fine. If you can, have sex today too, to add an extra boost to your chances of conceiving.

  139. If you’re planning on having intercourse at night time, when would be the best time of day to give injection? Thanks.

    1. Author

      Your doctor should be able to recommend the best time to give the Ovidrel injection based on follicle maturity, so make sure to consult with your clinic if you haven’t already. Typically, the ideal time to have intercourse would be approximately 36 hours after the injection, so if you’re planning to have intercourse at night time, you’d want to give the injection the day before, in the morning.

  140. I took an shot on Thursday and have been experiencing some stomach pain and what feels like cramping. Is it okay to take Advil to help with the pain?

    1. Author

      There have been some studies that suggest that Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, etc.) and other NSAIDs may interfere with ovulation, so you’re probably better off with Tylenol. To be on the safe side, though, call your doctor to confirm.

  141. I had my ovidrel shot yesterday (Monday) around 2pm but were unable to have sex.
    Have I missed my window of opportunity?

    1. Author

      Hi Jess – If you’re able to have sex tonight (Tuesday), you should still be within your window of opportunity. In fact, many fertility clinics schedule IUIs for approximately 36 hours after the shot, as they consider this to be the ideal timing for post-trigger insemination. You should also try to squeeze in another round of intercourse tomorrow because (depending on when you ovulated) the egg may still be viable at that point.

  142. I took the ovidrel shot around 6pm last night something happened and we were unable to have sex but plan to in the morning did I juse waist my shot? Thank you

    1. Author

      You did not miss your shot! The egg is released about 24-36 after the shot, so the best time to have sex would be tomorrow morning (that’s when they probably would have scheduled your IUI if you had one) or tonight. Also, keep in mind that the egg is typically viable for around 24 hours, so you’d probably want to have intercourse again tomorrow night or the following morning to cover all your bases.

  143. Ovidrel was priced at $380 at one pharmacy I went to. I went to another pharmacy my Dr recommended and it was $186. So check prices before buying, if insurance won’t pay.

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