High beta levels and twins - what your hCG beta test results may be revealing

Do High Beta hCG Levels Mean You’re Having Twins?

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Do High Beta hCG Levels Mean You’re Having Twins? The short answer is no, the long answer is “it’s complicated”

If you’ve gone through fertility treatments, you’ve probably also experienced the beta test – the pregnancy blood test administered in the RE office approximately two weeks after ovulation/transfer to confirm whether or not you’re pregnant. The test detects the levels of the hormone hCG in your body, and is usually repeated after 2-3 days to check how quickly the hCG levels double. Here’s a great resource to learn more about the test.

My body didn’t typically wait for my scheduled beta test – a short luteal phase meant that my period usually came early and delivered the bad news in red scarlet letters. So when for once it was time for the beta test and I didn’t get my period yet, I was relieved, but I didn’t dare hope. When the nurse called in to say that my pregnancy blood test came back positive, I was in such a state of disbelief and excitement that I almost forgot to ask what my beta hCG level was. She said it was 600 and that it was a great number for 15 days post ovulation. I was happy.

Two days later, I came in for my second beta test, and this time my beta hCG levels were a whopping 1,600. “You’re very pregnant”, said the nurse, and I started asking myself: what could ‘very pregnant’ possibly mean? That’s when I started researching and found that my levels were high. Knowing that I was at a high risk of multiple pregnancy, I couldn’t help but wonder whether my high beta hCG levels meant that more than one embryo implanted in my womb. A quick Google search taught me that I’m not the only one asking this question.

Positive Beta Test Results Can Only Confirm That You’re Pregnant

Here’s the short answer to my question: beta hCG levels are only indicative of whether or not you’re pregnant, not how many embryos you are carrying. Beta levels of more than 5-10 at two weeks post ovulation mean that you’re pregnant, though low levels might indicate an ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage. Once the beta test confirmed you’re pregnant, though, it’s pretty much run its course. To know how many babies you’re having, you’ll need to wait until you get an ultrasound.

This is where we get into the gray area of probability, though. Yes, to know for sure whether you’re having one, two or more babies, you need an ultrasound. But what if you just wanted to get a sense of how likely you are to be having more than one? Clearly, when the nurse said I was very pregnant she suspected something was going on (spoiler: she was right, I had twins…).

So, I decided to geek out and try to get a better sense of the relationship between high beta hCG levels and twins or more. To do that, I used the fantastic resource called Betabase, a site that women have been updating with their beta test results and pregnancy information since 2004, and now has more than 100,000 pregnancies documented. A word of caution before I delve into the interesting results: the data in Betabase isn’t really representative of the overall population. For example, while twins are just 3.33% of all babies born in the US, about a third of the pregnancies in Betabase are of twins. I believe this is because women who get their beta test results at early stages (Betabase documents results from 10 days post ovulation) are almost always women who had fertility treatments and are therefore more likely to have multiples. I’m also assuming that women with high beta hCG levels were more likely to try to find out what their beta result means, find the site and log their information, which means high values are probably overrepresented. In other words, Betabase probably overstates the occurrence of high beta hCG levels and of multiple gestations. This means that you should take my findings with a grain of salt, but I think it’s safe to say that they are, at the very least, directionally accurate. And here’s the biggest takeaway:

Higher Beta hCG Levels are Correlated with Higher Occurrence of Twins and High-Order Multiples

I looked at the data two ways. First, I analyzed the median beta hCG score for each type of pregnancy (singleton, twins, high-order multiple), day by day. This means that half the pregnancies in the category had higher beta hCG levels and half had lower beta hCG levels.

Median beta hCG levels if you're having a singleton, twins or triplets

Median hCG Levels for Singleton, Twin and High-Order Multiples Pregnancy

As you can see in the graph, the median beta level was always higher the more babies a woman carried. However, medians don’t really tell the whole story, because each individual test result can fall above or below that mid-point. There was, in fact, quite a bit of overlap between the different categories. For example, on 14 days post ovulation, the most popular time for women undergoing infertility treatments to take the beta hCG test for the first time, hCG levels for singletons ranged from 9 to 1,666, hCG levels for twins ranged from 17 to 8,270, and hCG levels for high-order multiples ranged between 54 and 971. So if, for example, you have a beta result of 400, your result falls into the range of each type of pregnancy. You have no way of knowing whether you have a high result for a singleton or a more average result for twins, so you’re left with as many questions as you’ve had when you started.

Prgenancy type by beta hCG levels at 14 days post ovulation - the higher your beta test results, the more likely you are to have twins

Pregnancy Type by Beta hCG Level at 14 Days Post Ovulation

That’s why I decided to dig deeper into the Betabase data to try and understand what the likelihood is of having each type of pregnancy based on one’s beta test results. Once again, I picked 14 DPO (or 9dp5dt / 11dp3dt for those having IVF) as my reference point, because I figured this would be most helpful to women in the infertility community. What I found was that the higher women’s beta levels were, the more likely they were to have more than one baby. Of the 1,535 pregnancies with 14 DPO beta numbers in Betabase, 59% were of singletons, 34% were of twins, and 7% were of triplets or more. However, when slicing the data by beta hCG levels, the distribution was quite different. For example, 93% of women with beta levels lower than 80 had singletons, compared to only 25% of women with beta levels between 300 and 600. As the graph shows, the occurrence of twins and triplets kept increasing as the beta hCG levels climbed up.

My takeaway from all this is simple: how you want to treat your hCG beta test results is all about how comfortable you feel with uncertainty. If you like black-and-white answers, know that your beta numbers are not indicative of how many babies you’re carrying. Only an ultrasound can give you a definitive answer. Typical ranges for hCG beta test results by pregnancy type (singleton and twins)However, if you feel comfortable spending the few weeks between the beta test and the ultrasound in the gray kingdom of uncertainty, you can use the table on the right as a very rough rule of thumb to help you understand whether your beta hCG levels falls within the “typical” range for singleton or twins (with “typical” being the range in which approximately 70-85% of test results are concentrated according to Betabase). There’s a lot of overlap between the two categories, so you could very well find yourself in both, but at least in my case, understanding these numbers helped prepare me for finding out I had twins when I finally got my ultrasound at eight weeks pregnant. Not that anything can really prepare you for that shock, but you know what I mean…

What were your beta hCG levels and what did you end up having? Did you fall within the “typical” range for your type of gestation?


  1. Hi! You helped me once before in the fall and guessed I had a singleton — you were correct! Unfortunately we lost that baby at 12 weeks.

    This go’round: 12 DPO 222. 14 DPO 567 and progesterone 70. (I know you don’t mention progesterone, and Betabase doesn’t log that either, but all my research indicates that 70 is high for so early on.)

    Any guesses?

  2. Hello!
    I am in the lovely 5 weeks pregnant wait for first ultrasound stage and just being curious! I came across your page and find it totally fascinating and just wondered your opinion. I had 1 grade AA frozen blastocyst transferred 1/2. My levels were-
    7dp5dt- 53
    13dp5dt- 1336 (0930am)
    15dp5dt- 3658 (0830am)
    These were higher then with my daughter. I had a fresh cycle over 4 years ago and at 13dp5dt my hcg was 625. I expected a number around that since my first was 53 at day 7. What are your thoughts??? Ultrasound 1/29. My doctor didn’t say anything about them being high, but when I said about the embryo splitting she replied “hopefully there is only 1 in there but it’ll be a blessing either way” lol Very true!!! I’m just excited to be pregnant again 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Melissa – Congrats on pregnancy #2! Your numbers are high, but not out of range for a singleton pregnancy. Same goes for your doubling times (30-32 hours), which are faster than typical but still possible for a singleton. So given the above and the fact that you transferred just one, I think it’s likely the embryo hasn’t split.

      1. Thanks so much for your response! I’m certain it’s one little babe, my hope is it’s a healthy strong one! Looking forward to our ultrasound <3

        Thanks again!

  3. Hi,
    My last period was on the 9th of December (as usual, I have them on the 9th of every month!) I took a pregnancy test on the 9th of Jan to find two clear lines and today (18 jan) a blood test with hcg results of 8 630 UI/I
    Could you tell me if they’re normal?
    Thank you in advance

    1. Author

      Hi Bianca – With a cycle of 30-31 days, I’ll assume you ovulated on day 16 of your cycle, which will make 01/18 25 days post ovulation for you. Your hCG level is totally within the singleton range for that point in time.

  4. we transferred 2 5 days blasts (A and B) on 12/23/17. My betas were 602 (10dp) and 1681 (12dp). I go in for the US today at 3pm! I am getting nervous because I am really hoping both stuck, one from each father (I am the GS). Of course we will be happy if there is one healthy baby in there but I like to shoot for the moon 🙂
    Thank you for this article!! I am fascinated by the beta ranges and outcome so it was a great read. Taken with a grain of salt.

  5. I had a positive home pregnancy test 10dpo (I tested out my trigger shot). My first beta at 14dpo was 269. My second beta at 18dpo was 2,070. My beta as 20dpo 6,259. What would you suggest based upon these numbers?

    1. Author

      Hi Kati – Your doubling time keeps getting faster (32.6 hours, then 30), which means your hCG levels keep getting closer to the higher end of the singleton range. While your numbers are still within range, it’s the increasingly fast doubling times that make me think you have a higher-than-usual likelihood of having twins.

  6. Hello! I love reading these comments and responses! I’m going in for a 7.5week ultrasound in 2 days. We completed a 3 embryo day 3 transfer and these were my beta results:
    15day Post HCG: 199
    18day Post HCG: 898
    25day Post HCG: 9125

    Hoping for twins or even triplets… this was our 5th IVF cycle but third transfer… was thrilled to hear positive this time around!


    1. Author

      Hi Coco – Congratulations on the positive result! I believe you’ve had your scan by now. Curious to know what it revealed!

  7. You are so sweet to reply to so many comments – do you think you could tell me what you think of my numbers? I feel like they are very high, and am out of my mind with worry that they are indicative of a molar or abnormal pregnancy. I’ve had two stillbirths in the past 18 months, and two miscarriages before that, and my heart just can’t take any more bad news!
    22 DPO: 9,449
    24 DPO: 16,916
    thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Elle – I’m so sorry to hear you’ve had to go through so much heartbreak, and I hope this pregnancy is going to be the positive experience you so deserve. I totally understand why you’d be so worried, but your numbers give me no reason to think there’s anything abnormal about them. They both on the high – yet normal – range of a singleton pregnancy. Your doubling time of approximately 57 hours is also within the typical range for this stage in the pregnancy. Your numbers could “qualify” you for both a singleton and twin pregnancy, which means you’ll have to wait for the ultrasound to have a better answer – I hope it’s coming up shortly so you don’t have to wait much longer to find out!

  8. Such a fun site! I enjoyed reading through all the numbers. I’m pregnant for the 7th time. Curious what you think about my numbers?

    15dpo- 1600
    Tested exactly 48 hours later
    17dpo- 4200


    1. Author

      7 is a lucky number – congratulations! The combination of your high numbers with the 34.5 hours doubling time makes me suspect you have twins in there…

  9. Hi Modern Belly,

    Will you take a guess and my levels to see if possible multiples?

    IUI done 12/23

    First beta test 12/29 was 24

    Second beta test 1/5 was 907

    Third beta test 1/8 was 7226

    What do you think???

    1. Author

      Hi Nicole – Your beta went from 907 to 7226 in 3 days?! That’s a 24 hour doubling time! If I calculated correctly, 1/8 would be 16dpo, and to be honest with you – your hCG level is way above any of the levels reported there for either singleton or multiple pregnancy. Are you sure the number is accurate?

  10. Hi, I thought I would see if you have any predictions for me. I had a faint positive hpt at 9DPO and also retested getting a positive on a digital. (I figure this means a minimum of 25 HCG and an absolute max of 100 given how faint the line was)
    I only had 1 blood draw on 13 DPO, which showed HCG of 780 and progesterone of 33. I am not taking any progesterone supplements.
    I am 41 and am currently breastfeeding my 17 month old twins. Was in the process of night weaning them when I fell pregnant. First set of twins was conceived by IVF, but I also have 2 older children I conceived naturally.

    I am going in for an early ultrasound next week. I never considered the possibility I could fall pregnant with twins naturally after needing to do IVF to get pregnant for #3 (&4). This ultrasound cannot come soon enough. My gut says twins, but I would be curious to hear what you think.

    1. Author

      Hi Alexa – 780 at 13dpo definitely makes me think twins. What did you find out when you had your scan?

  11. Hi! I am pretty sure (99.9%) that I conceived last month (Dec 15) which would put be at 5 weeks 5 days and had my blood drawn yesterday (5w4d). I received a call for schedule for an ultrasound in 2 weeks and she mentioned that my hcg levels were very high, at 90,411. This will be my 4th child and I’ve felt since the 20th of last month that I am for sure carrying twins! The home pregnancy test I took 12 days after conception came back immediately positive with a very dark line.

    1. Author

      Hi Allie – 5w4d is the equivalent of 25dpo, and 90,411 at that stage is indeed very high. Assuming you got your ovulation date right, this indeed suggest you may be carrying multiples. Good luck on your upcoming ultrasound!

  12. My beta at 15 days past ovulation was 2,231! And then two days later on 17 days past ovulation my beta number was 7,240. Do you think it could be multiples?

    1. Author

      Hi Katie – Indeed I do. The combination of very high hCG levels and fast doubling times (28 hours) tends to be the telltale sign of multiples.

      1. Turns out I had an ultrasound at 5 weeks 3 days due to severe cramping and there were 4 gestational sacs! FOUR! I go back in tomorrow at 7 weeks 1 day to check for heartbeats. Honestly unsure how I feel about quadruplets. Freaking out a bit!

        1. went back at 7 weeks 1 day and it’s actually 5! Quintuplets… all growing great and all with visible strong heartbeats. Not sure how the RE didn’t see 5 at the first ultrasound. We’re in shock.

          1. Author

            NO WAY!!! OMG, that’s crazy. You definitely win the award for the highest number of multiples ever to be posted on this site. How are you feeling? If you ever feel like it, I would love to connect and hear more about your journey.

    1. Hello! So here’s my HCG increases:
      11DPO- 7.9

      I was on clomid for 3 cycles and this was the first cycle off it.. I wouldn’t have thought twins if I didn’t read that clomid can linger in your system

      1. Author

        Hi Miranda – Your numbers are consistent with a singleton pregnancy, so I think it’s probably just one.

  13. It seems my first comment didn’t go through. It’s my first time posting on a website like this so I apologize if I submitted it incorrectly. I’m hoping you can give me your educated guess as to what my HCG levels might indicate.
    15 DPO: 621
    17 DPO: 2038
    21 DP0: “just over 8,000”
    I’m going in for an ultrasound on Thursday. Thanks for sharing your insight! I appreciate it!

    1. Author

      Hi R.D. – Sorry I couldn’t get to you until after your ultrasound. What did you find out?

  14. My HCG on 14 days post ovulation was 304 and at 16 days post ovulation was 978. Could this be a chance of twins?

    1. Author

      Hi Lauren – Your beta levels put you in the gray area where things could go both way. You doubling time is around 28 hour, which is quite quick, so I think twins are certainly a possibility.

  15. My first beta was 277 on January 3 at 11 days past a five day FET transfer, which according to the clinic would be the same as 14 days past ovulation, and the second beta today, January 5 was 786. I feel like it could go either way. I don’t have an ultrasound until the 19th.

  16. I’m wondering what you think. I had a miscarriage last month and got pregnant again two weeks after my HCG levels returned to zero. Due to multiple miscarriages my OB always has my HCG numbers checked. Usually she sees that they’re doubling and I schedule a regular appointment around 9-11 weeks. Not this time, which has me overanalyzing my betas. Thanks for putting together all this info! Such a wealth of information! 😊
    I got a positive FRER at 3 weeks, 2 days and a BLAZING positive at 3 weeks, 4 days.
    My HCG levels at 15 DPO (4 weeks, 1 day) was 621, with progesterone at 20.
    HCG levels 48 hours later/17 DPO (4 weeks, 3 days) was 2,038.
    These number are about 5.8 times higher than with any of my singleton pregnancies that resulted in a live birth (full-term).
    She didn’t send me on my way. She wants me to get my betas checked again on Monday (21 DPO) and to come in for an early ultrasound at 5 weeks and 3 days.
    What do you think? Thanks for your help! ❤️

  17. I love reading all these! Thoughts on my scenario – we transferred 2 PGD tested 5 day blasts on 12/5. On 12/15; 10 days post 5 day FET; my HCG was 705. Yesterday, 13 days post 5 day FET it was 2,367. My US isn’t until 12/28. Really hoping for twins.. What are your thoughts?

        1. Author

          Thanks so much for the update, and sorry I couldn’t get back to you before you got your results. I’m very excited for you – twins are hard work but they’re so much fun!

    1. Hi, I have currently found out that I was pregnant. I had my blood tested last week and it was 40 and now today I had it tested just a week apart and it’s at 800 and I’m only 2 weeks pregnant. What do you think twins?

      1. Author

        Hi Sarah – it’s hard to say exactly without knowing when you ovulated, but going from 40 to 800 in a week represents a doubling time of around 38 hours, which is quite typical, so I wouldn’t make the assumption it’s twins. Do you know your ovulation date?

  18. Hey , I wanted to know if my number indicates twins. On 12dp5dt my beta was 1549 . The doctor said there is no need to repeat the beta . My ultrasound is not until 2 weeks .So, it’s nice to know what do you think?

    1. Author

      Hey Aisha – It’s unfortunate your doctor doesn’t want to do a second test, because doubling time can be very telling. 1549 is on the high side for 12dp5dt, so I think twins are certainly a possibility. Have you transferred two embryos?

  19. I got a positive pregnancy test 9 days past ovulation then took a blood test 14 days past ovulation with a beta level of 218 and tested again at 17 days with 858 ( 38 hr double time). I’m feeling twins, but think I’m in the grey area. What do you think?

    1. Author

      Hi Vanessa – Your numbers could “qualify” for both a singleton and twin pregnancy, so you’d be in the gray area. Keep in mind, though, that your numbers are by no way extreme, so the likelihood of a singleton is still higher than that of twins under these circumstances.

  20. Hi there! Just reading some of these posts trying to figure out where I fall-single or twins!? Maybe you can offer some insight.

    At 17-18 DPO my hcg level was 2,760. A week later 24-25 DPO my hcg level was 20,916.

    From everything I’m reading I’m thinking twins. But my Dr said it’s not uncommon to have high levels even for a singleton. My ultrasound is scheduled for next Friday-so were trying to be patient as we wait.

    1. Author

      Hi Brittany – Your doctor is absolutely right, sometimes singleton pregnancies just have really strong beta levels. Add to that the fact that you’re not entirely sure when exactly you ovulated, and it’s easy to see how there would be a lot of uncertainty involved. The numbers you quote are certainly high for the DPO, so I think twins are certainly a possibility, but I think your best bet is to wait for Friday and find out for sure.

  21. This is a regular, non medicated pregnancy and I’ll be 41 on Saturday. I would love to hear your thoughts!

    11 dpo – 45

    13 dpo – 139

    18 dpo – 1109


    1. Author

      Hi Dusty – Your hCG levels and doubling times are consistent with a singleton pregnancy, so I’m going to guess you’re having one baby.

  22. You were right, there’s two little ones in there!! Thanks for the info and educated guess!!

  23. Hi!

    My levels in this pregnancy were

    11dpo 227

    15dpo 1484

    In my two succesful singleton pregnancies in which i had my blood levels tested, 15 dpo levels were 200 and 360. Seems quite high this time? I’m 4+2 weeks now, ultrasound is 6+3.

    1. Author

      Hi! Every pregnancy is different, so it’s possible your beta levels are just higher this time around. Your numbers are on the higher side, but not extremely so for a singleton pregnancy. That would put you in the gray area, where either singleton or twins could be a possibility.

  24. Hi. I had an IUI on 20 November, with ovulation the same day. The scan I had (same day) showed one follicle 23mm and another 18mm.

    HCG results:
    11dpo – 25
    14dpo – 200
    21dpo – 3894

    There seems to be dissenting views about whether the second follicle would have reached maturity at 18mm, and therefore whether there’s a risk of two. The HCG results seem on the higher end of the spectrum, but I’d be so grateful for your views.

    Thanks so much!!


    1. Author

      Hi Kristy – While your hCG levels are higher than average for a singleton pregnancy, they are well within typical range. The doubling time is on the faster side, but again, not extremely so. I can’t rule out twins, but I think a singleton is more likely.

  25. Hi Modern Belly! Could you guess based on my results below? I had two mature follicles on an injectable IUI cycle

    13 dpo – 178

    48 hours later

    15 dpo – 501

    47 hours later

    17 dop – 956

    I just love reading all of the responses! It is so fun to speculate!
    Thank you!!

    1. Author

      Hi Vicky – Your beta levels are consistent with a singleton pregnancy, as are your doubling times at their respective levels. I’m going to place my bet on one baby.

  26. Hi! I’d love your opinion, your site is great! I had two 5 days embryos transferred Nov. 15th. On the 29th, 19 dpo, hcg was 5026. On Dec. 1st, 21 dpo, hcg was 12,251. Thoughts? Thanks so much!!

    1. Author

      Hi PJ – Your numbers are pretty high for 19dpo and 21dpo, and your doubling time of 37 hours is faster than average. Normally I would say you’re in the gray area, but knowing that you transferred two, I think it’s quite likely that both embryos made it. I hope your scan is soon, so you don’t have to rely on just my semi-educated guess for much longer 🙂

  27. Hi 🙂

    I’m not sure about my dpo however my readings were:

    4 weeks – 396
    4 weeks 3 days – 1600

    Thank you so much for your help 🙂


    1. Author

      Hi Hannah – Since we don’t know the exact ovulation date, I’m going to focus mostly on doubling time, which is approximately 36 hours. This is a little faster than average for your levels but not extremely fast. In addition, 396 at 14-15dpo (educated guess) and 1600 3 days later would still be within normal range for a singleton. So based on all of the above, I’m going to guess that one baby is more likely.

  28. Hi! My first beta today at Day 12 since transfer 5day old embryo was 1315! Is that high for a singleton ?? Possibility of split?

    1. Author

      Hi Tawnya – 1315 for 12 days post a 5 day transfer (which is the equivalent of 17dpo) is on the higher end for singleton, but still within typical range. Have you gotten your second beta since?

  29. Hi just wanted to see what you guys think.
    11dpo beta 22
    16dpo beta 324
    19dpo beta 1407
    It more than doubled in just 3 days I was just curious as to what yall think? I know I’m in the grey area it’s just interesting and been such a long journey i am so excited and my ultra sound is Monday! Today is Saturday pm not much longer can not wait.

    1. Author

      Hi Jeska – Your second doubling time is 34 hours, which is indeed a bit quick, but not unheard of for a singleton pregnancy. Your beta levels themselves are quite typical for a singleton, so I’m going to guess you’ll see one baby when you get your ultrasound scan on Monday. Very excited for you, the scan is an amazing experience!

    2. Hello Modern Belly,

      Thank you so much for this website. It’s been a great distraction during my 2 ww. I was wondering what you might think of my numbers. I had 3 embryos transferred on November 14 ( 2 eggs – Gr1, 1 egg – Gr3). I’m 39 years old.
      17DPO – 849.9
      19DPO – 1840
      Ultrasound scheduled for Dec. 14th
      Given my age, I’m hoping for twins, but obviously healthy babies come first.

      Thank you so much,


      1. Author

        Hi Julia – Yours is a tricky case! Very rarely do I see here ladies who transferred more than 3 embryos, but it certainly makes the guessing game more exciting. So your doubling time is 43 hours, which is right around what I’d expect for a singleton at this stage, but totally consistent with twins or more too. Your beta levels seem average for a twin pregnancy, but entirely reasonable for a singleton pregnancy (they’d be on the lower side for triplets). Unfortunately, this means I have to put you in the ‘gray area’ category, because your doubling time points ever so slightly in one direction and your beta levels weakly point to the other… Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. I’m sure the 14th can’t be here soon enough!

        1. Hello Modern Belly,
          I just wanted to update you on the ultrasound at 6.5 weeks. It showed only one very healthy baby. Thanks for your input <3
          – Julia

          1. Author

            Thanks for the update, Julia, and congratulations!

  30. Hi Molly,

    Wow! Really interesting information. I’m sorry I think my last comment I had replied to someone else’s, rather than a new comment, but I wrote the wrong dates anyway.
    I would be interested to see what you think of my results. The Dr seems to think there may be a chance of twins.
    I have just completed my 5th IVF cycle. I had a FET on 21/10, we only transferred 1 blast. I’m having a scan this Friday.
    11dp5dt- 600

    Look forward to hearing your thought.
    Kind regards, Jo 😊

  31. First off, you’re a champ for replying to as many people as you do. I was wondering if you have insight into how steady the doubling rate remains. I know it slows down as a pregnancy progresses. All our diagnostic testing came back with glowing reviews and our RE advised us to continue trying naturally and that HSG must have worked some magic because I got a BFP at 8dpo (faint but clear, no squinting required). My beta was at 18.5 at 9dpo and 77 exactly 24 hours later at 11 dpo. Meaning it quadrupled and the doubling time is 12.5 hrs. Is it too early to make a prediction? I have another draw scheduled for Monday and if that rate holds stead I’d be at over 1,000 come 14dpo. Thoughts?

    1. Author

      Hi Marie – I really hesitate saying anything based on results from this early in the process. There’s just too much room for error at 9dpo. Once you have your 14dpo levels, I think we’ll all be smarter. If you come back here to update, can you let me know whether your second test was at 11dpo or 10dpo? 11dpo would be 48 hours later and a 23 hours doubling time.

    1. Author

      Hi Ayesha – 5w2d is equal to 23dpo. 44,000 is very high for this stage, but knowing that you only saw one, I think what’s more likely is that your doctor got the timing wrong and you’re actually further ahead in your pregnancy than you think. Doctors often determine the ‘age’ of the pregnancy on the assumption you ovulated 14 days after your last menstrual cycle began, but in reality you may have ovulated earlier.

  32. Hello—

    We transferred 2 5day blasts on 10/27. The first hcg 12dp5dt was 834. The second hcg level 14dp5dt was 2022.


    Thank you so much for all your help.

    1. Author

      Hi Kris – I’m optimistic about your embryos. Combining the fact that you transferred two with your high-ish hCG beta levels and healthy doubling time of 37.5, I think there’s a good chance both embryos made it.

  33. Hi The Modern Belly,

    I have received a positive pregnancy test after 5 cycles of IVF. I’d love to get your thoughts/prediction on my hcg levels. I have a scan booked in next Friday l, I’ll be 6w5d.
    11dp5dt- 600
    We did only transfer 1 blast, do you think it could have split?
    Jo 😊

    1. Author

      Congratulations, Jo – this must feel amazing! While embryos do split sometimes, it’s still quite rare, so whenever I hear that one embryo was transferred, I tend to think the highest likelihood is of having a singleton, even if your hCG beta levels are high. An added complication in your case is that your numbers are rounded, so we can’t calculate exact doubling times. I can’t entirely rule out twins, since your levels are indeed high, but I’ll be conservative and guess it’s just one.

  34. Wow, I love Betabase but have thought that the ranges are so broad as to be almost useless. Great job delving into the details!

    My hcg levels are:

    13dpo- 204
    15dpo- 503
    17dpo- 1620

    Do those numbers suggest singleton or twins?

    1. Author

      Hi Emma – Your numbers put you right in the gray area, so in that sense, Betabase’s ranges are a bit useless for you… 😉 What makes me think twins are a real possibility for you is your doubling times – not only are they quite quick, they get shorter with time (37 hours, then 28 hours), which is often associated with multiple pregnancies. I still wouldn’t be shocked if you end up with a singleton, but I do think there are some telltale signs that there may be twins in there.

  35. hello,
    I have a 28 day cycle and normally ovulate on day 14. my last period was the 28 or 29 of sept, took a pregnancy test October 26 at night no morning urine, went for first Beta oct. 27 results were 455, second beta was Oct 30 results 1530, went for a third beta nov. 1 results were 5434 . what do you think ??

    1. Author

      Hi Brandi – Let me do the math first: if your period started September 28 and you ovulated 14 days later, then ovulation day would be October 12, which would make your first beta 15dpo (455), second beta 18dpo (1530) and third beta 20dpo (5434). Your numbers are within typical range for a singleton, but the third beta starts getting on the high side. The doubling time trend here is a bit odd – the first doubling time is 41 hours, while the second suddenly goes to 26 hours. Were there 48 hours between the 2nd and 3rd test, or longer? Everything else tells me singleton, but the 26 hours doubling time has me puzzled.

      1. the second to third was almost 48 hrs to the hour, I think I conceived the night of 13

        1. just got my results for yesterdays beta so one week later then my last. the levels are 32567 Now what do you thinK ??

          1. Author

            Hi Brandi – Thanks for the update! Between your third and fourth beta there’s a doubling time of 65 hours. We’d expect the pace of doubling to start slowing down at this point, and again you’re more consistent with a singleton than a twin pregnancy. That 26 hour doubling time between the 2nd and 3rd tests remains a mystery to me, but I’m going to double down on my guess that you’re having a singleton. I would love to hear whether I got it right after you have your scan!

      2. Just spent my afternoon reading through these comments. Wanna take a guess on mine?

        13 dpo 119
        Doubling Time: 30.5 hours between 1 and 2
        15 dpo 339
        DT: 29.5 hours between 2 and 3
        17 dpo 1151
        DT: 37.6 hours between 3 and 4
        22 dpo 9566

        Best guess? Thanks!

        1. Author

          Hi Kristy Mary – First of all, thanks for all the organized information! You’re a classic gray area lady, as your numbers are consistent with both types of pregnancy. My gut tells me this is a singleton though, because while your numbers are on the higher side, I don’t see the pattern of accelerating levels that I often observe with multiple pregnancies.

    2. Hi there
      Not sure if I’m replying or making a new comment but just looking for an opinion lol. We did and FET on Oct.20 (5 Day blastocyst 3AA) and found out 12 days later that the beta was 931! Second beta was 2 days later and it rose to 3199… is there a chance that the embryo split and I’m having twins?? Ultrasound is scheduled 2 weeks from today, just so excited we can finally celebrate, it has been a VERY long journey for us!

      1. Author

        Hi Katie – 931 at 12dp5dt / 17dpo is on the higher end, but not unheard of for a singleton pregnancy. 3199 two days later is still within possible range, but getting quite high – the doubling time is just 27 hours, which is fast. Knowing you transferred one, I always think a singleton is more likely, since embryos splitting are quite rare. However, looking at your numbers and your doubling time, I think you may be the exception to the rule. Twins are certainly a possibility here.

    1. Author

      Hi Jessica – 26 hours doubling time is fast regardless of how many babies you’re having! Your hCG levels don’t completely rule out a singleton pregnancy, but your high levels combined with the quick doubling time do make me suspect we’re talking multiples here.

    2. My first beta (14 days post FET of ONE embryo) is 1314….my last pregnancy 14 day beta was 808. Does a beta this high mean twins?!?!

      1. Author

        Hi Lauren – Don’t forget you need to add the ‘age’ of the embryo to the time that passed since the FET. So 14 days after you transferred a 5 day embryo would be the equivalent of 19dpo. 1314 at 19dpo is totally normal for a singleton pregnancy.

  36. Excellent work of analyzing the data behind BetaBase. If my pregnancy does progress to heartbeat, there’s a decent chance of twins (hCG 624 at 14 days).

    It would be interesting to know the percentage of pregnancies at different hCG levels that don’t reach heartbeat.

    1. Author

      Hi Chris – Wishing you all the best. I hope you hear your heartbeat (heartbeats?) soon! BetaBase only reports on pregnancies that have a known heartbeat and I could’t find any academic articles to answer your question, but it would certainly be interesting if someone takes the initiative and starts tracking that.

  37. I had my first bet draw yesterday, I am 2 btw (a complete surprise pregnancy as my son is 19 lol) and my HcG was 8548. The Drs office said number was great no need to retest but it does seem very high for 4+6 doesn’t it? Thank you! Katie

    1. Author

      Wow, a surprise indeed! 4+6 equals 20dpo, and agree with you that 8548 is way high for that point in time. Are you sure about your ovulation day, though? With surprise pregnancies, my guess is usually that ovulation actually happened earlier than you think it did. If the doctor doesn’t want to test again, just ask for an early ultrasound – they should be able to give you a scan as early as 6 weeks, and that should give you much more clarity than a second beta.

      1. My cycles are usually 28-29 days long to the day. I don’t have appt yet for ultrasound, still waiting on OB referral. My grandmother had twins so there is some family history. Would you lean more towards multiples or is it possible to have a healthy singletons with these numbers? I wasn’t tracking ovulation so unsure but when I’ve tracked before it’s basically been middle. Thank you.

  38. My levels at 7wks1d was 29,399. My levels at 10w7d was 67,999. What are your thoughts? This is my fifth at 34 yrs old. Interested in your thoughts. Thanks so much. Taren

  39. I just had my first Beta yesterday and it was 2,013. This is the 13th day from my transfer but I don’t know how far I’m out since I never got my cycle last month. I go in for a second Beta tomorrow. What do you guess I am having?

    1. Author

      Hi Christina – If you has a transfer, then the only thing that matters is the ‘age’ of your embryos. Assuming it’s a 5-day transfer, your beta happened on 13dp5dt, or 18dpo. 2,013 on 18dpo is quite high, though there are some cases of singleton with these levels or higher. Doubling time is going to be a good signal here, so feel free to come back and update what your levels were on the second beta. This will help me make a more educated guess.

  40. Hi-
    I love this study and information. It is so interesting and put in such easy terms to understand (the graphs and charts are awesome…thank you).

    What’s your take on this.

    First day of last period was 9/21. Started taking ovulation tests first week in Oct. Test line was just as dark if not darker than control on 10/5. (So I’m not sure if I count that as day I ovulated or if it’s 24-48 hrs after that).

    Negative pregnancy test 10/12 and 10/13.
    I had horrible cramps and abdominal pain on left side on 10/13. Woke up on 10/14 and got a faint positive on pregnancy test (I was shocked, and assumed those might have been implantation cramps which I did not ever feel with my previous, first pregnancy). I was worried about ectopic or implantation on c-section scar because of cramps and called doc. She ordered blood test and called me saying results are a sign of a healthy intrauterine pregnancy.

    Blood test results:
    10/20 at 12pm – 687 hcg and 33 progesterone
    10/23 (today) at 12pm – 1908 hcg

    I will go in later this week or next week for ultrasound, but suspense is going to eat me alive.

    Thoughts!? Prediction?

    (Thanks in advance, how awesome that you reply to everyone so fast! )

    1. Author

      Hi Brooke – Sorry it took me a few days to get back to you. In cases like yours, when the ovulation date isn’t certain, I like to start with doubling time, and yours is 49 hours, which is more consistent with a singleton pregnancy at this stage. If we assume you ovulated around 24 hours after your positive ovulation test (so 10/6), then your first beta would be at 14dpo and your numbers would be extremely high. However, I simply don’t trust those ovulation kits enough… I’m afraid you’re going to have to live with the uncertainty for a little while longer, but based entirely on your doubling time, I’m going to guess you’re more likely to see a singleton when you finally get your ultrasound. Good luck!

  41. Hi! Would love your input on my hcg levels. 🙂 I had 2 frozen embryos transferred for our 3rd round of ivf and so far my levels are: (14dpo) 335 and (16dpo) 896. I go back in 2 days to check my levels for the last time.

    1. Author

      Hi Shannon – Your numbers put you in the gray area, but your doubling time is relatively fast (34 hours). So I can’t say for sure, but my gut feeling is that both embryos made it. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  42. Hey, my first beta was done at 6dp5dt 44, second beta done at 8dp5dt 121, due third beta Monday at 11dp5dt. Would love to know your views 😊

    1. Author

      Hi Trish – Your numbers are within typical range for a singleton, but your beta tests were done very early on, so it’s harder to tell if there may be twins. What levels did they find in your third beta?

  43. Author

    Hi everyone – Due to a technical issue, no one (including me) was able to post comments on here for the past month. I’m happy to report the issue has been fixed and the comments are back! Apologies to everyone whose comments I couldn’t respond to – please feel free to re-post and I promise to write back as soon as I can.

  44. Hi Modern Belly!

    Thank you for your reply. So I had my second beta test on Monday (21 days post IUI). My levels were 1961. My levels were 682 18 days post IUI. So my doubling time were 47.25 hours. What are your thoughts on the possibility of multiples?


  45. Hi modern belly, I completed my scan today as u confirmed doctor said it is Singleton am happy thank you for reply……

  46. Hello my first test at 4.1 weeks (17dpo) was 873. My second test at 4.4 weeks (20 do) is 4156. What are my chances of twins?

    1. Author

      Hi Kesha – I would say you’re in the gray area. Your numbers are within range for a singleton, but with a fast doubling time of 32 hours, they’re getting gradually more extreme. So it could go both ways.

  47. Hi – I just got my first beta test this morning at 18 days post IUI (I was away for a week, hence why the test wasn’t done on day 14). My levels are 682. Three eggs had matured/released. I’m having a second test on Monday but wondering what are your thoughts on the possibility of multiples at this point.


    1. Author

      Hi Genevieve – 682 at 18dpo is more consistent with a singleton, but we’ll know more when you have the results from your second test, because doubling time plays an important role here.

      1. Hello. My hcg level was 19.25 on 9DPO and 56 on 11 DPO. I’m being nauseas since 5 dpo. What do you suggest?

        1. Author

          I’m hesitant to say anything because this early on, hCG levels are typically too low for there to be a real difference between singleton and twin pregnancies. Are you getting another blood test in the next few weeks?

  48. Hi, Modern Belly! I loved reading this.

    Mind taking a guess for me? 15DPO, 359. 19DPO, 2137.

    1. Author

      Hi Katie – Hard to tell because your hCG beta levels and doubling time (37 hours) can go both ways. They do feel a little more ‘singleton’ to me, so I’m going to guess it’s just one.

  49. Hi! My hcg levels were 1847 at 17 dpo. I haven’t had any subsequent tests, but I have been incredibly nauseas the entire time and got a positive pregnancy test 5 days before my missed period. I have an almost 2 year old and wasn’t nauseas with him until 6 to 7 weeks. I have my first sonogram next week and I will be 8 weeks. Any chance it might be twins?

    1. Author

      Hi Tara – 1847 at 17dpo is very high for a singleton pregnancy. Without doubling time it’s hard to determine anything, but with such high levels I certainly think twins are a possibility.

  50. Hi. I had 2 8C 3 days transfer. My 12dp3dt hcg read was 350 and 14dp3dt is 823. I think the results may go either way but I wanted to hear your say on this. Thank you for the amazing work btw:)

    1. Author

      Hi Diane! I totally agree with your assessment – you’re within range for both. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait a little longer for your scan to get a more definitive answer.

  51. Please guess based on my levels 🙂
    I might be off a day on dpo.

    15dpo/4 weeks 1 day 348 HCG
    22dpo/5weeks 1 day 6184hcg

    >> I have an update. 5 weeks 6 days hcg levels 27410
    looking forward to reading your thought!:)

    1. Author

      Hi MaryAnnie – while your numbers are on the higher side, they’re still within range for a singleton pregnancy (as are your doubling times), so I’m going to guess that a singleton is more likely.

  52. This is our 4th FET, and first with transferring 2 embryos. One was PGS normal, and one was untested due to a bad sample. 10dp5dt, HCG was 299.3, which my nurse said was a good strong singleton number, but she didn’t see a reason to think it was twins. After that, I found your site, but I know that without a second beta, you can’t really make a call. Judging by your post, it looks like, statistically based on the Betabase, it’s 25% changes of being a singleton. Also of note, though, is that 299.3 was almost 3 times as high as my highest first beta ever.

    Well, today, 14dp5dt, my beta was 2873.5. I hate that we had to wait 4 days instead of 2 due to the holiday weekend, but can you make a guess based on these numbers?

    1. Author

      Hi Katie – While I agree with your nurse that 299 is a strong singleton number for 15dpo/10dp5dt, what strikes me the most is the fast doubling time (29 hours). Your hCG levels put you in the gray area, but it’s the doubling time that makes me think both embryos may have stuck.

      1. We got an early scan at 5w1d due to a scare that turned out to be nothing. The doctor won’t confirm until he can see two heartbeats, but there are two yolk sacks!

        1. Author

          Woohoo! I’m glad to hear the good news. That doubling time was way too suspicious…

    1. Author

      Hi Megan – That’s indeed very high. Have you had a second beta test afterwards so you could calculate your doubling time?

  53. Hi,
    I haven’t had any type of fertility treament but bc of a mc this past April they ordered serial hcg’s. I am also uncertain about my exact dpo. I may have ovulated between cd10-13
    7-10dpo 43
    9-12dpo 135
    11-14dpo 405
    Please let me know what you think?

    1. Author

      Hi Amy – Because you can’t pinpoint your ovulation date, it gets almost impossible to judge what’s going on by hCG levels. What I do know is that your levels are quite high for even the later days in your estimate (i.e. 10, 12, and 14dpo) and that your doubling time is fast (29-30), so I think there’s a higher than usual likelihood of having twins. I’m still a little hesitant about that, though, since there’s so much uncertainty around when you ovulate.

  54. Hi modernbelly, am priya I had 3 embryos transferred on day 5 (15-08-2017) first beta hcg level is 900. (28-08-2017). Second beta hcg level is 2759 (31-08-2017). My scan is on coming 11 sep. Am eagerly waiting for ur reply whether it is singleton or twins……..pls reply

    1. Author

      Hi Priya – 900 at 18DPO and 2759 on 21DPO are within range for a singleton, as is the doubling time of 44.5. However, yours is not a regular case, since you transferred 3 embryos. Taking that into account, I certainly can’t rule out multiples – in that case, your hCG levels would be a little on the lower side, but still very possible. So the bottom line is that you’ll have to wait for your scan, but fortunately it’s tomorrow so you don’t have to wait much longer!

  55. Hi, just wanted to come back and update! Betas were 237 at 8dp6pt and 930 at 11dp6dt of two embryos. I was in the grey area but it is indeed twins!

    1. Just wanted to provide another update (I love reading these comments and seeing when people update!).

      My 5week 3day / 24 dpo level was 18,890. So in summary, 4th round of Clomid, 35 years old, 11dpo 88, 13 dpo 306, 24 dpo 18,890.

      I have a scan in one week, I’ll update then!

  56. I have a blood draw tomorrow at 24 dpo to see where I am at, then they will schedule a scan. I will keep the thread updated! I love when people come back to let you know what they’re having. You are an angel for responding to all of our comments. ❤

  57. Hi, Modern Belly! I’d love to know your thoughts:

    Did a single 6-day FET. At 14dpt HCG was 2278. At 17dpt HCG was 5625.

    Seeing that we only transferred 1, I’d think a singleton, but do those numbers seem on the higher side? Eek… is there a chance the embryo split?

    1. Author

      Hi JT – 2278 at 20dpo (14dp6dt) and 5625 at 23dpo (17dp6dt) are totally within range for a singleton, and the doubling time is on the slower side (55 hours), so I think you’re right and it’s a singleton.

      1. Hello, Just out of curiosity what do you think of my levels could i be in the gray area for twins, my husband is a twin thats why i’m a little and curious.. 13 DPO hcg level was 1048.90 and 20 dpo im at 13397.0, I feel like it scaled very quickly but Then again I’m no expert. Anxious for your thoughts

        1. Author

          Hi Dafne – are you sure about ovulation date? The doubling time is actually quite typical (46 hours) but your hCG levels are extremely high for 13dpo and 20dpo. So if you’re confident about the date you ovulated, I would say multiples are highly likely.

  58. Also, I was on my 4th round of Clomid.

    I’m officially a basket case for posting 3 times 🙈

    Next draw is at 5.5 weeks to see where I’m at.

    Thank you very, very much!!

  59. At 13 dpo my hcg was 306
    At 11 dpo it was 88
    26 – 27 hour doubling time.

    Thoughts? I’m dying from anxiety, looking at betas like crazy person.

    1. Author

      Hi Bethany – I agree that your beta levels are on the higher end of a singleton pregnancy, and the doubling time is fast. I think your numbers put you in the gray area, especially with the first draw happening so early at 11dpo, when the differences between singleton and twin pregnancies are less pronounced. As hard as it is, I think you’re going to have to wait a little longer to find out… When is your scan?

  60. Can you please guess mine…

    But unfortunately I have only one value but toooo high.

    23/25 dpo 141000.9 beta hcg.

    Awaiting for ur thoughts on this

    1. Author

      Hi Amme – Are you sure about your ovulation date? 104,000 at 25dpo is extremely high, no matter how many babies you have in there…

  61. Hi. My hcg at 17 dpo was 2182, 19 dpo was 4826, and 21 dpo was 9182. The nurse was psyched that I had good numbers because of a prior miscarriage. I asked if those numbers were high and might be twins, and she said “nope, they’re really good.” My husband is convinced it’s only one based on what the nurse said, but from what I read, those numbers seem pretty high. I did not do fertility drugs, but I did recently get off the pill… Any thoughts?

    1. Author

      Hi Jen – Just like it’s impossible to determine with full certainly whether someone is having twins based on just hCG numbers, it’s also impossible to rule it out, so I think your nurse was overgeneralizing. Yes, women with ‘good numbers’ end up more often than not with a singleton, but as the BetaBase stats clearly show, they sometimes actually end up with twins… I think twins are definitely a potential outcome for you. You have a pretty average doubling time (42 hours then 52 hours) but your numbers are on the very high end of a singleton pregnancy, so it could go either way.

  62. What a great article! We are having a surprise pregnancy at 37 years of age, and my hcg at 24dpo was 17,462, which seemed a bit high, so of course I started googling! We don’t do early scans so we won’t know for a while, but I will update here when we confirm one or more! Thanks for putting this together!

    1. Author

      Hi Megan – What a lovely surprise. 17,462 is high but not unheard of for a singleton, so it may very well be just one. Keep us posted!

  63. Hello. So my hubby and I had IVF frozen cycle transfer of two, 5 day old eggs on 8/4.
    So my levels are:
    14d post transfer 729
    17d post transfer > 10,000
    What do you think?

    1. Author

      Interesting, that’s quite the jump from 14dp5dt to 17dp5dt! Given the very fast doubling times, I think it’s quite likely both embryos implanted. Do you get another beta test prior to your scan? When women have such fast doubling times, I think it can be helpful to keep track of things with an additional beta if the doctors are cool with it.

  64. Hello, could you please tell me your thoughts on my hcg levels? I had a frozen embryo transferred that was 5 days old.
    10dp5dt = 330hcg
    14dp5dt = 2,300hcg.
    My scan is 2 weeks away and so I’ve been wondering what it will reveal! Thanks in advance 🙂 Jo

    1. Author

      Hi Jo – I know that IVF embryos have a slightly higher likelihood of splitting, but still when I hear that one embryo was transferred I tend to err on the side of caution. So while your beta numbers are higher than average and your doubling time faster than average, since they’re still within typical range for a singleton and I know you transferred just one, I’m going to guess it’s a singleton.

  65. Hello! This is a natural pregnancy, but my doctor said I possibly released multiple eggs bc of 8 days of positive opk tests…. So here’s my numbers
    9dpo, 25
    14dpo, 388
    20dpo, 4780

    What’s your opinion?

    1. Author

      Hi Rebecca – Wow, that’s a lot of positive OPK days! I think your doctor may be right. You numbers are very high for a singleton pregnancy and more consistent with a twin pregnancy. Additionally, your first two doubling times are fast (29-30 hours). I think twins are quite likely.

  66. By, on 17 August I did my first scan and it says I’m only 5 weeks pregnant.. That means I did my first lab reports at 23 days of pregnancy… My hcg level was 841.31.. Is their any possibilities??? The result says I have Singleton, but they they wrote they found some space look like cyst.. I’m so worried,

  67. Thanks so much for this post and all the statistical analysis!! My wife and I just completed an iui cycle with three mature follicles. We had an hcg level of 113 at 13 dpo and 333 at 15 dpo. Levels seem to be in the grey area, though doubling times are fast. Any guesses??? Thanks

    1. Author

      Hi Phil – You sure did your homework, and I agree that this is a classic gray area situation, so I’ll take a different angle here. Based on back-of-the envelope math, I’d say there’s a chance of about 1-in-3 that you’re having multiples (the chance of the general population is around 1-in-33, for reference). So I can’t really determine which one it is, but looking at this 1-in-3 stat, combined with the fast doubling times, I won’t be shocked if you come back here and tell me it’s twins.

      Here’s how I got to this 1-in-3 number: Back in the day, I had an IUI with three mature follicles too, and my doctor told me to work off the assumption that each one has a 33% chance of getting fertilized. Of course 33% is a super rough number and not necessarily right for you, but let’s roll with this for a second. If this is indeed the case, then here are the chances of each type of pregnancy:
      No pregnancy = 0.66*0.66*0.66 = 30%
      Singleton pregnancy = 0.33*0.66*0.66 + 0.66*0.33*0.66 + 0.66*0.66*0.33 = 44%
      Twin pregnancy = 0.33*0.33*0.66 + 0.33*0.66*0.33 + 0.66*0.33*0.33 = 22%
      Triplet pregnancy = 0.33*0.33*0.33 = 4%
      You already know your wife is pregnant, so the first option is out of the question. This leaves you with a 62% chance (44/70) of having a singleton and a 38% chance of having multiples.

  68. This information is great and you are so good about answering questions! We transferred two day six frozen embryos (not sure how 6 day is treated in terms of DPO) and here are our results:

    8DP6DT: 237
    11DP6DT: 930

    What do you think?!

    1. Author

      Hi Lyxy – I’m torn about you. Your numbers are higher than average (for 14dpo and 17dpo) and your doubling time of 35 hours is faster than average, but you’re still within typical range for a singleton pregnancy. However, you transferred two, so I wouldn’t dismiss twins so easily. So the bottom line is you’re one of the gray area ladies and I can’t really predict… Sorry I don’t have a more definitive answer!

  69. I wanted to see what you thought of munchies beta numbers. At 10dpo I was 23, at 13dpo I was 184, and 13dpo was 317, and the next 17 dpo was 1258. What are my chances of twins?

    1. Author

      Hi Rebecca – Can you clarify when you got the 317 result? Your post says 13dpo twice, so I wasn’t sure.

      1. Oh umm so sorry here are my results again.
        10dpo 23
        13dpo 184.9
        14dpo 317
        17dpo 1258
        Hope that clarifies it for you. Thank you

  70. You were right! The latest scan showed one little one in there. Looking healthy with a strong heartbeat at 136bpm. Measuring 3 days ahead.

  71. Hello, don’t know if this is still active but I will give it a go. This is my second pregnancy. Bloated is a understatement I look like I’m 5 months pregnant. I did blood work at 4 weeks 4 days and it was 111. I did blood work again at 5 weeks 4 days and it sky rocketed to 44500 seems pretty high to me the doctor just smirked and said you are extremely pregnant. This has left me puzzled because I did the mistake of using mr google. Could you please give me some insight into what you think

    1. Author

      111 to 44500 in one week is a doubling time of 19 – that’s super fast! I don’t really like your doctor’s reaction. A smirk is never acceptable to me, especially not when a patient expresses totally legitimate concerns. Seeing how high your 5w4d results are (that’s high even for a multiple pregnancy), and how fast the doubling time is, I would encourage you to ask to either get an additional beta test or to get a scan when you hit 6 weeks. You are your own best advocate, and I think you can’t be too careful with things like this.

  72. Hi I did 2 5 days embryo transfer last July 25

    My first hcg was 60 9dpt
    Second hcg was 198.60 13 dpt
    3rd hcg was today 3000 19dpt

    Is there any possibility of twins?

    1. Author

      Your numbers are on the lower side (especially your first and second tests). With a 2 embryo transfer, I never rule out twins, but I do think that in your case a singleton is more likely.

  73. Hi! I’m on baby number three. At 6 weeks I’m showing 86896.00 mIU/mL for my
    HcG test. All the reading I’ve done shows that pretty high. Too impatient to wait until my next doctors appt, could you tell me anything? Im 32 days post ovulation.

    1. Author

      Hi Ashley – I don’t have as many stats available for more than 30 days post ovulation, so I’m hesitant to make any determination here, but I agree with you that your numbers are relatively high for 32dpo. When is your ultrasound scan? At this point in your pregnancy you should be able to see the baby/babies in many cases, so it could give you the ease of mind that beta hCG levels just can’t.

  74. Hi! My betas at 12 dpo were 161.8 and 445.5 48 hours later (doubling time just over 32 hours). This pregnancy is a natural conception. I am starting to get worried about the possibility of twins…what is your guess?
    Thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Maria – I think it’s not unlikely you’re having twins. Your beta levels are on the very high end of a singleton pregnancy, so there’s a stronger possibility than average that there are two in there.

  75. Hi, apologies for a belated update. HCG continue to rise weekly and my doctors were also suspecting a twin pregnancy but it turns out it’s a healthy single pregnancy… currently 10w 2d but boy is my morning sickness the most severe compared to previous pregnancies, earlier on… I guess my body is feeling the high HCG levels!

    Thanks again!

    1. Author

      Congratulations, Eunice! Some women just have extra high hCG levels, and looks like you’re one of them… Second trimester is almost here, so I hope that morning sickness goes away soon and you’ll get to enjoy your healthy singleton pregnancy to its fullest!

  76. Hi there! Love this post. I find the math and interpretation very interesting.
    Unfortunately, my situation is a bit different than others (I was in travel when I was due for my 17dpo blood test after IUI). Would you still try a prediction?

    20dpiui – 4000
    26dpiui – 23000
    32dpiui – 92000

    These numbers are rounded, of course. It’s the high initial number that has me thinking multiples. I have had one scan on 26dpiui and it showed one gestational sac, but the tech said it was too early to tell if there was just one little bean in there.

    Thanks for the help!

    1. Author

      Hi Leslie – Your numbers are high for a singleton pregnancy, but not unheard of. Taking into consideration your beta levels as well as your scan results, I would put you in the gray area bucket, though I’m thinking it’s probably a singleton. Even though it’s very early for a scan, I do trust scans more than beta hCG levels when it comes to determining the number of babies, which is why I’m leaning towards singleton.

  77. My last period was 27 th June, we tried for baby on 14 th july .. Finally missed period.. I did test on 5 August.. Result was hcg 841.31..
    Could you please tell me something about my level of hcg

    1. Author

      Hi Nazifa – If you know you got pregnant on July 14th, then I’ll assume you ovulated 24-36 hours earlier, let’s say on the 13th. This would make August 5th 23dpo. 841 at 23dpo is on the lower side, so I think it’s more likely you’re having a singleton. However, it’s hard to say anything with certainty without seeing the result of a second test (so we can calculate doubling time).

  78. Hi,
    I recently had 2 early blast embryos transferred on day 5. My hcg seems quite high- so just wondering your thoughts on the following levels:
    9dp5dt -357
    12dp5dt- 1548
    14dp5dt- 3514

    My nurse it’s quite normal for single but all the research I’ve done indicates it’s quite high

    1. Author

      Hi there – So your hCG levels are high, but not super high. You’re a classic gray area lady, since your hCG levels and doubling times could qualify for both singleton and twin pregnancy. Typically I’d say a singleton pregnancy is more likely in these cases, but considering that you transferred two embryos, I really think it can go either way.

  79. Hi, a moth ago i left a comment here asking if I am possibly having twins.. my betas were in normal singleton range but trippling in 48hrs..
    Just want to shere with you that today i am 9w4d pregnant with fraternal twins 💙💙💙

    1. Author

      Mina – Thanks for the update and congratulations on your twins! You’re in for one hell of a ride – crazy at times, but absolutely amazing!

  80. I had a FET and transferred 2 5 day blasts. My beta results are as follows:

    First beta 10dp5dt-729
    Second beta 17dp5dt- 14,111

    Ultrasound will be in 2 weeks! 🙂

    What are your thought’s on twins?

    1. Author

      Hi Chelsi – You transferred 2 and your beta levels are high with a good doubling time of 39 hours. Taking all of these things into account, I think twins are quite likely.

  81. I went to the ER with nausea and vomiting and feelings of dehydration and fatigue. I found out that I was five weeks pregnant the day before my birthday.
    From reading different forums my BHCG levels are quite higher than most women I read about. Could it be possible that I’m going to have twins?

    7/30 –5 weeks 0 days–BHCG 8,803
    8/2 –5 weeks 3 days–BHCG 16,821
    8/5 –5 weeks 6days–BHCG 31,033

    1. Author

      Hi Holly – Congratulations and happy birthday! The tricky thing with you is that you don’t know exactly when you ovulated. If we assume that you ovulated two weeks after your last menstrual period, then 5 weeks 0 days would be equal to 21dpo, for which 8,803 is on the high side. However, if you ovulated 12 days after your LMP, then you’d be at 23dpo and 8,803 would be more comfortably within range for a singleton pregnancy. Because it’s so hard to tell how many days post ovulation you are, I’m going to instead focus more on your doubling time, which is 77 hours between beta 1 and beta 2, and 81 between beta 2 and beta 3. These doubling times at this point in your pregnancy are more persistent with a singleton than with twins, so I’m going to guess that you’re having just one.

  82. Hello,
    I had a 5 day frozen blastocyst transfer on 7/17. First beta was 7/29 and it was 567. The second beta was 7/31 and it was 1396. Do you think it could be multiples? The nurse said it was very high.

    1. Author

      Hi Melissa – Your first beta was at 12 days post a 5 day transfer, which is equal to 17dpo, and the second beta was at 19dpo. I personally think your nurse was exaggerating – while your numbers may be higher than average, they are very much within range for a singleton pregnancy on both times. Your doubling time of 37 is a little faster than the average as well, but again, not unreasonably so. While I can’t rule out multiples, I think you’re most likely having a singleton.

  83. I’m a numbers geek and I LOVE this post. I know it’s all gray but this guessing game is fun! Wanna do me?

    20 DPO 3688
    25 DPO 23,433

    Natural conception, no history of twins in my family. But I did have ovulation bleeding this cycle that I’ve rarely had before.

    1. Author

      Hi JJ – You may have already had your scan by the time I got to this, but I guess me being a little late doesn’t really matter because I don’t have a great answer for you… Your numbers could go either way, so you’re in the gray area and would need a scan to know anything for sure.

  84. Hi,

    i had a blood test at 21 dpo and it came back with 4600, is this high?


    1. Author

      Hi Sarah – Determining anything by just a single beta test is difficult, because doubling times can make a big difference. I will say though that 4600 at 21dpo is high but within typical range for a singleton pregnancy.

  85. Postive opk on July 14 am
    Negitive opk on July 14 pm

    July 28 (14 dpo) hcg was 1269.
    Do you think opk could’ve been off or multiples ?

    1. Author

      I’m not a huge fan of OPKs since they never got it right for me. And 1269 at 14dpo is high even for multiples. So I’m going to guess your OPK was off.

  86. What do you think?
    One little embryo 5day FET


    Single or did it split?!

    1. Author

      Hmm… Your doubling time is faster than I’d expect, but your numbers are consistent with a singleton pregnancy and you did transfer just one, so I’m going to guess it’s a singleton.

  87. Just thought I’d update that it is twins! Very happy! Wishing everyone a very healthy pregnancy.

    Great site with very useful info!

  88. Hi modern belly,
    I had 2 expanding blast put in June 22nd.

    First beta 7/2: 500
    Second beta 7/4: 1417
    Third beta 7/10: 12,143

    Do you think it could be twins?!

    1. Author

      Hi Jackie – I’m assuming this was a 5 day transfer? In that case, 7/2 should be 10dp5dt/15dpo, 7/4 would be 17dpo, and 7/10 would be 23dpo. Since you transferred 2, and your numbers are on the high side for a singleton pregnancy, I think that while it’s not entirely clear-cut, there’s a higher-than-usual likelihood that you do have twins.

  89. Hi Julie,

    How did it turn out? I’m having an US on 7/17, and I’m guessing twins.

    6/23/17 transfer of two 5-day blasts

    7/6/17 beta #1- 564
    13 days past transfer or 18 dpo

    7/10/17 beta #2- 3086
    17 days past transfer or 22 dpo


    1. Author

      Hi Jen – Your beta levels and your doubling time (39 hours) are consistent with both a singleton pregnancy and a twin pregnancy. If I didn’t know you transferred 2 blasts, I would have guessed singleton, but instead I’m going to say you’re in the gray area and you’ll have to wait for your scan to know.

  90. Hi there,

    Just wondering if you can take a guess at what I might be expecting. I had 2x5d 5aa blasts transferred 26th of June.

    1st beta 12dp5dt = 1094
    2nd beta today 14dp5dt = 2117

    Any idea? Thanks Laura

    1. Author

      Hi Laura – I think you’re in the gray area. It could go either way, so you’ll have to wait for your ultrasound to know.

      1. Ahh ok.

        I had my self just outside of the gray area as I think my values were for 17dpo and 19dpo which your table gave 94-999 and 345-1768 for singleton……. so was hoping you were going to guess twins lol.

        That’s my guess/hope for now, scan not until the 25th so it’s a little while before I know, but will update accordingly.


  91. Hi! I came across your article looking for information on HCG levels and was curious about your guess on mine.

    Estimate dpo is between 17-19
    My HCG level is 1782

    1. Author

      Hi Myesha – I hesitate to make a guess based on a single hCG test, because I can’t get a sense of your doubling time. Additionally, the dpo makes a huge difference – 1782 at 17dpo is very high whereas at 19dpo it’s pretty consistent with a singleton. I would love to get a little more info if you have any, as it will help me form an opinion.

  92. Hi Modern Belly,

    I probably given you more information I was wondering if you can help me understand my level and possibly give me a prediction?

    6/21/17 4 weeks and 1 day : 465 mIU/ml

    7/6/17 6 weeks and 2 days : 53,751 mIU/ml?

    Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi Kelly – Assuming you ovulated exactly two weeks after the first day of your period, you first beta would be at 15dpo and the second at 30dpo. You number are on the high side, but still within range for a singleton, so I’m going to guess it’s one baby. Keep in mind, thought, than your real ovulation day may have been different than what I assumed, in which case my prediction could change.

  93. This is great information, thanks so much, I’m in on the guessing game!
    My beta is :

    15dpo- 598
    17 dpo – 1835

    Dr. said it is great, but after hanging up the phone I made the mistake of googling the numbers and reading about molar pregnancy and all sorts of other scary stuff. Now to self : stop googling things.

    But seriously, does this sound like bad high, or possibly just consistent with a twin pregnancy?

    My US is on week 8. Should I ask for an earlier US or another beta test even if Dr. said this is all good?


    1. Author

      Hi Tara – This doesn’t sound like bad high at all. It sounds like totally normal high, with a decent likelihood of twins. Sounds like your doctor wasn’t too concerned, so that’s a good sign too. I know the wait until week 8 is excruciating, but just hang in there and soon enough you’ll know!

  94. Hello 🙂 we transferred one excellent grade 5 day blast.
    Went in today on day 10pt and beta numbers were 333!
    We will feel blessed either way 🙂
    Any thoughts?

    1. Author

      Hi Heather – 333 at 10dp5dt is high-ish but not out of the ordinary for a singleton pregnancy, so I think your lovely blast is most likely still on its own in there.

  95. Ina

    Hey,modern belly can you plese make prediction for me.

    First beta 4 days past 5day transfer -0,1
    Second bhcg 10 days past 5 day transfer – 55.6, 3.bhcg 12 dp 5dt- 160 and finaly 4th bhcg 14 days past 5dt- 540. Is it singleton or twins?

    1. Author

      Hi Ivana – Your numbers are on the lower side of things, so I think a singleton is more likely.

  96. FET on estradiol and progesterone in oil

    First Beta 9dp 5dt: 407 (w4)
    Second 11dp 5dt: 907 (w4d2)
    Third 17dp 5dt: 15,451 (w5d1)

    My first US is scheduled for next week, 24dp 5dt…

    1. Author

      Hi Eunice – Your numbers are consistently high and the doubling time is accelerating. I think there’s a good likelihood of twins.

      1. Thanks Molly! Eek, I get a bit nervous with the thought of a twin pregnancy after my first four pregnancy losses… ideal would be as low risk pregnancy as possible… but hearing your feedback does help prepare me for my US on Wednesday 🙂 thanks! Will update!

  97. Hi! Hope this is still active.

    15 dpo hcg was 921
    17 dpo hcg jumped up to 3,231

    Doubling time of around 26 hours

    My eldest was suspected a twin (high numbers in ER after cramping and some bleeding)

    Twins do not run in my family, but these numbers seem high and almost worry me.


    1. Author

      Hi Jordan – I’m a little concerned about the fast doubling time. Would your doctor be willing to do a third beta test? I think it would be good to continue monitoring this.

  98. 15 dpo – June 23 – 647

    18 dpo BETA – June 26 – 2969

    Ultrasound scheduled for July 17

    Do you think this would be multiples? First FET of a single 6 day blast

    1. Author

      Hi RB – I agree that your numbers are high, and I think there is indeed a possibility your blast has split. I would say though, there are quite a few cases when women have high beta numbers and they go on to have a singleton, so I’m not ruling this option out, especially knowing you transferred just one.

      1. Found out after ultrasound earlier today that it is a singleton pregnancy, measuring 7 weeks 5 days and heard/saw heart beating, heart rate normal range. All seems to be well.

        Thanks again!


  99. I would be happy with twins but am concerned about 3 or 4. I am 41. I had four follicles on IUI trigger day – 21 and 19.6 and 17.2 and 17.5. This is my first IUI.

    My levels were:

    13dpo – 458
    15dpo- 1224

    They don’t do further blood tests but I will have an ultrasound in 2.5 weeks. I noticed my numbers didn’t even fall on your last chart.

    1. Author

      Your numbers are indeed at the very high edge of the range for a singleton pregnancy, and knowing you had 4 follicles I think the likelihood of multiples is quite high. It’s hard to say whether it’s twins or more, though. High-order multiples are so rare that there simply isn’t enough data in Betabase to make a determination around the cutoffs for twins vs. high-order multiples. With 4 follicles high-order multiples are not something I can rule out, but statistically speaking, twins are still more likely, and your numbers are within range for twins (on the high side of the range). If you get a chance to update after your ultrasound, I would love to hear what the scan uncovered.

  100. Thanks for or replying Modern Belly!

    That’s what I figured. Will know more in 3 weeks after the ultrasound =)

    1. Hi! We just recently found out we were pregnant from our 2nd FET, where we transferred 2 embryos. My 1st beta at 13dpo was 304 and 2nd beta at 15 dpo was 756. I would love to hear your prediction for me??

      1. Author

        Hi Melissa – Knowing you transferred two, and seeing that your numbers are on the very high end of the singleton range, I’m going to place my bet on twins.

    2. Hiii everyone!
      My betas are
      10 DPO 19
      12 DPO 75
      17 DPO 760
      19 DPO 2008
      Any clue if it might be twins? 💙

      1. Author

        Hi Mina – While it’s not impossible that you’re having twins, you numbers are pretty consistent with a singleton pregnancy (a little higher than average, but not crazy), so I think a single baby is more likely.

  101. Just did our first iui 6/9/17
    BFP 6/20/17-11dpiui
    First beta 13dpiui- 65
    Second beta 20dpiui- 2,014


    1. Author

      Hi Ashley – You numbers seem consistent with a singleton pregnancy.

  102. Hi Modern Belly,

    I had my eight week scan today and we have a singleton on the way!

    Thought I will just reply 😉

  103. Hi!
    We conceived frat spontaneous twins 2 years ago and we are pregnant again.

    14 dpo – 722
    20 dpo – 8,600

    Doc ordered u/s at 6 weeks for next week. Interested in your prediction.

    1. Author

      Hi Nelly – Does lightning hit twice? With you, I’d say it just might! Your numbers are very high for that many days post ovulation (though the doubling time is average), so assuming you’re sure about your ovulation day, I think twins are quite likely.

  104. Hi wondering if you can provide some insight. I had some bleeding and needed a scan which indicated I was 5 weeks and 1 day. I had a blood test the same day which came back at 15500. Bloods run again 48 hours later and increased to 22500. I’m due to have a third blood test in 3 days. . . In the mean time what do you think I’m likely to have as these numbers seem high to me for the 5th week of pregnancy 💕

    >> Sorry that last result was 25200

    1. Author

      Hi Missmoo – 5 weeks 1 day would be the equivalent of 22dpo, and 15,500 is indeed high for that point in time. Same goes for 25,200 at 24dpo. The thing is, if you don’t know when exactly you ovulated, it’s hard to say for sure that your scan was at 22dpo – the timing on these things can be slightly off, and if you were in fact at 23dpo, then 15,500 is still high but more consistent with a singleton pregnancy. So the bottom line is, it’s really hard to tell. Can you get another scan in a week or two? By then you should be able to know exactly what you’re having.

  105. Hello,

    I have found this article ver helpful!! I was wondering if you could make a prediction for me. I have had a gut feeling that there might be two in there. However, I got pregnant with a very small chance – my mature follicle was on the side of my blocked tube! The ones on my right were all around 11-12 mm on my last scan a couple days before I ovulated. So knowing that makes me doubt my hunch however I thought it doesn’t hurt to ask you for your thoughts.

    My numbers are:
    12 DPO- 38.5
    14 DPO- 121
    17 DPO- 575
    25 DPO- 14,497

    Any ideas/predictions would be much appreciated!

    Thanks! <3

    1. Author

      Hi Bre – I tend to think it’s a singleton. Your numbers are pretty average for a singleton pregnancy, with the exception of the last beta test, which is higher than average but still within typical range.

  106. Hi!

    This is such a great resource! Thank you for taking the time to collect all that information!
    I thought it would be fun to throw my numbers out there and see what you thought of them. 🙂
    I did a Clomid+trigger shot cycle and at my last ultrasound I had one dominant follicle and another one that the Dr. wouldn’t guarantee would mature in time.

    14 dpo #474
    And 21 dpo #15,187

    If I did the math correctly that gives me a doubling time of a little over 33 hours.
    What do you think? Did that second follicle mature in time? My first ultrasound is next week but it’s still fun to guess first!

    1. Author

      Hi Laura – Your doubling time is indeed a little over 33, and your numbers are on the very high end of a singleton pregnancy. I think the likelihood that your second follicle did mature in time and you’re having twins is relatively high.

      1. Hi Molly,

        I had my first ultrasound today and there’s one little bean in there with a perfect heartbeat! I was a little surprised it was one, but we couldn’t be more thrilled.

        Thank you for your input!

  107. I wanted to update you. We had a huge scare on Monday & I have been in the hospital. I suffered a retro placental blood clot. I experienced a huge gush of blood & nearly fainted- I was taken to the ER by ambulance.
    The ER dr apologized & told my husband & I she was very sorry & I was having a miscarriage.
    Finally they did an ultrasound & to our astonishment they found TWO STRONG HEARTBEATS! We are having TWINS ❣️❣️😍😍 While this has been very traumatic, we are thankful beyond words. I’m on 100 % bedrest until further notice!
    Due date now January 17th. We are praying for a healthy successful journey!
    Thank you again for your CORRECT prediction & thank you for this site.
    I know you bring peace to many.

    1. Author

      Oh wow, Karla, what a traumatic experience. But I’m SO HAPPY to hear you’re having twins! Congratulations!!! Hopefully your bed rest is exactly what your twins need to keep growing and thriving, and that will make every moment of it worth it.

  108. 5 day transfer on 6/1. 1 embryo.

    11dpt = 152
    13dpt = 450
    20dpt = 4891


    1. Author

      Hi Juliet – I think in most likelihood your single embryo implanted and did not split. Your numbers are consistent with a singleton pregnancy.

  109. Thanks for comparing all of that data! This was a great read. I definitely want to lash the guess if it’s a singleton or twins game. 🙂

    14dpo – 569
    16dpo – 1327

    Any guess for me? Thanks again for the great article.

    1. Author

      Hi Tanya – Both your beta test results put you at the very high end of the singleton range, so I’m going to guess that you’re having twins!

  110. This has been a very helpful article
    So far my numbers have been:
    14 DPO: 121
    17 DPO: 575
    25 DPO: 14,497

    Any guesses for me? My nurse said she was expecting under 5000 so the number came as a shock to us both! My ultrasound is next Friday.

    1. Author

      Hi B – I think I may have responded to a different comment of yours, so excuse me if I’m being repetitive! While your 25dpo beta is indeed a high, it’s still within typical range for a singleton (around 10% of women in BetaBase had higher numbers at this point in time with a singleton pregnancy). I’m not ruling out twins, but I think that singleton is more likely.

      As a side note, I think your nurse was being very conservative in her expectations. The median hCG level for BetaBase women at 25dpo is 5500. This means that more than 50% of the women had a beta results above the 5000 that your nurse was expecting.

  111. Love your website and this study was wonderful! Thanks! So we just did a 5 day embryo blast fet on June 1, 2017.
    My numbers-
    11dp5dt – 209
    18dp5dt – 5032

    So do you think those numbers point to a single
    or twins? I would love to see what you think! Thanks for your help!

    1. Author

      Hi Meagan – Your numbers are consistent with a singleton pregnancy, and knowing you transferred a single embryo makes me even more confident in guessing it’s going to be just one baby.

  112. Sorry! I didn’t mean to jump the gun.

    My betas were:
    5dp5dt (10 dpo) : 22
    8dp5dt (13 dpo) : 140
    15dp5dt (20dpo) : 1357
    22dp5dt (27 dpo) : 12,356

    And our ultrasound today showed that we are expecting twins!!

  113. Hi Modern Belly,

    Just wanted to let you know that one of the smaller follicles was apparently mature. It’s fraternal twins. Still somewhat in shock, but it just means we get our family of 4 all at one time. No second pregnancy for me.

  114. Hi,

    I just discovered that I’m pregnant and went to do the HCG test on June 17 and it was 27,000.

    My last day of Period was 11 May so I’m guessing that I’m five weeks long. I have been reading a lot about the high levels in the Internet and I got scared.

    I would love to have a twins since this is my first pregnancy and we have been trying to conceive for a year.

    I’m going tomorrow for another test. I’m really nervous about it.

    1. Author

      Hi Norah – This is tricky, because we don’t know when exactly you ovulated. If we assume the first day of your period was May 7, and you ovulated two weeks later, then ovulation date would be May 21, and then your June 17 hCG test would be on 27dpo. 27,000 on 27dpo is on the high end of the range for singleton pregnancies – possible but not very common. However, I don’t feel comfortable taking a guess, because your dpo might actually be different, and on top of that, you only had one test so far.

  115. I transferred two blasts on June 7th. One perfect graded and one that was an intermediate blast. Had positive hpts at 9dpo.

    6/12 was 10dpo hcg 56
    6/14 was 12 dpo hcg 197
    6/16 was 14 dpo hcg 650

    Any guesses for me?

    1. Author

      Hi Carrie – Your numbers are quite rare for a singleton pregnancy at these stages, and your doubling time is fast (28 hours between beta #2 and beta #3), so I’m going to guess that both blasts implanted.

      1. Yes ma’am! There were two babies both with heartbeats heard at 5w6d scan!

  116. Thank you for the web site. Excited to finally be able to make a post after 8 years of trying I got a BFP.

    We used a donor and transferred (1) five day blast. The embryo was PGS tested and hatching at transfer.

    2,645 Beta #1 (14) days past (5) day transfer (6/14)
    5,065 Beta #2 (16) days past (5) day transfer. (6/16)

    I go in for my first can on 6/19. Curious to hear what you think, I would be shocked it the embryo split but looking at the numbers I guess it is a possibility.

    Any inside on the P4 levels? Mine dipped a but from 26 to 20 and they said to increase my progesterone 1.5 from 1.0. Still seems to be in the range of normal not sure how to interpret that result.


    1. Had first scan 5 weeks / 3 days.- singleton on board. Go back a week from today, hope we can see the heart beat

      1. Author

        Congratulations, Amy! Sorry I wasn’t able to respond until now, but I’m so glad you came back to update with your results. You’re in for a treat next week – hearing the heartbeat is a truly amazing experience!

  117. Any chance you know what the data is for 22 dpo?
    I had a fet on 5/26 (5 day blastocycst)
    6/5 beta at 174
    6/7 beta at 520
    6/12 beta at 7949 (This would be 22 dpo, right?)

    Looks like those first two tests fall in both singleton and twin ranges, but that last one seems a bit high… What do you think?

    1. I saw the heartbeat today. It looks like there is just one little bean in there. Hoping and praying I don’t miscarry.

      1. Author

        Hi Ana – Thanks for taking the time to update, and sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. I’m not entirely surprised you have just one, because 7949, while high, is still within range for a singleton pregnancy. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that you’ll have a healthy and uneventful pregnancy!

  118. Hi,

    My beta numbers after transfer 2x5day blasto ( FET)
    7dp5dt: 40
    10dp5dt: 287
    Doubling time is 25 hours.
    I go for ultrasound june 26.

    What to you think?

    1. Author

      Hi MMM – You’re a classic ‘gray area’ lady. Your numbers could fit both a singleton pregnancy and a twin pregnancy, as does your doubling time (which tends to be faster very early on). The fact that you transferred two makes it even more challenging to call. So I think you’ll have to wait for your ultrasound – which fortunately is just a few days away now. Good luck!

  119. Hello,

    What a great website you have!!! THANK YOU!!

    May 24th transferred 2 – 5 day blastocyst . We did PGS -genetic screening .

    May 29th BFP❣️❣️

    June 2nd 9dp5dt HCG 265

    June 5th 12dp5dt HCG 1019

    June 7th 14dp5dt HCG 4167

    June 9th 16 dp5dt HCG 9682

    Ultrasound apt June 22nd.
    We are hoping both embryos implanted!

    I would love to hear your prediction.

    Thank You,

    1. Author

      Hi Karla – I think I responded to you after your third beta guessing that both embryos implanted, and I stand by this guess now that I’m seeing your fourth beta. Your numbers are on the very high end of the range for a singleton pregnancy, so I probably would have guessed twins anyway, but knowing you transferred two just makes me more bullish on my bet.

      1. Ohhh Thank you❣️❣️ You just made my Soul smile… We sure hope so.. It has been a long road.
        I apologize if I missed your 1st reply. I’m new to posting on a web site. Awesome site, btw!! 😉

        Our ultrasound is on June 22nd & I will certainly give you an update..

        Thank You again.

    2. Hi – I just got my HCG levels taken 15dpo and they came back at 1553 which in my opinion is super high for a singleton. My husband and I are so nervous. We already have 4 children and this was kind of an oops. I won’t find out till 7/5 if there is more then one in there but I’m guessing there is, your thoughts?

      My twins hcg levels were 1100 at 16dpo and my singleton was 184 at 14dpo so I’m a little nervous here with these results.

      1. Author

        Hi Karina – 1553 is way high for 15dpo. You mentioned that this was an oops pregnancy – is it possible you may have gotten your ovulation day wrong?

  120. Great interpretation of the data. It is definitely interesting and fun to think about the possibilities of what it could mean.
    We have conceived naturally and the following are my numbers.:
    15 dpo 356
    17 dpo 892
    21 dpo 4906

    We have an U/S scheduled at 7 weeks 4 days. Curious to hear your interpretation. Thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi Kristina – Your numbers are higher than average for a singleton pregnancy, but still within typical range. I think you’re in the gray area, but if I had to guess I’d go with a singleton.

  121. Scan is complete! One lil baby with 135 bpm! Although the doc did take extra time to look for an “extra passenger” because of the numbers! Thanks for your insight and what you do!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the update, Rees! Sounds like everyone suspected there are twins in there… But your embryo had other plans for all of us 🙂 Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  122. Thanks for all the great info! I’ve been camped out on your site since finding out we are pregnant.

    Wondering if you could give some insight: we transferred 1 embryo (frozen, 5day transfer).

    10dp5dt: 561
    12dp5dt: 2128
    16dp5dt: 8564
    23dp5dt: 54,760

    This is my first time seeing my numbers stacked like that and it’s making my eyes pop out of my head. We’ve had 3 chemical pregnancies in 2016, so having these results seems unreal. Trying to get my head on straight (whatever that means!) before our first ultrasound Friday 6/9.

    Thoughts??? Thanks for your time!

    1. Author

      Hi Rees – Your numbers are on the very high end of the singleton range. While it’s still possible you’re having a singleton, I think there’s a relatively high likelihood your embryo has split and you’re having identical twins. Very curious to hear what your scan will reveal tomorrow!

  123. Thank you so much for your reply!
    It looks like I had twins and lost one.
    The good news is that there is one healthy
    little bean growing and we saw a heartbeat
    of 115 bpm at 7 weeks along.

    1. Author

      Congratulations on your little bean – I’m sure he or she will bring so much happiness and joy into your life!

  124. Hello,

    What a great site you have created. THANK YOU!
    -We transferred 2 (tested PGS) 5 day hatching blastocysts on May 24th!
    First Beta 9dpt June 2nd = 265
    Second Beta 12dpt June 5th = 1018….

    *** UPDATE Third HCG BETA 14dpt June 7th = 4167!!!!

    23 hour doubling time … I would love to hear your prediction. 😍😍😍

    I requested another beta in 2 days.!

    We would love it if both implanted❣️❣️
    What are your thoughts?

    Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi Karla – Knowing that you transferred two embryos, and considering that your numbers are on the high end of normal for a singleton pregnancy and more typical of a twin pregnancy, I’m going to guess that both embryos implanted. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  125. This is so cool! I was hooking to get your opinion!

    14dpo 357
    17dpo 1600
    25dpo 17577

    Thoughts? Thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Megg – I’m a little torn about you. Your doubling time between 1st and 2nd beta is 33 hours, which is faster than usual, but then it slows down a bit between 2nd and 3rd beta. I think you’re in the gray area where both could be possible.

  126. Scan today. One sac with fetal pole and heartbeat of 121bpm. No twins…just one!

    1. Author

      Hi Kat – Sorry I’m late to respond, but congratulations on your singleton! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

  127. HI there,
    I am 42 with a prior history of a vanishing twin pregnancy. I can confirm O by temps. Got my BFP at 11 DPO which I’ve never gotten that soon before..

    My levels on 12DPO were 112. At 14 DPO it was 285. (Background: My twin pregnancy at 14 DPO was 189.)

    Do I have reason to hope for two?

    1. Author

      Hi Joy – Given your age and a history of twins, I can’t rule out that you’re having twins, but I’d say that a singleton is more likely.

  128. This is my second pregnancy via FET which was on 5/23/17. My first successful transfer ended up in miscarriage at 6 weeks in February 2017. I’ve done 4 transfers and each time transferred 2 frozen embryos. However, this pregnancy the numbers sky rocketed! Day 12 post transfer my first beta level test was 240. This number needed to at least double by day 15 when I got tested again. The second beta test result was 1730! That’s a huge jump to me! My dr is not doing a third beta but scheduled me for my 7 week U/S to hear heartbeat(s)! I’m thinking it’s twins!

    1. Author

      Hi Hayley – From 240 to 1730 in three days is indeed fast, around a 25 hour doubling time. On the other hand, your beta levels are more consistent with a singleton pregnancy. So I think it can go either way and you’ll have to wait for your U/S to know for sure. Good luck!

  129. Hi dear Modern Belly

    Here are my beta levels and Im really worried
    14 dpo =69
    16 dpo =230
    18 dpo= 589
    20 dpo =4600 😞😞😞😞
    I had two miscarriages 1 year ago
    Thank in advance
    What’s your opinion?

    1. Author

      Hi Eli – I understand your concern. Your doubling time between 18dpo and 20dpo is 16 hours, which is extremely fast. I think you don’t need to freak out yet, but my recommendation to you would be to be very proactive here. Advocate for yourself and don’t be shy to demand your doctor’s attention. If I were you, I would ask the doctor if it’s possible to have another blood test, and continue to monitor this closely. I would also push for an ultrasound scan as soon as possible – you should be 6 weeks pregnant within a few days, so you should be able to get a scan soon, and that would help shed the most light on what’s going on.

  130. I’m posting again as it doesn’t seem my first comment made it ;-)) hope that’s OK

    Hi Modern Belly, _

    Great article !
    We had 1x 5 day pgs embryo transferred on 19/05/2017
    My first beta on 31/05/2017 was 1132 and my second one 02/06/2017 was 4305 ?
    My firts scan is on 22/06/2017

    Your thoughts?

    1. Author

      Hi Olga – So let me recap:
      12dp5dt (or 17dpo): 1132 –> Pretty high but not extreme for a singleton pregnancy
      14dp5dt (or 19dpo): 4305 –> Again, high but not impossible for a singleton
      Doubling time: 25 hours –> Fast
      You’re a tough nut to crack! Your numbers feel ‘twiny’ to me, but a singleton is still a possibility, especially knowing that you transferred just one embryo.

  131. Wow, what a fun website! Thanks for compiling all the data. Any guesses for me?

    5/28/17 transfer of two hatching blasts
    6/2/17 beta #1- 22 (5 days past transfer or 10 dpo)
    6/5/17 beta #2- 140 (8 days past transfer or 13 dpo)

    It seems to be a doubling rate of 27 hours, if my math is correct.

    1. Author

      Hi Julie – I have to tell you, I really dislike beta tests that are done prior to 13dpo… They serve the purpose of saying whether or not you’re pregnant, but it’s just so early that the levels are really low and it’s hard to tell the difference between a singleton and a twin pregnancy at this stage. Same goes for the doubling time, which is typically faster this early on, so it’s hard to use that for predicting either. Are you by any chance getting another beta test soon?

  132. Hi my first beta was
    14dpo 80
    16dpo 293
    18dpo 777 can you please tell me if you think I’m having a singleton or twins thank you so much

    1. Author

      Hi Ann – Your beta hCG levels are pretty typical of a singleton pregnancy, so I think you’re probably having a singleton.

  133. More results…scan is tomorrow. Will update then:

    18dpo 369
    22dpo 1728
    24dpo 3401
    28dpo 20596

    That last result is the only one anywhere near the twin mean on BetaBase so I’m still thinking singleton. They transferred two frozen embryos on 5/13. One was a 5 day blast and one was a six day blast. The numbers above are counting using the 5day blast.

  134. Hi,
    Thanks for compiling this information and sharing it! It’s very interesting! I was hoping you might give me your insight on my pregnancy?
    In Sept 2016, I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby and my right fallopian tube. Fast forward to May 2017 and we are pregnant again (naturally) with just the left tube! 🙂 Got a positive test at only 8dpo.
    My hcgs have been pretty high. My ultrasound is this Wed and I’m thinking it’s a possibility there are twins in there.
    13 dpo- 254
    15 dpo- 626
    17 dpo- 1585
    29 dpo- 52726

    1. Author

      Hi Katie – Congratulations on your pregnancy! I believe you’ve already had your ultrasound and know the answer, but just in case I’ll share my thoughts: based on everything you’ve shared, I think the likelihood of twins is higher than usual.

  135. Hi there, came across this site and thought how awesome!! I had beta hcg today at 19dpo which was 6096, going for uss in 5 days as have had brown spotting. I have a niggling feeling it’s twins, don’t know why. Any thoughts? Of course I will update after uss on Friday too xx

    1. Author

      Hi Carrie – It’s really hard to say anything based on just one beta test. Your levels are indeed quite high for 19dpo, but with no knowledge of doubling times and levels over time, I can’t really say if it means you’re having twins.

  136. I very much enjoyed reading your post and was impressed with all the research you put into it. I came across it while freaking out over my HCG results. Last year I was pregnant with twins after a 3rd IVF, but lost them to premature birth at 22 weeks. I was being induced for my 4th IVF cycle, but only 4 eggs grew. Because of my previous dismal embryo survival stats, we decided to cancel this cycle and converted it to IUI. Why not… I had 10 IUIs previously and was not holding my breath, but then the pregnancy test came back positive. But now I am terrified that it could be higher order multiples and I might be facing a reduction. My U/S is on Thursday, so I will know my fate soon enough (and promise to update!), but I still can’t stop reading and fretting about it and would be very interested to hear what your research says. I don’t know how much info your databases have on higher order multiples. But I feel like I would even be relieved at twins, as long as it is not three or more.

    Here is my info: IUI on 5/7 (trigger 5/5), HCG#1 on 5/22 (15 DPO?) = 1025, HCG#2 on 5/25 (18 DPO?) = 3174


    1. Author

      Hi MM – I totally understand where you’re coming from! With three mature follicles, I was also at risk of higher-order multiples and I was terrified before my ultrasound scan! Betabase does have information about triplet pregnancies, but there are much fewer data points, naturally. In general, I find that the ranges for twins and triplets are closer together than the ranges for singleton and twins. The numbers you reported would put you on the high end of the range for both twins and triplets, so I think multiples are quite likely, but not necessarily more than two.

  137. I would like your opinion …
    We did 2 5day embryos

    12dpt -700(17dpo)
    14dpt-1762 (19dpo)

    Thanks soooo much

    1. Author

      Hi Stephanie – Your numbers put you in the gray area. It can go either way, so you’ll have to wait for your scan to know for sure.

  138. Hello, I was hoping you might have some insight into my situation.

    My HCG
    9dpo – 10
    10dpo – 21
    11dpo – 58
    16dpo – 729
    19dpo – 2,894
    24dpo – 10,666
    26dpo – 15,563

    As you can see, I’m not even 6 weeks along yet and my numbers were going up so quickly at first that my OBGYN suggested it could be twins.
    Now it has slowed down to almost 90 hours doubling time and I’m afraid I lost one or both.

    I have an ultrasound coming up in a few days on June 5th so I’ll update then.

    In the meantime I’m just going crazy and scared of a repeat of last month when we had an early loss.

    Do you have any thoughts?

    1. Author

      Hi Katie – I realize I’m responding after you’ve already had your scan, so you don’t really need my guess anymore. I hope it went well and you got good news! I do want to point out that as hCG levels go into 5-figure territory, doubling time starts to slow down, so it’s not necessarily a bad sign.

  139. Hello modern belly….

    I am eagerly waiting for your guesses. Please do answer me…
    I had a miscarriage last Dec.
    Then i took clomiphene.
    My hcg were
    13 dpo …. 83
    21 dpo…..2872
    26 dpo …..16782…
    Please do answer me…
    P.n..i ll keep u updated

    1. Author

      Hi Anzi – I think your numbers are more consistent with a singleton pregnancy. I’m not ruling out twins, but I think one baby is more likely.

  140. Just wanted to follow-up and post our latest Beta. The test was done yesterday (5/30) and the level was 1720. To summarize:

    2 embryos transferred (one was a 5 day blast and one was a 6 day blast – numbers below calculated using the 5 day blast) via FET on 5/13.

    5/26: 369
    5/30: 1720

    I did a doubling time calculator and it said 1.8 days. These numbers look to me like they trend to singleton…not totally sure though. Thoughts?

    1. Hello, I had a FET of 1 PGS 5 day hatching blastocyst on 5/11.

      On 11dpt my HCG was 496 and on 13dpt it was 1165.

      I am a little concerned that these numbers are high and that the embryo could have split…..

      Any thoughts?

      Thank you

      1. Author

        Hi ShoMars, 11dp5dt is equal to 16dpo, so an hCG level of 496 at that point is not unusual for a singleton. Same goes for 1165 at 13dp5dt / 18dpo, which is a bit high but still within typical range. I think there’s a higher likelihood that your embryo stayed intact.

  141. Just got my betas back. I had my fet transfer on May 19. First beta was 5/27 and was 121, had my second 5/29 and it was 322. I transferred a pgs tested/icsi’d/hatching embryo. I feel like these numbers are on the higher range. What do you think??

    1. Author

      Hi Mitch – Your betas are a bit high for 8dp5dt (13DPO) and 10dp5dt (15DPO), but they’re still within normal range for a singleton pregnancy. Around 20% of pregnancies in BetaBase had these levels or higher at those time frames, so given that you’ve only transferred one embryo, I think there’s a very good chance you’re having a singleton.

  142. Hi 🙂 I was hoping for your opinion, specifically about my 21dpo level.

    13dpo – 90
    15dpo – 283
    17dpo – 885
    21dpo – 6490

    It seems to start as typical singleton levels, but my 21dpo was MUCH HIGHER than the singleton level.

    1. Author

      Hi Michelle – Your doubling time is pretty fast (29 hours between tests 1 and 2 & 2 and 3, 33 hours between tests 3 and 4), so that explains why your numbers are getting increasingly more extreme as time goes by. These doubling times, more than the beta hCG levels, are what makes me suspect you may be having twins.

  143. I had FET transfer on 2nd May 2017. Two embryos were transfered. I am taking lonopin injection, susten gel, progynova, dupaston etc. My Beta hcg was 2321 on 17th May and 5421 on 19th May. Today is 28th May. Gradually my symptoms are fading away. So feeling scary. My ultrasound will be held on 3rd june. Please guide..

    1. Author

      Hi Roop – Assuming you did a 5-day transfer, 5/17 would put you at 15dp5dt, which is equal to 20DPO, and 5/19 would be 22DPO. That means you’re in the gray area, because your numbers are consistent with both singleton and twin pregnancies at this point in time. I can’t guess if you’re pregnant with one baby or two, but I will say this: symptoms come and go, and you shouldn’t let that get your thoughts racing. I know it’s easier said than done… But seriously, I was in the same boat as you and paid too much attention to my symptoms, and it can just drive you crazy when there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. Based on the numbers you shared with me, you sound very pregnant, so I do hope and believe everything is fine. Please try to stay calm and patient until your scan – you have just one week to go and then you’ll have answers to so many of your questions at once! Good luck!

  144. Hi!

    I’m curious on your thoughts:

    -5 day frozen transfer pgp tested grade aa
    -2 embryos put back

    10 day post transfer -379
    14 days post transfer -1759


    1. Author

      Hi Jill – You’re in the gray area, unfortunately. The numbers you’re reporting are consistent with both singleton and twin pregnancies at 10dp5dt (=15DPO) and 14dp5dt (=19DPO), so it’s impossible for me to guess with any level of certainty.

  145. We are using a gestational carrier. Her last period started 4/20. They did a frozen embryo transfer on 5/13 of two embryos. They were blasts. Beta today was 369. Thoughts? Repeat will be Tuesday. Not sure how to read these charts because I don’t understand how many days to count this as. Help!

    1. Author

      Hi Kat – 5/26 would be 13 days after a transfer of two 5-day embryos, so that would be 13dp5dt, which is equal to 18DPO. 369 at 18DPO is more consistent with a singleton pregnancy. About 4-5% of twin pregnancies on BetaBase had these levels or lower at 18DPO, so a twin pregnancy is not out of the questions, but I think a singleton is significantly more likely.

  146. Hello!
    First beta at at 14DPIUI was 109 and 2 days later at 16dpiui it was 346. Thoughts? Non injectable cycle, only Femara. Thanks :-).

  147. Hi Modern Belly! Great article. I stumbled across it while searching for high hcg levels. Wondering if I could get your thoughts on my situation. I had an IUI with 1 mature follicle at 20 mm. However there were 3 smaller ones at 15 mm or less. Initially I was concerned about those (as I don’t want multiples) but my nurse assured me that they were too small and most likely didn’t contain a viable egg. Now that I got my hcg levels back I’m starting to wonder if one or more of those smaller ones was actually mature. I got a positive hpt at 11 dpo (although I didn’t test before that). My first beta at 16 dpi was 1830 and 48 hours later it was 4310. Approx 39 hour doubling time. What do you think? I’m going in for an ultrasound in a little over a week but it’s driving me crazy right now and need an opinion. Thank you so much!

    1. Author

      Hi Amarie – 15mm is definitely on the small size, so I fully understand your nurse’s point of view. However, your hCG levels are very high for 16DPO and 18DPO – there are only a handful of cases of singleton pregnancies on BetaBase with similar numbers. I know you don’t want to hear this, but I believe your likelihood of multiples is high. If this is indeed the case, I can think of two potential explanations: either one of those 15mm follicles matured faster than expected after your last scan (in which case you’ll have fraternal twins), or the egg from the 20mm follicle split (in which case you’ll have identical twins). If you get a chance to come back here after your ultrasound, I’d love to hear an update.

  148. Hi there,

    Good day. Hope this message finds you well. It is an excellent article and I’ve read most of your comments from the above questions/concerns. You are so nice and I appreciated and thank you in advance for my questions.

    I had a frozen embryo transfer (ONE embryo) on 4/27, and the BHCG levels are as follows:
    on 5/4 (which I believe is 14 days DPO or Week 3 & Day 5 was 172 mIU/mL),
    on 5/6 (which I was told by my doctor that I was exactly on Week 4 Day 0 of LMP was 399 mIU/mL),
    on 5/13 (which I was told by my doctor that I was exactly on Week 5 Day 0 of LMP was 10,910 mIU/mL),
    on 5/25 will be scheduled for ultrasound.

    I appreciated and would like to get your advise how likely will I be having twins (split from one embryo)?

    Is that too early to tell or if there is any indication of having twins at this point? Also, I did the PGS testing and I know the gender of that ONE embryo now. If it I did some research online and it seems that I am on my BHCG is on the higher end on week 5 of LMP. Of course, I understand it will tell when the ultrasound day comes.

    (Please excuse me as this is a repost since I posted it more than a week ago as it seems like my messages didn’t go through and somehow my questions are skipped and some other people already got the questions answered. Thank you so much.)

    Thank you so much for your attention and time. Your explanation and clarification are greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

    1. Author

      Hi Mila – sorry for not getting back to you earlier! I see you posted this on 5/25, which is the day of your ultrasound, so you may already know the definitive answer, but in case you don’t, let me share my thoughts.

      Assuming you transferred a 5-day embryo, your first beta test indeed happened at 14DPO. The numbers of that test and the one following it are pretty consistent with a singleton pregnancy. The last test, at 23DPO, is where things go to the higher end of the singleton range. A week is a long time though, and the more advanced you are in your early pregnancy, the larger the normal range is for hCG levels, so given everything else we know (a single embryo transferred and the 14DPO and 16DPO beta tests), I’m going to guess the embryo has not split.

  149. Yes the Doctor appointment was today and you are right!! I am 7 weeks pregnant of one baby!! Thank you 🙂

  150. Hi Modern Belly!
    We transferred one embryo 5/9/17. At 9 days past a 5 day transfer my Beta was 337. At 14 days past My beta is 1911. We used donor eggs due to my age and previous losses. Any thoughts?


    1. Author

      I’m not sure about you… Your numbers are high, but not unreasonable for a singleton. And you did transfer just one embryo, so I’m going to say the likelihood of a singleton is higher despite the high hCG levels.

  151. It is really fun seeing everyone’s numbers and I especially love when the ladies come back and update with the results, so I have to play along, too! We did an IUI with Menopur and had two mature follicles when we triggered. Here’s my HCG levels:

    13 dpo: 390
    17 dpo: 3001

    The ultrasound is on June 2nd and the wait is driving me crazy!

    1. Author

      Hi Andrea – wowza, 3001 at 17DPO?! Based on your consistently high numbers and a doubling time of 32 hours, I’m going to place my bet on twins.

        1. Author

          Congratulations, Andrea! You’re in for a double adventure!

  152. Hi there!

    We did a FET on 5/10 with 2 fully hatched PGS and PGD tested embryos, and doctor said there was a 50% chance that both would take. Beta #1 on 5/20 (10dp5dt) was 183, beta #2 on 5/22 (12dp5dt) was 506. According to your post, they both fall within the “overlap.” Is a 32 hour doubling time considered fast? I don’t have Beta #3 until Tuesday 5/30 so I was poking around the internet to see if it was possible to even guess what the hcg levels should be around 20dp5dt?

    1. Author

      Hi Casey – You’re totally a ‘gray area’ type of lady. Your numbers are consistent with a singleton pregnancy, but you transferred two embryos and your doubling time is faster than average, so it can go both ways. I don’t think it’s possible to guess your third beta hCG with any level of certainty, so I think you’ll just have to wait a little while longer…

  153. Hi Modern Belly! Any insight into my hcg levels?

    14dpo 270
    16dpo 685
    20dpo 4467
    26dpo 21,592

    1. Author

      Hi M – Cool that you got to have so many beta tests! Your numbers are consistently high and you have a good doubling time, so I think the likelihood of twins is relatively high.

  154. Thank you for your excellent article. This is my 2nd pregnancy and I’m wondering about my high beta levels​ as well. We conceived naturally, so I don’t have a lot of data:

    – 13dpo faint line on a hpt
    – 15 dpo darker line
    – 20 dpo blood test: 2850

    Any thoughts? My gyn is pretty sure it’s not twins.

    I’m 7weeks along now, and having my first ultrasound on Tuesday.

    1. Author

      Hi Steph – I tend to agree with your doctor, but it’s hard to say anything without a second beta test. How did your ultrasound go?

  155. Hi I would love you guess as to whether I’m having twins or a single?!
    My first draw was actually just due to a large panel of tests my dr ordered did not know I would become pregnant!

    8dpo beta 2
    15 dpo beta 670
    18 dpo beta over 5000

    1. Hi modern belly not sure if you were able to read my post but my levels were

      8dpo 2
      15 dpo 670
      18 dpo over 5000

      1. Author

        Hi Renee – Sorry, playing catch-up with the comments!

        Your numbers are very high (especially 18DPO), and your doubling time is fast. I think multiples are quite likely.

        1. Thank you for your guess! I hope your right I would love twins it took us 18 months to conceive this or these little babes!! I will find out on the 6th and update everyone 🙂

  156. Hi-Well your hunch was right. I wanted to update everyone. I’m currently 6 weeks pregnant with TWINS! 😳❤️😁

    1. Author

      Congratulations, Marie! Prepare for an adventure!

  157. Hi,

    This is my story:

    04/17 IUI (two folicles)
    05/02 (15 dpo Beta 324,9)
    05/11 (24 dpo Beta 7116,7)

    I had an ultrasound at the 5th week of pregnancy and there were two sacs, one was empty, the doctor told me to go in two weeks to check if there are two heartbeats or just one.

    PS. With my last pregnancy was the same situation and there was two sacs but just one baby.

    The Doctors App is on May 24th. I cant wait to read what do you think about my numbers

    Thank you

    1. Author

      Hi Carla – Based on your numbers, I think singleton is quite likely. Looks like I got to your question too late, though, since your doctors appointment was today. How did it go?

  158. Fantastic Article!!

    Diving into numbers is a great distraction from the uncertainty – it allows me to irrationally predict an unpredictable outcome rationally 🙂

    Moreover, the fact that you are still replying to comments more than a year after the fact really impresses. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

    I’ve provided dates just in case my DPO understanding is wrong…

    4/26 d5et, 2 (5AA, 4AB)
    5/9 HCG#1 (18DPO?): 1022
    Doc says I’m ‘very positive’ / I was shocked by the number
    5/11 HCG#2: (20DPO?): 4288
    Doc says no need for any more bloodwork / I have more questions than answers…
    5/22 US: ???

    The number is high to begin with, but it seems the trendline is higher…thoughts!?!?

    p.s. I promise I’ll provide an update. I found updated posts to be so much more fun and interesting than just providing counts

    1. Author

      Jo, thank you for all your kind words – I really appreciate it!

      You got the DPOs right, and I agree that your second beta result is more extreme than your first. What stands out the most to me is the doubling time – if you tested at the same time on 5/9 and 5/11, it would mean that your numbers doubled every 23 hours! Even if there were more than 48 hours between the two tests, the doubling time would still be very fast, so with this in mind, and given the fact that you transferred two embryos, I’m placing my bet on twins. I’d love to hear your update after your scan!

      1. Thanks Molly!

        Yes, they were at the same time of day – so doubling time is really fast!

        I had some bleeding this morning, an incredibly scary situation (especially given my 8 year, 4 major surgery history with infertility) and went in to get it checked out. Before they did the ultrasound, my doctor told me given everything going on with the numbers, he anticipates twins and there can be bleeding with twins (though should always have it checked out regardless). The ultrasound confirmed his suspicions (and ours!)!

        He gave me some instructions to calm the bleeding, and he believes everything should get back on track.

        OMG TWINS!!!!! Gotta wrap my mind around that. A short/long road ahead, I’m going to forget everything else and allow myself to enjoy this moment and experience hope at least for today (it’s nice to have a win for a change). I’ll go back to worrying tomorrow. – that’s the only thing I can control right now.

        1. Author

          Congratulations! When I found out I’m having twins I freaked out, but then the idea grew on me. Now I can’t imagine having just one…

  159. Hi, I just had a frozen embryo transfer on 5/1/17, on the 10th my HCG was 263 (which the nurse said was “good and strong.”) Tomorrow I go in for the second test. They transferred 2 very good embryos with 100% thaw (no damage). One was even hatching!

    I did a fresh 5 day transfer with my first child, and 14 days later my HCG was 104. They also implanted 2 embryos for this cycle.

    I’m scared to death I might be having twins this time!! Thoughts? I’m 43 with a 2 year old.

    Thanks for this AWESOME article. And you are right, women with higher betas are more likely to be searching because they are freaking out! 🙂

    1. My HCG is 792 this morning. 2 days later… Oh man. What do you think? YIKES!

      1. Ultrasound scheduled for May 30th.

        Oy vey! The wait is gonna kill me! 🙂

      2. Author

        Ok, so let me recap, and correct me if I got anything wrong. You had an FET with two 5-day embryos on the 1st, and 9 days later (the equivalent of 14dpo) your hCG level was 263. Then two days after that (16DPO) it was 792, which represents a 30 hour doubling time. Your hCG levels are high but still within range for a singleton pregnancy, but your doubling time is quite short, which is the main thing leading me to think that you have a high likelihood of having twins. you’ll have to wait two whole weeks for your ultrasound to know for sure, but whenever you’re freaking out about this possibility while you’re waiting, let me just tell you that having twins – while scary – is also an amazing experience!

        1. Yes. You got the calculations right. Went in for my US today and , as we suspected, TWINS.
          Two strong heartbeats and a nice thick lining between the two. 6.5 weeks prego, due in January.

          Let all hell break loose! I’ll be mini van shopping at the year-end sale, because this family of three just went to five in a heartbeat (or two). 🙂

  160. We only transferred one, but it was ICSI and hatching and people keep telling me they bet it has split! So it’s fun to speculate 🙂

  161. Thank you so much for responding Modern Belly. I noticed I did calculate wrong. I had no idea what I was doing. Thank god we have you helping! I will wait and see on 6/6/17.

  162. Hi, trying to get your input. I was in femara 7.5 had 2 good follicles. Got my +pregnancy test last Thursday.

    18 dpo-2149

    Singleton or twins?

    1. Author

      Hi Stacey – Having 2 follicles already increases your chance of having twins, and your high hCG levels make me think the likelihood that it’s two is relatively high.

  163. Okay! Because it’s been so fun reading all of the responses and guesses – here is mine!

    12dp5dt – 1746
    14dp5dt – 3894

    They said no more beta – just US on 5/19!


    1. Author

      Hi Katelynn – Your ultrasound scan is so close, soon you’ll know for sure! Have you transferred two embryos? In that case, I’m going to guess it’s twins. Your numbers are quite high.

  164. I loved this article! I was definitely googling for this type of information. My hCG levels seem to be a little on the high end. I have my first ultra sound on May 16th and will know how many babies are in there.

    11dpo 117
    15 dpo 657
    22dpo 10715

    Can’t wait for the ultra sound!

    1. Author

      Hi Amber – I agree, they’re on the high side, and I think you’re more likely than the average woman to have twins. You’re still in the gray area though, and your ultrasound scan is so close that I think at this point it’s better to just wait it out instead of guess… Good luck!

  165. HI
    We did a 3 day embryo transfer of two excellent quality embryos.

    My HCG levels are

    13Days post transfer 1080
    17days past transfer 3180

    do you think these HCG numbers are indicative of twins?

    1. Author

      Hi Kelly – Your numbers are pretty high for 16DPO and 20DPO, so I think there’s a relatively good chance both embryos took. My one concern is that the doubling time is rather slow, which could indicate a higher likelihood of a singleton – did 96 hours pass between the two tests or was it less than that?

      1. Sorry I should have written that the bloods were 13 days post transfer 1080
        and 15 days post transfer 3180. I had bloods done on Wednesday (HCG 1080) and then again on the friday (HCG 3180).

      2. Sorry I should have written that the bloods were 13 days post transfer 1080
        and 15 days post transfer 3180. I had bloods done on Wednesday (HCG 1080) and then again on the friday (HCG 3180).

      3. HI
        I just wanted to let you know the outcome of my ultrasound. I had my seven week scan on Tuesday and its confirmed TWINS. Non identical twins, both doing well saw two heart beats and we couldn’t be happier.
        Just wanted to update you. THANKS

  166. Hi!

    I was on 7.5 mg Femara and Estrace 2mg. Had IUI on 4/21 with three larger follicles, Triggered. E2 level was 540pg/mL day before IUI. Ovulated all. On 200mg progesterone & continued E2 since after ovulation.

    1st beta 14dpo (7:30am) 265.5
    2nd beta 17dpo (7:30am) 1265.5

    Sounding like there may be twins?! So blessed after secondary infertility @ 35! Impatiently awaiting our 7 week US! 🙂

    Your guess?!

    1. Author

      Hi Marie – so with three ‘eligible’ follicles, multiples are a realistic possibility. Between your three follicles, your high-ish beta hCG levels, and the quick doubling time (32 hours), I won’t be surprised if you’re indeed having twins.

  167. Hi Modern Belly- sorry I can’t tell which one is the response to mine?

    1. Author

      Hey Lori – My response to you was the one where I said you were in the grey area and it’s really hard to say. I know it’s probably not what you wanted to hear, but I think you’d really have to wait for your ultrasound scan to know.

  168. Hi wondering what you think. I think it’s one but a few people have said it could be twins.

    14dpo=87 (low right)

    Singleton right?

    1. Author

      I’m in your camp. I mean, it could always be twins – some women have really low betas and still end up with twins – but statistically speaking, it’s more likely that it’s a singleton. Your numbers are all consistent with typical ranges for singleton pregnancies.

  169. Hello – Looking for your input 🙂

    I did a fresh embryo transfer 5 days post retrieval. My levels have been as follows:

    9 dpt: 166
    13 dpt: 539
    15 dpt: 1136
    17 dpt: 3709

    What do you think??


    1. Author

      Hi Erika – I think it’s likely you’re having a singleton. Your 9dpt (=14dpo), 13dpt (=18dpo) and 15dpt (=20dpo) are pretty much the average for singleton pregnancies at that dpo. Your 17dpt is a little higher than the average, but still well within the typical range for a singleton.

  170. Hi, i was just curious what you thought about my levels.

    13 dpo was 71
    15 dpo was 169
    20 dpo was 1684
    23 dpo was 6942

    Is it possible for twins?

    1. Author

      You first three results were really consistent with a singleton pregnancy, then the last result got a little high (but still within range). Your doubling time is pretty short throughout. So I do think it’s possible your having twins, but I believe a singleton is more likely.

  171. HI! I had my iui on 4/19, tested on 4/30 and it was positive!

    My betas were:
    5/2 (13dpiui) – #224
    5/4 (15dpiui) – #573

    They told me I didn’t need a third and am going in for my first ultrasound in two weeks. What do you think??? My husband is a twin and I have twins that run in my family.

    1. Author

      Congratulations! Between the high hCG levels and the history of twins in your family, I think twins are definitely a possibility!

  172. Hi modern belly,

    I was wondering if you could give me some insight

    18 dpo HCG levels 2172
    20 dpo hcg levels 4649

    So doubled every 22.3 hours.


    1. Author

      Your 20dpo results are a little more than double your 18dpo results, so it actually took your numbers almost two days to double (44 hours), which is pretty average. It’s not the doubling time that makes me think you may be having twins as much as it is the hCG levels. They’re very high for both 18dpo and 20dpo – not out of the realm of singleton pregnancies, but more consistent with twin pregnancies.

  173. Hi! Curious on your thoughts!
    13dpo- 127
    14dpo- 210
    23dpo- 6,271

    Thank you!

    1. Author

      You’re one of the women who fall within the grey area: your numbers are right on the average for twin pregnancies, but even though they’re higher than the average for singleton pregnancies, they’re still within typical range. So it can really go either way.

  174. Hi my first beta at 18days dpo was 2396. So what will you say may I have twins…?

    1. Author

      I hesitate to offer an opinion based on just one beta test. Your hCG levels are high, but we need to see your second beta to know your doubling time and see how the numbers are trending. When is your next test?

  175. Thanks! My last numbers were 41495 at 5w3d (24dpo) so still doubling sooner than 48 hours but time will tell. Thanks again!

  176. I tried to post earlier and may have but phone died so my apologies I Have done this twice.

    I just received my HCG levels of 4881. I had iui on April 9 and trigger shot on April 8. The blood test was taken April 29. This seems high or is this in the normal range? This is my Third pregnancy too so not sure if that is a factor as well. Ultrasound will be in a couple weeks but curious if your thoughts here. Thank you!!!

    1. Author

      Hi Christine – I’ll assume that ovulation happened on April 9, which puts your blood test at 20DPO. 4881 is a pretty high hCG level for that many days post ovulation, so I think the likelihood of a multiple pregnancy is higher than usual. Have you gotten a second beta test since?

  177. Hoping you are still giving predictions! This is my second pregnancy and I asked my Dr to check my levels because I’m feeling fewer symptoms than I did with my first.
    18DPO: 1676
    21DPO: 6104

    1. Author

      Hi Hailey – Your numbers are high for 18DPO and 21DPO. Are you sure about your ovulation date? If you are, then I estimate you have a higher likelihood of twins than usual.

  178. Hi,

    Had a Single FET April 11th. 14 days later my first hcg level was 628. Two days later it was 1,588 and two days after that 3,578.


    1. Author

      Was this an FET of a day 5 embryo? If so, your tests were taken at the equivalent of 19DPO, 21DPO and 23DPO, in which case your numbers are average for a singleton pregnancy.

  179. Hi! This site is awesome – thank you! Here are my numbers …

    Dpo 13 – 246
    Dpo 15 – 466

    I did have a vanishing twin early in my last pregnancy. Would love your thoughts 🙂

    1. Author

      Your numbers are high-ish but still normal for a singleton, and your doubling time is not super fast, so I think you probably have a singleton.

  180. Thanks for this thread. So after looking up what can increase chances of a twin, I’m anxiously waiting for my next ultrasound so I can breathe easier. I’m overweight, Black, over 5’5, and my mom’s dad is a fraternal twin but indont know much else about his family because I never really knew him and only met him once before he and his twin were killed in a car accident. Anywho, my levels thus far :
    16DPO 870
    19DPO 4124
    22DPO 18410
    I did get an ultrasound that showed one sac measuring exactly on schedule with the dates but at 5w1d I know it’s possible to miss one. I’m not really hoping for twins, but would be just fine with whatever I’m blessed with. Do my numbers look like I have a little one hiding?

    1. Author

      Your numbers are definitely high, but keep in mind that some women just naturally have high hCG levels in their singleton pregnancies. The ultrasound tends to know best though. I agree that at 5w1d there’s still a chance of a hiding twin, and given your numbers I can’t fully rule it out, but it’s pretty rare, so I think in most likelihood you’re having just one.

  181. I am curious to see your prediction:

    Beta #1 – HCG: 640
    Progesterone: 21.2
    11 days

    Beta #2 – HCG: 1542
    Progesterone: 9.5
    13 days

    I had to go in for a U/S due to a blood clot and they saw a heartbeat, but didn’t look around much…. any thoughts?

    1. Author

      Your numbers are extremely high for your DPO, even for a twin pregnancy. Were you monitored? Are you sure you have your ovulation date right?

  182. Hi HCG Guru

    Was wondering what your thoughts were on these HCG results:
    14dpo -343
    22dpo – 12307

    I had 4 days of bleeding in week 3 (around missed period date) not sure if that was implantation or a miscarriage or eptopic

    When I read the dpo averages my results are quite high…
    I’m not seeing the OB until week 8 🙁

    1. Author

      I would eagerly await the scan too, if I were you. Your numbers are indeed high, especially the second beta, but your doubling time is pretty normal (37 hours), so all is good there. And here’s the other thing to remember, the later your beta test, the larger the range of possible hCG levels, so the high numbers are perceived as increasingly ‘extreme’. 5 digit numbers always seem scarier than 4 digit ones, for some reason. All this is to say that I’d definitely place you in the ‘higher likelihood of twins’ bucket, but you’ll have to wait a little longer before you know whether you’ve really hit the twin jackpot.

  183. Hi there!
    I had a 5 day frozen embryo transfer April 7 and had a 14 dpt beta of 1875.
    I usually ovulate 14/15 days in my cycle, my last period started March 8.
    Last month I had a positive beta of 3600 15 dpt 5 day embryo and then lost two weeks later.
    Do my high betas indicate multiples or could I just be one that has high hcg levels? Do you need a second beta to give more accurate prediction? I will have another test Monday.
    Thank you for your thoughts in advance!

    1. Author

      Hi Nicole – While your hCG beta levels are high, they’re within normal range for a singleton pregnancy, and given that you transferred one embryo, I think it’s more likely you’re having just one baby. A second beta would help, though, as we’ll ba able to know your doubling time. Keep me posted!

  184. Hello! I’m currently 16dp 5d fet. My beta hcg are:
    12dp = 577
    14dp = 1476
    16dp = 3745

    Would love to know what you think of these numbers.
    Thank you!

    1. Author

      Hi Laura – Your numbers are pretty consistent with a singleton pregnancy, so I think it’s most likely you’re carrying a single baby.

  185. So glad to have found this. I have been reading studies on pubmed, and am happy to find someone else who is looking at this similarly! I’m still waiting for my first ultrasound as today is only 17dpo. I had early HCG monitoring b/c of a prior missed mc and this was a clomid cycle (100mg) but not IVF/IUI

    11dpo: 90
    14dpo: 457
    16dpo: 1295

    1. Author

      Yes, I love to geek out! hCG levels are not a reliable way to definitively determine what you’re having, but I do believe that they can suggest whether the likelihood of having multiples is higher than usual. Ovulation induction (using Clomid or other drugs) is known to increase the risk of multiple pregnancy, so based on that and on your beta results and doubling time, I’d say you’re in the ‘higher likelihood’ group for sure.

  186. Ultrasound at 20dpo showed one gestational sac. Dr looked around a lot b/c I’ve been having some pain and didn’t see anything else. I definitely ovulated 2 follicles. I’m happy no matter how many babies there are, but I still have this nagging feeling it’s twins. We go back on 5/2 at 7 weeks to look for a heartbeat. If we see one, I promised myself I’ll stop thinking there’s a twin hiding. For now, it’s hard not to think it might have been too early to see #2… Dr was happy with everything he saw, so he didn’t draw labs a third time…

  187. 10 DPO: 36
    14 DPO: 317 (Doubling time 28.68hr NOT 26.5)
    16 DPO: 1463 (Doubling time 27.19hr)

    More info: 90 hours between first two & 56 between second two.

  188. I guess I thought 26.5 hour doubling time was fast but probably normal for this stage. 🙂

  189. I was 172 at 15 days past ovulation.
    I was 5,300 at 22 days past ovulation.

    1. Author

      I’m going to guess singleton. Your 15DPO numbers are right around the median for singleton pregnancies, and your 22DPO numbers are high but still within normal range for singleton.

  190. Hi! I’ve been trolling the internet for just this sort of information. I’d love your prediction! I am 39 and pregnant (no fertility assistance) after two very early losses (I also have a healthy 17-month old). My betas have been:

    9 DPO 7
    12 DPO 82 (18 hours doubling)
    14 DPO 263 (28.55 hours doubling)
    16 DPO 752 (31.67 hours doubling)

    I have an u/s scheduled at the end of next week (I’ll be 6w2d days). Wondering about twins! Thank you!

    1. Author

      Can I be honest with you? I hate very early hCG beta tests (before 12DPO or so) because it’s so hard to tell at that stage. So I really have only your 14DPO result to go off of, and it’s high but not insanely high. So I’m going to guess singleton, but if you happen to have another test, come back and update me and maybe I’ll change my mind…

  191. What a wonderful resource this page is! Thank you Molly!

    My results:
    15 DPO = 591
    18 DPO = 2052
    38 DPO = 118,832

    What do you think? I conceived a vanishing twin in the past.

    1. Author

      Thank you!

      A history of conceiving twins plus high beta hCG levels? I think twins are quite likely.

  192. Was wondering your thoughts on twins or sibgleton. Have three sets of twins on my moms side and my doubling rate is around 36 hours. And everyone we’ve talked to has said “It’s twins” for some weird reasons.

    13 dpo – 69.8
    14 dpo – 125
    20 dpo – 2619

    What are the chance and it could be multiples?

    1. Author

      There’s always a chance of twins, but your numbers are pretty consistent with a singleton pregnancy, so I think the latter is more likely.

  193. Thanks for this site! I’m on Clomid after 3 very early miscarriages. Had 2 large follicles and tested positive at home 10dpo.
    13 dpo – 359
    15dpo – 950
    Seems so high, but I expected more of a jump if it was multiples
    Ultrasound on 20dpo (Monday) – although that might still be too early to see anything…

    1. Author

      So I see that by the time I responded, you’ve already had your ultrasound scan. How did it go? It’s very early for a scan so I don’t know if you so anything, but based solely on your beta hCG levels, I do think twins are a realistic possibility.

    1. Hi! I had 2/ 5 day frozen blast transfered and on day 9 after transfer HCG was at 256. 4 days later 13 days past transfer HCG was at 1984. I am thinking that both embryos may have implanted! They were pgs tested and normal. Does it seem high enough for twins?

      1. Author

        It’s definitely high enough for twins, but it’s also a realistic number for a singleton. Typically, when I hear that someone has transferred two blasts and subsequently had high hCG levels – like you – I tend to think that the likelihood of twins is relatively high. So not ruling out a singleton, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s twins.

  194. Thank you for this great information! I had a beta of 2,978 on 14 dp 5dt and then 10,734 at 18 dp5dt. We transferred two embryos. My first number seems way high but then after my second beta I’m not sure! Any insight for me? Thank you!

    1. Author

      Both numbers are on the high side but within typical range of a singleton pregnancy, so if I didn’t know anything else I would have guessed one baby. However, since you transferred two embryos and your numbers are very possible in a twin pregnancy, I can’t rule out twins. So I’m going to have to go with “wait and see” – sorry I can’t be of more help!

  195. Hello there!!
    I am so glad that I found your blog, it has eased my mind! Here are my levels, any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    18dpo – 1204
    20dpo – 2599

    I am getting my levels checked again this afternoon and again in two days.

    1. Author

      Hi Kameron – your numbers are higher than average but more than 10% of singleton pregnancies have higher numbers than you, so I think you’re in the grey area where it could go either way. Stop by if you get a chance and update me on the new numbers you get – maybe they will push my assessment one way or the other.

  196. Hi there! You are twin predictor of the internet! 🙂
    On Tuesday, week 5 day 2 of pregnancy, my hgc was 17,900 and today, week 5 day 4, it was 27,000. What do you think??

    1. Author

      Haha, nobody has ever called me that before! 🙂 I don’t always get it right, so take whatever I say with a grain of salt…

      Assuming you ovulated 14 days after your last menstrual period, then 5w2d is the same as 23DPO, and 5w4d is 25DPO. Your numbers are very high for those days, even for a twin pregnancy, so I’m going to guess you’re having twins. However, seeing such high numbers makes me suspect you probably ovulated later, in which case your numbers might not be as high as it seems. How long does your average cycle usually take? This can help me estimate your DPO more accurately.

  197. Hello just ‘patiently’ awaiting our ultra sound next week to find out how many babies so thought I’d get your thoughts. Hcg levels 14dpo-274, 16dpo-683, 23dpo-14,328. Thanks for your input

    1. Author

      Your hCG levels get more ‘twinsy’ the more time goes by, so my gut feeling says twins even though I’m not totally sure.

  198. Oh wow! this blog is really interesting and I am excited to be here. So I have been having the premonition that I am pregnant with twins and feel more nauseous than my first pregnancy and had to start researching. At 3 weeks 5 days, my HCG showed 33 or 36, one of them. from all I have read here, it doesn’t appear that I am pregnant with twins then.

    Although the doctor said he would love for me to have another scan just to rule out molar pregnancy. WHat are your thoughts on this, The modern belly?

    1. Author

      3 weeks 5 days is very early to test (it’s the equivalent of 12DPO, assuming you ovulated 14 days after your last menstrual period). hCG levels from just one beta test, especially so early on, are really not sufficient to determine anything. So the bad news is I don’t have an answer for you, but the good news is you can’t rule out twins just yet. If you can get a second beta test now that a few more days have gone by, this could definitely help me make a more educated guess.

  199. I came upon your awesome blog post while doing some research. I struggled for two years to get pregnant with my daughter, and a week before IUI was scheduled, we fell pregnant. I had her in September of 2014. My first beta with her was taken on 12 DPO and that was 67. My repeat Beta was 160. We tried for another in December 2015 and sadly that pregnancy ended with a miscarriage at 7 weeks. My Betas were 50 at 11 DPO and 150 at 13 DPO. My progesterone was 14. I am currently 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant, My beta’s were as follows, 300 at 13 DPO and 800 at 15 DPO. My progesterone is 34. I am very curious what my chances are of twins. No family history of them and no IUI or IVF. I see my nurse on the 28th, which by then I will be exactly 6 weeks along. I really want an u/s to confirm all is ok to be honest. Once you go through a loss, it is so hard to not be anxious at every little thing. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog!

    1. Author

      Thanks for your kindness, Allison! Your numbers are high, and your doubling time is pretty fast (34 hours). There are a few singleton pregnancies on Betabase with similar beta levels, but they’re the exception, not the rule. Based on everything you told me, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if your upcoming ultrasound (just 3 days to go!) reveals twins. Regardless of how many you have in there, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you that the u/s confirms all is fine and you’ll have a healthy and happy pregnancy!

  200. Hi would love your feedback. My hcg at 13dpo was 150 and at 17 dpo was 910, twins or single??

    1. Author

      I’m going to go with single. You numbers are a bit higher than average, but not extremely high, so I think the likelihood of a singleton is higher.

  201. We transferred 2 embroyos. On 11dpt beta was 363. 18dpt they were 2149. Any thoughts would be great. Thank you

    1. Author

      Hi Alyssa – Did you have a 3 day transfer or a 5 day transfer? This makes a lot of difference when assessing how high your beta is for your stage of pregnancy, so it’s a hard to answer your question without knowing, but based on your second beta, my gut is that you have a singleton.

    1. Author

      It’s high, but not unheard of. It’s hard to say anything based on just one beta, but I’ll just say that these levels have been observed at 14dp5dt (aka 19DPO) for both singleton and twin pregnancies.

  202. Hi! I had HCG levels taken at 5 weeks 5 days, this Monday, and my results came back as 28,516. I thought this seemed a tad high, but I also do not remember what my levels were with my first pregnancy. I go to the doctor next Thursday for an ultrasound. I’m 6 weeks and 1 day today. Thanks for any feedback!

    1. Author

      Your hCG levels do put you on the higher end of singleton pregnancies at 5w 5d (which is 26DPO). I won’t be shocked if you end up with twins, but I can’t rule out a singleton just yet. It’s a good thing your scan is coming in a week, so you won’t have to wait too long to find out!

  203. Thank you so much for analyzing this data! My betas are as follows…

    10dp5dt 418
    12dp5dt 1119

    We transferred two blasts. Thoughts??

    1. Author

      It could go both ways. My gut feeling says singleton, but you did transfer two blasts and your numbers also fit a twin pregnancy, so I think it’s too early to rule that out.

  204. Goodday, Today I had a bloodtest and the result where 20041 (24 days after ovulation). Also one week ago I had bloodtest and this was 17 days ather ovulation. The results where 1343. We have a transfer of two embryo’s A+. What do you think?

    1. Author

      Hi Nina – I think you’re in the grey area, where your levels could go both ways. You’re on the high but still realistic end of the singleton range, and average-to-high for a twin pregnancy, so it’s hard to guess. The fact that you transferred two A+ embryos does make me think twins are quite likely, but I think you’ll have to wait for your scan to have a more definitive answer.

  205. Dear Molly,

    This is a phenomenal resource. Thank you compiling this for the rest of us, and thank you for replying to individual comments. You’re awesome!

    I’m fairly certain of my ovulation date (based on LH and BBT tracking), so I have a good sense of my DPO. At 15 DPO my HCG was 581. Yesterday, at 17 DPO, it was 1303. Your expert opinion is highly appreciated! What do you think, any chance of twins here?

    1. Author

      Thank you, Sudha! I think there’s certainly a chance of twins with these hCG levels. Do keep in mind that your numbers are high but not out of range for a singleton pregnancy, so while the likelihood of twins is higher than usual, a single baby is not out of the question. You’ll have to wait impatiently for your ultrasound scan to know for sure.

      1. Thank you Molly, for taking the time to review my data. Really appreciate it!

        Went in for an ultrasound today (should be 5 weeks 1 day), and they could see a single gestational sac and a single yolk sac. No fetal pole seen yet, but they assured me it was way too early.

        So definitely not fraternal twins, and likely not identical twins either (still can’t rule it out, but looks unlikely). Will definitely update here when I know more!

      2. So, some updates. As I mentioned before, ultrasound revealed a gestational sac at 7.7 mm diameter (at 22 dPO i.e. 5w 1d). Saw a yolk sac but no fetal pole yet.

        Have some new hCG results to share, putting them all together below:

        2/6/17 (4w 1d) (15 DPO): 581

        2/8/17 (4w 3d) (17 dPO): 1303

        2/13/17 (5w 1d) (22 DPO): 8832

        2/15/17 (5w 3d) (24 dPO): 13459

        So far, hCG has been at the high end of the range for singletons and sort of normal range for twins. At 5weeks 1 day (22 DPO), did NOT see two gestational sacs, did NOT see two yolk sacs. Likelihood of twins at this point is extremely low, I think. Would love to hear your input.

        Sorry if this is too much info, just wanted to post this here for the community. Looks like it’ll be a single baby. Here’s to a healthy, happy 40 weeks!

        1. Author

          Thank you for the updates and for sharing all this helpful info! You’re the perfect example for why hCG levels are not the be all and end all – it’s quite possible to have high numbers and still have a singleton.

          Congratulations again on your pregnancy!

  206. Hi, thanks so much for putting this all together! Just wanted to get your thoughts, HCG level 11 days after transfer was 495. HCG 17 days after transfer was 8218. We did IVF with ICSI and PGS testing. We only transferred one 5 day blast but the numbers seem high to me. What do you think? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Kendall – I agree that your hCG levels are on the high side, especially the second one. However, your 17dp5dt result still falls under around 4-5% of singleton pregnancies on Betabase at this stage, so it’s possible that you’re just one of those women who have really high hCG levels. The other option is that your blast split and you’re having identical twins. IVF, especially after blastocyst transfer, does increase the risk of this happening, so it’s definitely a possibility. Sorry I don’t have a more definitive answer for you, but it’s a tough one to predict!

  207. My wife is 15 dpo, her ovulation and IUI was on January 23.

    Feb 7th, blood test shows 1226 hcg. Thoughts?

      1. Author

        I don’t think it’s indicative of a problem, but I do think it suggest a relatively high likelihood of multiples. I saw in your previous note that her 15DPO number was 1226, so going to 4638 in 3 days represents a doubling time of 37.5 hours, which is totally normal. The hCG levels themselves are quite high and more consistent with a multiple pregnancy than with a singleton pregnancy.

        1. Hey,

          Had the ultrasound today. It’s just a single :(. Hoping the twin shows up later???

          Was really hoping for twins.

          1. Author

            Thanks for the update. I’m sorry you’re disappointed, but I’m sure those feelings will go away quickly. Sometimes a twin does show up on later ultrasounds, but it’s pretty rare. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that there’s a baby on the way, who will surely bring with him/her lots of happiness and joy. Congratulations!

  208. I did a 5 day frozen transfer first beta was 74 … I transfer 2 embryos so just waiting for second beta … Any thoughts ??

    1. Author

      What day post transfer did you do your beta test? And have you already gotten the results back from the second beta?

  209. Hi Molly. Thank you for the article! My first beta HCG was 1092 at 16 days post IUI (4 weeks 2 days from LMP) and then my 2nd beta HCG was 2548 at 18 days post IUI (4 weeks 4 days from LMP) and my 3rd beta HCG today 24 days post IUI (5 weeks 3 days from LMP) was 20,312… thoughts?

    1. Author

      Hi Jenn – You’re a tough nut to crack! Your numbers are on the high end of the range for a singleton pregnancy, but they seem to remain on the same curve across the three tests. I noticed that with many twin pregnancies shared with me here, the hCG results seem to get more extreme with time, but yours don’t. So for that reason, I’m not ready to rule out a singleton pregnancy just yet. I think there’s a chance you might just be one of these people who have high hCG levels with one baby. I’d love to hear your ultrasound results when you get them!

  210. Well I must say I’ve found this absolutely delightful. Looking at HCG ranges without specific percentages has been a tad frustrating. So this has been a breath of fresh air. As such I can’t help sharing my own story and welcoming thoughts on it.
    (Natural conception)
    At 14 dpo my hcg level was 498. They did an ultrasound and found nothing but did another blood test at 16 dpo and found my levels at 1171.
    If I’m calculating dpo correctly. Last period began the night of December 13, 2016. Ovulation day the 27th I guess.
    The following week at 24 dpo my HCG was 16,584 and they finally saw a sac.
    Then the following week at 30 dpo my levels were 53,600 and finally they saw a single Baby with a strong heart beat. I was really wondering if there would be multiples. I’ve heard other stories that they see only one with such early ultrasounds and then another one or two show up in later visits. Amazing what can change in a week!
    So I’d welcome thoughts on the HCG levels. Think there might be a chance of others showing up in later ultrasounds?

    1. Author

      Thank you for the compliments! Here’s the challenge here: a day can make so much difference early on in your pregnancy, so if you made even the tiniest mistake calculating your DPO, it could change everything. Your beta hCG levels are high for a 1/27 ovulation, but are becoming more reasonable for a singleton if you actually ovulated on the 26th. In any case, based on your numbers, I agree there’s a chance you’re having twins, and it’s true that occasionally one twin is not discovered in an early scan, but to be totally honest with you, I think that at this stage it’s more probably you’re having just one baby.

  211. Had my first hcg levels done Saturday Jan 22 (when I was 6 weeks 6 days) it was 2,348.0 when it was taken again Wednesday it was 12,288.
    What do u think?

    1. Author

      Are you sure about the timing? Your numbers strike me as a bit low for this stage in your pregnancy.

  212. I have only had 1 HCG test done and the results were 1,300 at 15dpo. Is it possibly twins?

    1. Author

      It’s really hard to judge by just one hCG test. Are you going to get a second one?

  213. Hey there! I’m really hoping this is still active!
    I just recently found out that I’m pregnant. I got a faint positive 7 days before my missed period. Since I just miscarried September of 2016, my doctor has been testing my Hcg this go-round. My first test at 3 weeks 3 days (11 dpo) was 84. My second test was done a week later at 18 dpo and it was 4000! Well, I just got my 3rd one done today at 25 dpo. It came back at 45,729!! My doctor doesn’t seem the least bit concerned of possible twins, but from everything I’ve read these numbers are very high! I would love to hear your thoughts.

    1. Author

      It is still active, though I’m sometimes a little tardy, as you can see 🙂

      I’m in your camp. Your numbers are very high for this many days post ovulation, so it seems to me like the likelihood of multiples is actually pretty high!

      1. Molly,
        Thank you for your reply! This site is great, so I’m not surprised that you are so busy with responses! 😉 I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks 5 days and the sonographer had terrible bedside manner and left me feeling even more anxious than before. My first question was, “Is there a heartbeat?”. To which she replied, “This flicker right here MIGHT be the heartbeat.” So then I asked, “So, there’s definitely just one in there?” and her response was, “NO. I can see what you can see…which isn’t much.” I’m hoping that the reason she had a hard time seeing anything was because I have a tilted uterus. I go back March 9th and am going to be asking for another scan. I’ll keep you posted!

        1. Author

          Gosh, that’s one awful sonographer! I’m so sorry this is what you had to deal with. Tilted uterus is known to pose challenges for ultrasound scans in the first trimester, so I won’t be surprised if that’s what happened. I sure hope your next scan would be much better – it must be so hard to be two months pregnant and still not know what’s going on.

          1. Hi Molly!
            So after my sonogram last week, the lady said she only sees one in there thst is measuring right on track. It’s just crazy to me because not only has my Hcg been very high, but my uterus is larger than it should be as well. How often do missed/hidden twins happen??? Haha! Thanks for your opinion on my Hcg though! 🙂

  214. awesome article! my first beta hcg at 10dp5dt was 625! We tranred only one blast, and I so hope it sticks. I wish high numbers meant guaranteed live birth!

    1. Author

      That’s a very good number! Have you gotten your second beta yet?

  215. Hey! Your blog has been super helpful. No one tells you about the 2nd 2ww and how hard it can be as well! Here are my numbers after transferring two 5 day blastocysts:

    12dp5dt – 1267
    14dp5dt – 2552

    What are your thoughts? First ultrasound is 2/7 and we can’t wait!!

    1. Author

      Hi Rebecca – I’m now catching up on your comment and I see you’ve just had your ultrasound! What did you find out? With two blastocysts and beta hCG numbers on the higher end of normal, I think twins are definitely a possibility.

  216. Hi, here is my story I’m trying to make sense of because I didn’t get the figures I’ve seen posted. — I had my fist quatitive hcg:
    7 weeks- 67,xxx
    48 hours later- 81,xxx
    1 week later- 102,xxx
    I haven’t seen anyone get just a number with out the “dpo” or what not. The numbers just don’t make sense. Any ideas what that means.

    1. Author

      Most of the people on here are undergoing fertility treatments, so their blood test is happening earlier than yours, around two weeks after ovulation (which means 4 weeks pregnant, since pregnancy weeks are counted from the last menstrual period). If you’re 7 weeks pregnant, that means you’re approximately 35 days (5 weeks) post ovulation. Your numbers sound within typical range for this stage of pregnancy – see for example this link for reference: http://americanpregnancy.org/while-pregnant/hcg-levels/

  217. Our first beta was 12dp5dt and 424. Beta # 2 was a 14dp5dt and it was 1317. I’m so curious if both of our embryos are holding on

    1. Author

      You’re totally in the gray area. Your numbers make sense for both a singleton and twins, so unfortunately you’ll have to keep waiting until the ultrasound scan before you know anything…

  218. Ok so I just got my hcg 23 days after ovulation. 21050!
    Reminder. The first one at 11 days after ovulation was 91.

    1. Author

      Wow, that’s certainly high! I tend to agree with your gut feeling that there’s more than one baby in there…

  219. My first beta was this past Sunday which was 13dp a day 3 transfer. First level was 238, today’s level was 526. Singleton? We actually implanted 4, so I’m just a bit curious on your thoughts.

    1. Author

      With 4 embryos transferred, I’m not entirely ruling out twins. However, your numbers are much more consistent with a singleton, so I do think that’s probably more likely.

  220. Hi!
    My first heta was 91 at 11 days past ovulation. I keep feeling like I am having twins…. do you have any thoughts?

  221. Hi Molly!

    Thank you for writing this article!
    Curious about your thoughts on my numbers – I am 9 days past my FET. We transferred two 6 day blasts (both PGS tested normal chromosome embryos). My initial HCG today was 248.9. Is this too low for twins?

    I’m a little nervous because I’ve been experiencing some very light spotting today. I’m worried that maybe one embryo made it and one did not? I go in two days for the next beta and now I’m very nervous and really hoping that number keeps rising and that I’m not losing one or both.

    The only numbers I have to compare it to was our last FET in March 2016. My first beta at that point was 230 on 3/18/16 (10 days post transfer) and then 1452 on 3/21/16. We only transferred one (normal XX embryo) and we ended up losing the baby at 15 weeks in the pregnancy for unknown reasons.


    1. Author

      Hi Jennifer – I’m so sorry for your loss, and I can understand why you’re feeling nervous this time around. I saw in your other message that your 11dp6dt hCG was 762, so based on both beta levels I think it’s too early to determine that only one embryo made it. While your numbers are not super high for twins, they’re still within typical range. You’re what I call ‘a gray area lady’ – your numbers could go both ways, and you’ll have to wait for your scan to know for sure. I hope you’ll have a healthy pregnancy full of good news!

  222. My first day of last period was 27th December and now I am pregnant. I did beta hcg on 23rd Jan 2017 and levels were 438 and beta hcg on 25th Jan 2017, levels were 1051. Please suggest if there is chance of twin pregnancy or single pregnancy, Thanks in advance.

    1. Author

      It’s so hard to tell without knowing when you ovulated, especially at this early stage in your pregnancy, when every day makes a big difference in your beta hCG levels. How long is a typical menstrual cycle for you? Assuming your cycle is 28-30 days, then you probably took the test at 12-14dpo, which would mean your levels are high and there’s definitely a chance of twins.

  223. Hi there! Just wanted to get your opinion, my levels at 4wks 2 days were 676 then 48 hrs later 2443! These are much higher then my previous pregnancy. I think twins may run on my husband’s side. Could we be pregnant with twins?

    1. Author

      I can’t comment as much about your hCG levels because I don’t know when you ovulated and that makes a big difference. However, your doubling time is very short – 26 hours. Additionally, your second beta came out high for almost any realistic dpo. For those reason, I think a twin pregnancy is definitely a possibility.

  224. Hi!
    This is by far the most helpful website I have come across.
    So, long story short, my Hcg on 11 Dpo was 84. A week later at 18 Dpo it was over 4000!
    Long story: Why I think my chances are increased other than my Hcg levels. *I am over 30, *I am 6 foot 3, *this is pregnancy #8 (5 living children), *I had a miscarriage in September (which I’ve read can increase your chance to drop more than one egg), * I got my first bfp 7 days before my missed period and 8 dpo.
    I would like to know your opinion.
    Thanks in advance!

  225. Hello, I have a “feeling” that I might be carrying two. My counts are considerably higher than they were with my sons who were singletons. This is my 4th and here are my counts so far: At 18 DPO – 1216, and at 23 DPO – 9,976. I have another beta tomorrow at 25 DPO to check doubling rate. I am curious to hear your thoughts.

    1. Author

      I agree your numbers are high, but I think it’s too early to rule out a singleton. Remember that each pregnancy is different, and hCG levels can vary widely between pregnancies. Based on your counts, I’d say you’re more likely than average to have twins, but the likelihood of a singleton is still higher overall.

  226. Hello,
    My levels are 20dpo 9383 and 22dpo 17,766. Waiting for my scan in two weeks…

    1. Author

      Wow, those are some high numbers! Honestly, I think it’s highly unlikely you’re having just one baby with these hCG levels.

    1. Author

      Hi Katie – Your first beta puts you in the gray area, so it could go both ways. It’s really hard to tell based on a single beta test though, because we don’t know yet what your doubling time is.

  227. Not sure if this is still active, but wanted to share my numbers! Had levels checked at 18 dpo 1376 then again 20 dpo which 2732. What are your thoughts?:)

    1. Author

      I would guess singleton. Your beta levels are higher than average but still pretty reasonable for a singleton pregnancy.

  228. Thank you for the insightful research. I got the happy news two days back. This is my second IVF cycle after a missed misscarriage of natural pregnancy an year and half ago.
    Did 3 day, 2 frozen embryos transfer. Did my first beta on 14th day was over 1000 mIU. And second beta on 16th day with over 3000 mIU. (Dont have the exact figures since I havent recicve the lab reports, the IVF cordinator told me over the phone). My scan is not until 26th jan. Meanwhile im dying to know if its a twins or more.
    Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi Mizu – I hope I’m interpreting this correctly. When you say 14th day, do you mean 14 days after the transfer, or in other words, 14dp3dt? My answer is assuming that this is indeed the case.

      It’s hard to say without knowing the exact numbers, but the overall levels you’re describing would put you in the high range for a singleton pregnancy and on the average-to-high range of a twin pregnancy. Since you transferred two embryos and your numbers are higher than usual, I’d guess twins, but I wouldn’t rule out a singleton pregnancy just yet.

  229. UPDATE…

    My betas were…
    Beta #1: 9dp5dt: 743
    Beta #2: 12dp5dt: 2921
    Beta #3: 15dp5dt: 8857

    Today’s 7w1d ultrasound revealed twins!

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for the update and congratulations! You’re in for an adventure. I love having twins!

  230. Great article. You are very accurate, I got my HCG figures and immediately hit the internet when I saw how high the numbers were. I conceive naturally but we did track my ovulation date. At 16 DPO I was tested with 2,260 HCG. I tested again at 23 DPO and was 33,850. We’re going in for an ultra sound tomorrow but its so early (5 weeks and 3 days) I’m thinking we won’t learn much more. I was interested what you think, being my HCG numbers seem to be even higher than your chart predicts for twins.

    1. Author

      How did your ultrasound go yesterday? Your numbers are certainly high for your DPO. Keep in mind that when tracking ovulation on your own, there’s a risk of misidentifying the exact day of ovulation, so there is a chance your DPO count is off. But assuming it’s right, I tend to think you have multiples.

  231. Molly! So, here is the lowdown:

    I had beta #3 this morning (21dp5dt). Then, I was having major bleeding this afternoon and had to leave work for an emergency appointment. Thankfully everything is fine but they did an ultrasound to make sure and she said she didn’t expect to see anything because I’m only 5 weeks 5 days, buttttt she saw two sacs in there! I asked if it was possible that there were more than 2 and she said it was just too soon to tell, but she only saw two sacs. Then she said “welllllllllll” as she was looking at baby #2 and said it’s possible there is another hiding because the shadows making it hard to see (and that it is so early)!! She said it’s very unlikely, not out of the question! So crazy! We will know more at our official ultrasound next Monday, but there are at least 2!

    After this appointment I got #3 results: 26,621 😳

    1. Author

      First of all, congratulations – that’s amazing news! Your beta #3 is within reasonable range for twins, so I agree with your doctor that it’s more likely you’re having just two. I’m sure you can’t wait for Monday…

  232. I did a 5 day transfer. 14dpt was 1660 and 16 dpt was 3575. With one embryo transferred. I look forward to your thoughts!

    1. Author

      Your hCG beta levels at both 14dp5dt and 16dp5dt are consistent with a singleton pregnancy, and you only transferred one embryo, so I think you’re probably having one baby.

  233. Hi! Im going to start off by saying I haven’t done any fertility treatments. I got my blood test to check my HCG levels on Nov. 11, 2016, they were less than one. I took a positive pregancy test on December 20, 2016, later that day I went and had another blood test to confirm. My levels came back 60,072. Which after some research have realized that’s extremely high for being only 4-5 weeks pregnant. Is it possible I’m only having one? Or is it safe to say there’s a couple buns in the oven?

    1. Author

      Remember that pregnancy weeks are counted from your last menstrual period (LMP), not ovulation, so you may be considered more than 4-5 weeks pregnant, in which case 60,072 might not be as high as you think. Do you remember when your last period was?

  234. I found this very interesting! Obviously I won’t know until the ultrasound, but I’m sure there’s only one. While I don’t think my levels are very high, I always expected my levels to be lower that what was reported. I had a very faint positive 8 dpo.

    11 dpo: 44.5
    17 dpo: 1,052
    25 dpo: 20,446

    I’m expecting them to only find one in there, but I do find this all very fascinating!

    1. Author

      Yes, I think I agree with you. Your 11dpo and 17dpo numbers seem pretty typical of a singleton pregnancy. The 25dpo number is high, so I see why you’re having suspicions, but on the other, the doubling time from the 2nd beta to the 3rd beta is 45 hours, which is quite average for a singleton pregnancy. So the bottom line is that I think there are more signs pointing to it being a singleton pregnancy, but like you said, we won’t know for sure until the ultrasound scan.

  235. My beta at 14dpt was 1,660 and at 16dpt I’m at 3,575. I only transferred one. Please let me know your thoughts.

  236. Thank you so much for creating this page, and doing all this research. I understand this is all “Take with a grain of salt” but it’s still fun, and encouraging to think there’s a possibility of multiples, esp when we try so hard just to have ONE!

    so of course, just like all the other mama’s – I was hoping to get your thoughts.. we did a 5day frozen embryo transfer of ONE healthy, genetically tested, 6AB graded embryo.

    at 10 days post transfer my numbers were: 400
    then today, at 12 days post transfer my numbers were: 1496.

    The dr said these were extremely high.. however great numbers.

    just curious if this is SUPER high, and curious if your hunch says it’s possibly a split?

    1. Author

      I think your numbers are high, but not extremely high. If you’re having a singleton, your 12dp5dt numbers would put you in the top 10% or so of results, so it’s not unheard of. I’d say you’re in the gray area, but because you only transferred one embryo, statistically it’s probably still more likely you’re having just one baby, even when taking your beta results into consideration.

  237. Molly your article was so interesting! Thank you for sharing your research with us! We just got our 11dp5dt beta yesterday: 966.7! Hooray and Yikes!

    We transfered 2 good quality 5 day embryos, so we would not at all be surprised to hear that both are still in there. But at almost 1000, I am considering the possibility that one split, although neither of us have identicals twins on either side.

    What an exciting 2017 we have ahead! Can’t wait for beta #2 on Monday 🤞🏻

    1. Author

      My friend who had this happen to her (two embryos took, then one split, making it triplets) actually has beta hCG levels that are more typical of a singleton pregnancy. Go figure…

      Looking forward to seeing your 2nd beta numbers!

        1. Author

          Ok, seriously now, if you’re not having multiples I’d be super surprised! (Now the big question is, are there more than two? 😮) Please come back to update – I’m so curious, and so our some of my readers! 🙂

    2. Lexie i’m in the exact same situation. Transferred two but beta at 9dp5dt was 553 and now 13dp5dt is 3,018! Omg, how likely is it that we are having triplets?! Kinda freaking out lol

  238. I’m not so patiently waiting 13 more days for my first ultrasound. I thought I’d share my betas because I am thinking twins! I’m freaking out though because I spotted last week and again yesterday. I was searching for success stories and came across this post. I transferred 2 embryos using donor eggs.

    Beta #1: 9dp5d5: 743
    Beta #2: 12dp5dt: 2921
    Beta #3: 15dp5dt: 8857

    1. Author

      I tend to agree with you. Everything you’re telling me – DEIVF with two embryos, and the very high beta hCG results you’ve been consistently getting – spells out multiples to me. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the bleeding is meaningless (as it often is) and that in 13 days you’ll hear those heartbeats and see your baby/babies. It really is an incredible experience!

    2. Hello,
      I’m a little concerned about my beta doubling time. I’ve read a lot about vanishing twins…is there still a chance both blasts stuck with a lower doubling time? I had a FET w/ 2 grade A blasts, not sure if that matters.
      14dp5dt 2,964
      16dp5dt 5,356

      Thank you in advance!

      1. Author

        Hi Carrie – The vanishing twin syndrome is one of the biggest fears of ‘twin-mom-to-be’s early in their pregnancy. However, I think it’s a little early to worry about that because you don’t know if both blasts took. While your doubling time of 56 hours is a little slow for twin pregnancies, 9.5% of twin pregnancies reported in BetaBase had doubling times of 56 hours or higher at these beta hCG levels. The levels themselves are also high, so I wouldn’t lose hope on that second blast just yet.

  239. Dear author – I would love to know your name! 🙂

    Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to make and explain such a thorough analysis out of a set of data which was indeed available to all, but of which you extracted relevant and clear information!
    I personally really appreciate that you made this effort for the community of anxious women (to which I belong!!!).

    Again, thank you.

    I now know that I have a 70-85% of chances for being pregnant with twins, and that’s way enough information for me. I can now stop spending my time on Google and wait patiently for my scan. You soothed my curiosity, and whatever the result of the scan, it will be a happy and wonderful surprise! 😀

    With all my gratitude,

    1. Author

      Thank you so much for your kind words, and I’m so happy my article helped you! Good luck on your upcoming scan.

      Molly (That’s my name 🙂 )

  240. Hello.

    Your reasesrch is so interesting and exactly what I was looking for! I would love your thought on my hcg levels and if you think it’s twins or a singleton. I am 40 and did IUI with Clomid and had 4 large follicles. My level at 15dpo was 606 and at 17dpo was 1558. Thoughts? Guesses? I will report back after ultrasound.

    1. Author

      Hi Stacey – Your numbers sound so similar to mine that I can’t help but think twins, especially with 4 follicles. I don’t think you can rule out a singleton, but at least in my case, very similar beta results on the same DPOs as you ended up in twins. Good luck and keep me posted!

      p.s. I’m currently working on a post about women who got pregnant with IUI. Would you be willing to share your story? If so, please email me: molly at themodernbelly.com

  241. Hi! Love your site! My first beta was last week at 10dp5dt and it was 706.7, My second beta was 14dp5dt and it was 4486. We transferred 2 Embryos. Do my numbers sound like twins? Both of the Embryos were high level blastocyts.

    1. Author

      Hi Samantha, with two embryos and beta levels that are definitely high for a singleton, I’m placing my bet on twins!

  242. I’d love your opinion. We only transferred 1 embryo, with no testing or icsi, but am still curious if I could have twins.
    Beta 10dp5dt: 466
    Beta 14dp5dt: 3587

    1. Author

      Hi Michelle – As you stated, when only transferring one embryo, of course the higher likelihood is that you’re having one baby. However, the chances of an embryo splitting are slightly higher with IVF, so it’s not out of the question that you may be having identical twins. And being that your 14dp5dt beta is on the high range of singleton hCG results, I think it would be wise to not rule out twins until you have your scan and know for sure. Good luck!

  243. Okay I’ve got to get your opinion. So I got my blood work back from my doctor today

    With Baby 1:
    10dpo HCG 22
    14dpo HCG 219

    This baby:
    12dpo HCG 111
    15dpo HCG 1658

    Just to compare numbers lol

    1. Author

      Oh wow, your doubling time with this pregnancy is super fast – just 18-19 hours, based on the numbers you provided. Generally, I recommend to avoid comparing between pregnancies, because each pregnancy is different and you can have totally different beta hCG levels. I would say, though, that in your case, the combination of fast doubling time and pretty high 15dpo beta does make me suspect you may be having multiples…

  244. Very interesting data and analysis. Wondering what you think about my beta results. Had back to back IUIs and had multiple mature follicles bc of injectables.
    14dpo- 177
    20dpo- 2703
    The big jump from 16dp and 20dp is what makes me think twins maybe. Thoughts? Thanks!!

    1. Author

      Your doubling time between 16dpo and 20dpo is 33-34 hours, which isn’t too crazy, and your beta levels overall are consistent with a singleton pregnancy. I think the likelihood of having just one is still pretty high.

  245. Hi there!

    Can you help me understand my beta and make a guess on if I’m having a singleton or multiples?


    1. Author

      Hi Lindsey! Your numbers are on the high end of both singleton and twin pregnancies reported in BetaBase. In a way it makes it harder to guess, because they’re high regardless… My gut is telling me multiples though, so that’s what I’m going to guess.

  246. Thank you for all this research. I go in Thursday for an ultrasound and I know the ultrasound will reveal and suspicious but I wanted to see what anyone else thought based on my hcg numbers.

    I did IVF with ICSI and transferred a day 5 blastocyst embryo that had CCS testing. I went in 13 dpt and my number was 1,895. The nurse said, “You are really pregnant and your number is high.” I went in 15 dpt and my number was 4338.

    I have done some research and it seems that my numbers fall in the higher level of a singelton pregnancy and within the range of a twin pregnancy so just wanted to see what you think! Thanks.

    1. Author

      First of all, congratulations! Thursday is almost here and I’m so excited for you – the first ultrasound is an amazing experience. I agree with your analysis, and I think you’re in a ‘gray area’. However, because you transferred just one embryo, and because your numbers do fall within the singleton range, I’m going to guess you have just one baby in there. If you get a chance, please come back and update after your scan – I’d love to hear about your experience!

  247. Hi, replying back to your post as a follow up. First ultrasound today revealed twins!!! You were correct!!

  248. I wanted to get your thoughts. I transferred one 6 day frozen embryo that was CCS tested. My first beta at 13dpt was 1,895 and my second beta 15dpt was a 4,338. I heard the, “You are very pregnant.” Any thoughts on if you think this could be a twin pregnancy?

  249. Hi awesome website. I did IVF with icsi and did a 5dt transfer of two embryos. My first beta at 10 days past 5dt was 1400 at 13 days past 5dt it was 4915. Any guesses?

    1. Author

      So with two embryos, your chances of having twins are already much higher than normal. Then you have your beta values, which are high even for a twin pregnancy, let alone singleton. All things considered, I’m guessing twins.

  250. I’m also interested to know if you ended up with twins?
    My situation is almost identical to yours.

  251. My last reply didn’t connect to my original post do I’ll do a quick summary.
    9dpo 28
    11dpo 88
    13dpo 305
    Assumption of over 2000 hcg at 17dpo because I got the 3+ weeks estimator.
    Ultrasound yesterday found one healthy baby!! We are so excited. Good luck to you all

  252. Very interesting site! Curious….we went through IVF and transferred 2 beautiful 5 day blastocysts. 11 dpt – beta level was 1000, 15 dpt – beta level was 5000. Any thoughts on the likely hood of multiples?

    1. Author

      5000 is high for both singleton and twin pregnancies at 20DPO/15dp5dt, so it’s hard to say which of those is more likely. The doubling time of around 41-42 hours is pretty typical for both too. So I think you’re in the ‘wait and see’ category…

  253. Hi i had a double fet transfer and on 11dp5dt my hcg was 1100 and 14dp5dt it was 5610. High chances of twins?

    1. Author

      Two blasts, high betas and a doubling time of 30 hours – I place my bet on twins. When is your ultrasound?

  254. Hi There! I found your article very interesting and love your “science” behind it! Would you care to may a guess for me? 17 dpo beta was 900; 19 dpo beta was 2095. This calculates to doubling time of 36 hours. I have my first sono in a couple of weeks but am very curious on what your thoughts might be. TIA!

  255. I am waiting on my ultrasound very nervously following a ruptured ectopic AND a blighted ovum this year. Currently about 5wk with the following betas (DPO is give or take a few days, as my cycle had just returned to normal following the passing of blighted ovum tissue)
    11 dpo 37
    13 dpo 149
    15 dpo 490
    18 dpo 1902

    I will update when I know for sure but at this point i’m not even considering myself pregnant with ONE baby until I see a heartbeat inside my uterus.

    1. Author

      I realize you’ve probably done your ultrasound by now. How did it go? I hope all is well!

  256. It really is the waiting game until my ultrasound on the 9th!! It seems so far away!! Because I’m nuts, I took aCB digital weeks indicator at 17dpo (evening) and it came back 3+. I don’t know how accurate those are (their website says an estimate of hcg 2000+) but of course I started reading about molar pregnancies. Ughhh I can’t wait for my ultrasound!!

  257. Okay…lets see whatcha think.
    Beta #1 10dpo 19
    12dpo. 79
    14dpo. 285
    Femara and Ovudrel
    Multiple follies (one 24mm, one 20, one 18 @ trigger)

    1. Author

      Sorry I’m only replying now. Have you had your scan? What did it show?